Championship Show - 30th April 2005

Best of Breed - Ch Keyingham Branwell
Best Opposite Sex - Ch Rosscrea Bedazzled

Best Puppy - Ttitian Puppeteer of Homerbrent
Dog Results Bitch Results

Dogs. Mrs L Goodgame
I would like to thank exhibitors for giving me a quality entry.
CC Baker & Park’s Ch Keyingham Branwell
RCC Smith & Aldous’ Ch Aranel Ballistic
Best Puppy Coaker's Ttitian Puppeteer of Homerbrent
Minor Puppy (10 Entries, 2 Absent)  
1 Li’s Avalcier Manhattan
Promising 6 month old blen. Good head shape and eyes. Lovely outline. Ticks all the right boxes for a very bright future.
2 Searle’s Stonepit Tarquinn
8 month old blen of good type. Nice size and substance. Could move well but not as settled today.
3 Towse’s Miletree Gilbert NAF
Res O'Connor’s Abercree Robert Leopold
VHC Bayliss’ Castlewytch Monenay
Puppy (10, 3)  
1 Coaker’s Ttitian Puppeteer of Homerbrent
Lovely 11 month old ruby. Good head shape for age, lovely dark expressive eyes and black pigment. Well made throughout with very positive movement. I am sure he will have an interesting future. BPIB
2 Moffat’s Rytonion Morris Minor NAF
Appropriate name for this blen. Pretty but all male head shape with lovely eyes. Good body shape and moved very well when settled. Rolls Royce of the future.
3 Blackburn’s Tanmerack James Stewart with Bekenveldt
Res Godwin’s Cavaliegh Anthony
VHC Price’s Bonnisbrooke Phoenix
Junior (15, 1)  
1 Hughes’ Loranka's Party Games
Very nice blen who is quite mature. Lovely head with large dark eyes and black pigment. Very well made all through, good angulation and well balanced with a lovely outline. Moved and presented very well.
2 Levy & Sedgwick’s  Pascavale Pancho
Well marked blen. Very pretty head with large dark eyes. Good angulation and level topline. Toy spaniel that was shown in good coat which was beautifully presented.
3 Jones’ Emjo The Bombadier
Res Ireland-Cooke’s Charnell Top of The Bill
VHC Hawes’ Kersmere Charmer
Yearling (12, 1)  
1 Lymer & Scheidt’s Lymrey Hi Command JW
Well made blen of ideal size. Nice head shape, dark expressive eyes. Good length of neck, level topline. So well balanced good angulation moved and showed well.
2 Godwin’s Cavaliegh Sweetheart
Very nice blen with lovely head. Large expressive eyes and black pigment. Well made all through. In very good coat that was beautifully presented.
3 Shinnick’s Leelyn Kameron
Res Stevens’ Kilnshena Impresario
VHC Barker’s Kaishmar Cool Hand Luke
Graduate (11, 0)  
1 Allerton’s Kavacay Magic Dream
Blen of good type. Nice head that was well cushioned. Lovely eyes and strong pigment. So well made, completely balanced.
2 Ackroyd-Gibson’s Acewall Enigma From Toraylac
Quality blen. Nice head shape with large dark eyes. Good length of neck and level topline. Well balanced, moved and presented very well.
3 Baker’s Nevhill's Navarra
Res Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Stanley
VHC Barton’s Chantismere Chippendale at Loranka
Post Grad (14, 3)  
1 Li’s Avalcier Alessandro JW
Well marked blen. Attractive head with good pigment. Well balanced, good length of neck and lay of shoulder. Good angulation. Moved soundly and was nicely presented.
2 Godwin’s Cavaliegh Sweet Talk
Beautifully presented blen. Coat gleamed. Lovely head, large dark expressive eyes and dense pigment. Well made all through and moved soundly. Like his kennel made wish he was a size smaller.
3 Allerton’s Karabel Keats
Res Name Withheld Name Withheld
VHC Forrester’s Honeybet Designed for Salbrie
Limit (17, 4)  
1 Rennard’s Deranmar Michael JW
Quality blen I have always admired. Lovely head with large dark expressive eyes and black pigment. So well made, completely balanced. Clean cut outline and ideal size. Lovely temperament.
2 Hughes’ Loranka's Jubilation
Well marked blen. Attractive head with good eyes and pigment. Level topline and tailset. Good spring of rib and depth of chest and well turned stifle. Moved and presented well.
3 Cole’s Darozel De Montoya
Res Forrester’s Salbrie Delaqua
VHC Hill & Webber’s Montcolly Brian
Open (7, 0) It was very difficult for me to separate these two beautiful blens
1 Baker & Park’s Ch Keyingham Branwell
This blen demands attention with his exuberant temperament he is on his toes the whole time. Such a classic head, large round dark expressive eyes and dense black pigment. So well balanced, lovely outline, spirit level topline and tailset. Short coupled. Movement was spot on. Good muscle tone. His silky coat gleamed. CC and with my co-judge BOB went on to G3
2 Smith & Aldous’ Ch Aranel Ballistic
Loved this blen as a puppy and now as an adult. Gentle but masculine head that is well cushioned. Large dark round expressive eyes. Black eye rims show the density of pigment. Well made all through with good angulation. Such free and easy movement and temperament so laid back, both dog and handler. Presentation was perfection. RCC
3 Hughes’ Loranka's Starstealer
Res Bubb’s Ch Wandris Entertainer JW
VHC Dawson’s Nottus Hooray Henry Sh CM

