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Championship Show - 2nd October 2005

Best of Breed - Ch Wandris Entertainer JW
Best Opposite Sex - Judyland Melissa at Barsac
Best Puppy - Aranel Cosmic

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Dogs.   See Schedule
Thank you to the committee for making my day so enjoyable and to the exhibitors for bringing some lovely dogs for me to go over. I was surprised how many incorrect bites there were outwith the puppy classes. Eyes, overall, were as big a problem now as they were when I last judged. Very few with those large, dark lustrous eyes which are such an important feature of the breed. There were also a disconcerting number with what I can only describe as what seems to have developed into a "modern" head. High, rounded skulls with deep stops and retrouse jaw lines, more akin to the King Charles. The breed standard calls for a "short, shallow stop" "head almost flat between the ears". Undeniably, these "kitten" heads can be very appealing but most definitely NOT correct.
CC Bubb's Ch Wandris Entertainer JW
RCC Inglis' Ch Craigowl Billy Elliot
Best Puppy Aldous & Smith's Aranel Cosmic
Veteran (11 entries, 1 absent) A lovely class of veteran dogs, making my decisions particularly hard. Thank you for bringing them.
1 Payne's Ch. Myhope Fever
9 year old ruby dog who I judged and liked as a youngster. In some ways, even better than he was then. Shown in lovely condition. Sweet, yet doggy head with large dark eyes. Short, cobby body, still carrying a good coat of good colour. Ideal bone and size. Belies his years.
2 Koster's Harana Jazzie Jeff
Another quality ruby boy of similar age. Again, in great condition, with a gleaming coat of good colour. Not dissimilar in stamp to 1 although slightly heavier all through. Just preferred the expression of 1.
3 Baker's Chacombe Chattanooga
Res Steel's Astralea Classic Gold of Behabre
VHC Stark's Jezano On Silent Wings to Tayfern
Minor Puppy (13, 2 )  
1 Aldous & Smith's Aranel Cosmic
Super baby at his first show. Sweetest of head's with gorgeous lustrous dark eyes, a pre-requisite for a cavalier. Quality through and through. Ideal size and bone. A little unsure of his first big day out. One I'm sure, if he continues to develop as his early potential shows, must be destined for the top. Happily, it was a unanimous decision between my co-judge and I that, despite his tender age, he be Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy In Show
2 Newnes' Penquite Cinnamon
Similar age to 1 but so much more forward in his outlook and overall development. Liked his size and chunky body very much. Pleasant head shape with black pigment and dark eyes, which I hope will grow over time.
3 Pack-Davison's Gwentons Finlay with Verileas
Res Portingale's Gwentons Matthew at Jacrianna
VHC Gaskell's Jeilohn Charlie
Puppy (8, 2 )  
1 Towse's Miletree Gilbert
Richly marked Blenheim. Correct head, black nose, large, dark eyes which he did his best to hide. Good for size and bone. Soft silky coat.
2 Hill & Webber's Montcolly Jonathon
Lightly marked Blenheim. Pretty head with glorious eyes, full, dark and round, with black rims. Another of good size and bone. Slightly different in shape to 1.
3 Hughes' Loranka’s Enchanting
Res Town's Barsac Sadler’s Wells
VHC Sparrow's Tashmit Freeserve
Junior (17, 2 )  
1 Bubb's Cobbets Comedian
Tri who caught my eye moving round, so very stylish and elegant, I just couldn't look past him. Although heavily marked he had a soft, silky coat with very clean cut white and plenty rich tan markings. Pretty head, well cushioned under the eyes without being overdone. Will watch his progress with interest.
2 Coaker's Ttitian Puppeteer of Homerbrent
One I have admired from the ringside and it was a close decision between 1 and 2. Very pretty, dark, large, lustrous eyes and jet black pigment. Short, cobby body. A little short of coat but it was a good colour. Preferred his size to 1 but preferred the expression close up of 1.
3 Towse's Miletree Nessun Dorma
Res Li's Avalcier Manhattan
VHC Koster's Harana Marvin Gaye
Yearling (7, 1)  
1 Crozier's Korraines Jerome
. Tricolour with the most stunning outline, from his reachy neck, to his well sprung rib, through to his well turned stifle. Ideal size and bone, striking in profile on the move, head held high, keeping a level topline. Well marked to boot. Just what I like. He had a pretty head shape, with good rich tan but when it came to the crunch - I felt for me, his expression let him down.