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Bitches Miss S Maclaine
I was pleased to accept the opportunity to step in at the last minute to judge Ernie Tweddell's entry of quality bitches. I am sure you all join with me in wishing Ernie a speedy recovery.
CC Taylors' Ch Rosscrea Bedazzled
RCC Fry & Jackson’s Ch Amantra Iolanthe
Best Puppy Homes’ Leogem Minuet
Minor Puppy (22 entries, 4 absent)  
1 Homes’ Leogem Minuet
Eyecatching, elegant blenheim girl of 8 mths with lots of promise. Clean outline, cobby body with level topline and excelling in reach of neck. Correct shoulder placement, good front action and moving with drive from behind. Gentle head with dark eyes and soft expression. Blackest of pigment. BP
2 Stevens & Moffat’s Milkeyn Sheer Class
Just 6 mths old, this aptly named well broken blenheim is another full of promise. Feminine head with dark eye and gentle expression. Good topline and front construction, just needs more time to fully settle on the move.
3 Name Withheld Name Withheld
Res Rollins & Poundford’s Poundroll Midsomer Charm
VHC Li’s Avalcier Electra
Puppy (17, 3)  
1 Stevens & Moffat’s Milkeyn Sheer Gem
Litter sister to my 2nd in Minor Puppy. At just 6 mths she stole this class. Slightly longer cast than her sister, with good topline, reach of neck and excellent movement. Not quite so pretty in head but excelling in pigment and eye colour, gentle expression.
2 Martin’s Ttitian Puppet On A String
11 mth rich ruby bitch puppy. Eyecatching body shape and stunning on the move. A little plain in head, narrower in muzzle than 1, however lovely dark eyes and pigment, will need more time.
3 Boardman’s Volney Chiquita
Res Lewis’ Leelyn Dixie Boo TAF
VHC Pembridge’s Wainlodes Betsy May
Junior (25, 5) A fabulous class with some good one's not making the first cut - I would have dearly loved to have taken the first 2 home!
1 Barker’s Kaishmar Cara Mia Mine
Just delicious - this 15 mth lightly marked blenheim still carrying some puppy coat which cost her in the challenge. She excelled in construction with desirable crest to neck, level topline, cobby body, well balanced all through. She moved with drive wagging non-stop with correctly set tail! Gentlest of heads with dark eye and pigment. Will watch her future with interest.
2 Butler’s Tamyse Delecia
12 mth baby in this class missing her petticoat. Fabulous head with sweetest expression, lovely dark eye & pigment. Correct body shape with good reach of neck and moving well. Lacked animation today.
3 Smith & Aldous’ Aranel Bubblicious
Res Hill & Webber’s Montcolly Bassey
VHC Savage’s Lymrey Sweet Memories
Yearling (10, 2) A disappointing class headed by
1 Smith’s Beaudale Velvet Sky
B/T, just growing her feathers, with feminine head, dark eye & pigment. With good reach of neck and shoulder placement and hind angulation, she moved the best in this class.
2 Shone’s Cobalatino Suga Babe
Another B/T, stronger in head than 1. Good topline, flowed on the move. Very animated showgirl.
3 Tanton’s Cazsara Showgirl
Res Bull’s Granasil Ladybird at Ladash
VHC Stevenson’s Cleyside Kaths Choice
Graduate (16, 2) A cracking class with 1 & 2 difficult to separate.
1 Hall’s Tasset Sweet Affair JW
This bitch has the sweetest, most glamorous, femine head with dark eye and gentle expression, framed with beautiful ears, correctly set on. Good front construction and hind angulation. Topline a little higher at the rear but not letting her down on the move. Just getting a new wardrobe.
2 Rennard’s Deranmar Amelie
Attractive well broken blenheim of soundest construction. A little plainer in head than 1 but a quality bitch with full dark eye and pigment with blackest of noses. Excellent front movement, and moving true behind without the enthusiastic drive of the winner.
3 Taylor’s Rosscrea Broadway Baby
Res Shail’s Rossbonny Molly Malone
VHC Hughes’ Loranka's Celebration Time
Post Grad (17, 6)  
1 Moulden’s Forever Romance of Whitecroft
Delightful well broken tricolour with richest of tan. Gentle head with dark eyes and sweetest of expression. A quality bitch carrying a little extra weight on her shoulders today. Well balanced on the move.
2 Koster’s Harana Petula Clark
Delightful B/T with personality plus, a little longer cast than 1. Feminine head with dark eye & gentle expression. Lovely topline and good use of tail on the move. Moved with drive.
3 Martin’s Ttitian Belle De Jour
Res Reed’s Chantiz Movie Queen
VHC Powell’s Newroyds Shakira Margareith JW
Limit (13, 1)  
1 Lymer’s Lymrey Hi Falutin
Very feminine, lightly marked blenheim of correct size, in full coat. Lovely expression, dark eyes & pigment, attractive head properties. So full of enthusiasm not easy to settle on the move, however moving well in front and behind.
2 Waddington’s Spindlepoint Kim Crawford
Pretty well broken blenheim, finer in head than 1 yet framed with glamorous ears. Excellent neck and shoulders, level topline, she moved and showed well.
3 Bubb’s Wandris Pantomime
Res Taylor’s Florindale Touch of Black for Kemble
VHC Godwin’s Simpatico Pure Genius
Open (10, 1) 2 worthy Champions headed this class from which I selected my top honours (closely pushed by my winner of Junior)
1 Taylor’s Ch Rosscrea Bedazzled
This richly marked blenheim stole the show for me. Silky & well presented coat draped over level topline. This bitch has a beautiful flowing outline with good reach of neck and shoulder placement which doesn't let you down on the move. Truly feminine head, dark eyes and soft expression. CC
2 Fry & Jackson’s Ch Amantra Iolanthe
Well broken blenheim with delightful head, large dark eyes giving a soft sweet expression. Good front, level topline, correct size and type, she moved with drive. Just missed the overall coat and presence of 1. RCC
3 Vella & Towse’s Miletree Classic Dream Cinderlace
Res Hughes’ Loranka's Summerlove
VHC Li’s Avalcier Zoe

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