2 Gaskell's Jeilohn Edric
Another tricolour. Such a pretty head with large dark eyes and well cushioned muzzle. Not the shape or style on the move as 1.
3 Hawes' Kersmere Charmer
Res Robertson's Kavacay Magic Star
VHC Loader's Kettrice Oliver
Novice (8, 1)  
1 Searle's Stonepit Tarquin
This was interesting for me as I liked this dog more after going over him and watching him close up, than from the ringside. Neat little Blenheim of excellent colour, with good bone. Pleasing head with dark eyes and pigment. Moved positively.
2 Li's Avalcier Manhattan
Similar in overall balance to 1. Rich, well marked silky coat, correct head shape. Not the expression of 1.
3 Gilbert's Toshini Benito at Charverale
Res Towse's Miletree Gregory
VHC Long's Bulford Pride
Graduate (7, 1)  
1 Koster's Dortmund Take A Chance Harana
B/T built on elegant lines, moved with style and panache. Pretty head, dark eyes, good rich tan. Should develop into a handsome boy.
2 Bloice's Scotlass The Laird JW
Smaller made blenheim with the most glorious eyes, large, dark and lustrous, set into a pretty head. Good pigment. Good colour. Slightly longer cast and needs more body to complete the picture.
3 Wiggins' Whyteplace Nathan
Res Salisbury's Clopsville Tokyo Joe
VHC Joyce's Myotabad Captain Hook
Post Graduate (12, 2)  
1 Hughes' Loranka’s Party Games JW
An easy winner of this unusually poor qualifying class. Quality, glamorous and compact Blenheim, liked his size. Pretty head and eyes, with dark rims and black pigment. Silky coat, beautifully presented in perfect show condition.
2 Firth's Firnick Paris
Well marked glam coated Blenheim. Good neck, shoulders and topline. Happy showman. Would prefer a darker eye.
3 Royce's Stonepit Teddy’s Boy at Rucazan
Res Bailey's Aldoricka Utah
VHC Searle's Stonepit Stanley
Spec Mid Limit Blen (9, 1)  
1 Boardman's Volney Super Sleuth JW
. Pretty headed Blenheim with dark eyes and good pigment. Richly coloured profuse coat. Moved out well coming and going. A little dull today.
2 Baillie's Fyrnrose Lachie
Blenheim of good overall shape and construction. Profuse, well presented coat. Preferred the expression of 1.
3 Royce's Stonepit Teddy’s Boy at Rucazan
Res Renaud's Ellenaud Harry Potter
VHC Gilbert's Toshini Benito at Charverale
Spec Mid Limit Tri (9, 2)  
1 Crozier's Korraines Jerome
See Yearling
2 Baker's Nevhill’s Navarra
Beautifully presented with a soft, silky profuse coat. Plenty of rich tan. Preferred the head shape and outline of 1.
3 Gaskell's Jeilohn Edric
Res Barwell's Lusanjo Rocket of Charlottetown
VHC Thomas' Charlottetown Toby Thomas of Pepyswood
Spec Mid Limit Ruby (7, 0)  
1 Hill & Webber's Montcolly Brian
Very pretty headed ruby. Large dark eyes, good pigment, well cushioned muzzle. Very good colour. Happy, laid back demeanour. Would like a little more body just to complete the picture.
2 Morse & Henderson's Harana Starsailor
Another richly coloured ruby. Long, flowing, well presented coat. Large eyes and good pigment. Very good in body condition. Slightly reticent today. Just preferred the expression of 1.
3 Bailey's Aldoricka Utah
Res Blackie &  Knapp's Downsbank Rufus Again for Cridensa
VHC Stevens' Kilnshena Innuendo
Spec Mid Limit B/T (8, 0)  
1 Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Stanley
Liked this little dog more than I expected. Sweet headed boy with correct ear set, large eyes and rich tan. Neat, smaller dog, short coupled body. Put down in excellent coat and condition. Could not deny him the first.
2 Koster's Harana Smokey Joe
Larger type. Good outline. Raven black coat, rich tan markings. For me, not the expression of the winner.
3 Lewis' Leelyn Bumble
Res Spark's Hazeldene Toffee at Sharvo
VHC Leach's Clopsville Sazerac at Ouzlewell
Limit (15, 1)  
1 Lymer & Scheidt's Lymrey Hi Command JW
Ultra glam Blenheim with profuse, silky coat. Correct in head properties with glorious, lustrous, dark eyes dark rims and jet black pigment, which stood out from that oh so clean cut muzzle. Shapely in profile, which was just as I like it - slightly longer than high. Stylish mover aided by his obvious soft, gentle but happy cavalier demeanour. Close up to the CC & RCC. His day will come I'm sure.
2 Steel's Behabre Burberry Touch
Never cared for this tricolour as a youngster. However, he is maturing into a handsome dog. The more I watched him, the more I liked him. Overall, he is hard to fault. Very masculine all through, yet still with that cavalier charm. Soft, well marked head with large dark eyes and rich tan. Classic tricolour markings. Soft, silky coat. Kept a good topline on the move and was a steady, happy showman. Just needs to get some finish to complete the picture.
3 Hughes' Loranka’s Dreamed A Dream
Res Coaker's Kinevor Curtis of Homerbrent JW Sh CM
VHC Lewis' Leelyn Bumble
Open (9, 0) Hardest class of the day, with some difficult decisions.
1 Bubb's Ch Wandris Entertainer JW
Not much more I can say about this dog that has not already been said. He is such a good representative of the breed. Have watched him grow up and it has been an interesting journey. He just goes from strength to strength and I'm sure he will continue to please many more judges. Gorgeous head, well cushioned muzzle and those glorious, lustrous dark eyes, so hard to resist. Short coupled body, with well sprung rib. In fine coat and condition, presented to within a hair of its life! Moves round the ring as if he owns it and never stops showing. A credit to his breeder. CC & BIS
2 Inglis' Ch Craigowl Billy Elliot
Another well known champion. Slightly different in shape to 1 - slightly longer than high, which is, in all honesty, what I prefer. Heavily marked but to me this can actually be of benefit, as there is no white along the topline to detract the eye. Loved his well made outline going round, with that knife edge topline. Pretty head with dark eyes and plenty of rich tan. RCC
3 Dawson's Nottus Hooray Henry Sh CM
Res Rennard's Deranmar Michael JW
VHC Baker & Park's Ch Keyingham Branwell

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Bitches   Mrs J MacAlpine
I was honoured to have been invited to judge this show and enjoyed my day. I had not been around the ring since judging last December and was pleased with my entry. I was disappointed in the movement and find this somewhat alarming, as most of these bitches will be part of the future of the breed. On the positive side the mouths were much better with only a few incorrect bites.
CC Town's Judyland Melissa at Barsac
RCC Butler's Tamyse Delecia
Best Puppy Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Sugar Babe
Veteran (8 entries, 1 absent)  
1 King-Smith's Deranmar Shakira With Ispahan
8 year old tricolour lass who was well made and moved well around the ring. Lovely soft head with sweet expression. Well presented.
2 Koster's Ch Harana Nina Simone
8 year old B/T bitch. Lovely petite - real toy spaniel. Beautifully presented. Well constructed and showed well.
3 Conneally's Ch. Droleus That's M' Libbii at Coedgwylum JW
Res Bartlett's Deranmar Edwina for Korolevsky
VHC Bloomfield's Oaklake Magic Dream
Minor Puppy (22, 4)  
1 Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Sugar Babe
Lovely well named little blenheim bitch. with well broken markings and much desired lozenge. Well constructed and moved well for one so young. Lovely head and large dark eyes. Very promising puppy and one that I am sure has a bright future - Best Puppy Bitch
2 Fry & Jackson's Amantra Impetuous
Another young blenheim bitch who showed well and moved around the ring with drive. Well made and presented. Nice head and eyes.
3 Li's Avalcier Liberty
Res Gaskell's Jeilohn Tuppence
VHC Vass' Gwentons Sweet Jasmin at Clauberry
Puppy (21, 5)  
1 Hill & Webber's Montcolly Liccy
Young tricolour bitch who was small and compact. Good lay of shoulders and turn of stifle. Moved well. Lovely dark eyes giving a soft expression.
2 Bartlett's Korolevsky Zviozhdochka
A blenheim bitch who showed well. Well made and moved well as did all my placings in this class. Nice head and eyes.
3 Steel's Behabre Mitsouku
Res Wheeler's Homerbrent Bliss
VHC Bloomfield's Oaklake Just Dreaming
Junior (20, 3)  
1 Butler's Tamyse Delecia
This little bitch stood out from the moment she walked into the ring. Beautiful shape with well laid shoulders, turn of stifle and tail carriage. Super head with large dark eyes and soft expression. Moved around the ring well keeping a level topline at all times. JW and RCC
2 Jones' Timsar Miss Glory Be
Another lovely blenheim bitch very close decision between one and two. Well made little bitch who moved and showed well. A lovely head with super expressive eyes.
3 Homes' Leogem Minuet
Res Hazeltine's Juzandia Madras Hot
VHC Hughes' Loranka's Heavenly Bliss
Yearling (11, 1)  
1 Boardman's Volney April Love
Blenheim bitch who had a good lay of shoulders, turn of stifle and tail carriage. Moved well with drive. Super head and expression.
2 Greenall's Karabel Kameretta of Charlesworth
A bitch who had the sweetest of heads and super expressive eyes. Well made and moved well around the ring. Just needs time to mature up.
3 Robertson's Kavacay Enchanted Love
Res Stokes' Cinderlace Ophelia at Scouriemore
VHC Stark's Tayfern Lark's Song
Novice (18, 3)  
1 Inglis' Craigowl Vivienne
Small compact tricolour bitch who had the most delicious head with large round dark eyes. Well marked coat and well presented. Well constructed and moved well. Just needs time to mature and will bother the best.
2 Aldous & Smith's Aranel Bubblicious
A small blenheim bitch with a lovely head. Well made and moved well around the ring. Lovely head and eyes.
3 Homes' Leogem Minuet
Res Lewis' Leelyn Dixie Boo
VHC Bloomfield's Oaklake Just Dreaming
Graduate (12, 5)  
1 Butler's Tamyse Delecia
1st in Junior Bitch
2 Homes' Leogem Scheherazade
Blenheim bitch who had a good lay of shoulders, tail carriage and turn of stifle. Moved well. Well marked coat and nicely presented.
3 Hall & Evans' Sleepyhollow Choir Girl at Alansmere
Res Stark's Tayfern Gossamer Wings
VHC Smith's Salcott Diminuendo
Post Graduate (17, 3)  
1 Towse's Miletree Eugene
Small petite blenheim bitch - real toy spaniel. Lovely large dark eyes giving a lovely expression. Well constructed and moved well. Real showy little bitch.
2 Hall's Tasset Sweet Affair
Another blenheim bitch who was well made and moved well maintaining a level topline. Super head and eyes.
3 Conneally's Coedgwylum Hot Kiss
Res Rennard's Deranmar Amelie
VHC Robertson's Kavacay Spring Faith
Spec Mid Limit Blen (9, 1)  
1 Shail's Rossbonny Molly Malone JW
Lovely compact blenheim bitch with super large round dark eyes giving the desired for expression. Good lay of shoulders, turn of stifle and tail carriage. Maintained a level topline whilst on the move. Moved well and showed well - considered for top honours
2 Bloomfield's Oaklake Debbie Harry
Another lovely blenheim bitch - not quite so mature as one. Very nicely constructed and moved well around the ring with a good topline.
3 Li's Avalcier Charlize
Res Davies' Ashtelle Affinity at Larrcraig
VHC Taylor's Rosscrea Broadway Baby
Spec Mid Limit Tri (4, 0)  
1 Town's Judyland Melissa at Barsac
Caught my eye as soon as she came into the ring the lovliest of tricolour bitches. Small well balanced everything one could wish for. Lovely silky coat with well broken markings. Good lay of shoulders, turn of stifle and tail carriage. Super head with large dark eyes and lovely expression. Moved around the ring like she owned it keeping a level topline. One I most definitely could have taken home. CC
2 Godwin's Valanroy Uptown Girl at Stanhome
Another nice bitch who was well made and moved well. Good head and eyes. Showed well and was well presented.
3 Bull's Craigowl Biba at Ladash
Res O'Connor's Kenmillto Mabel of Abercree
Spec Mid Limit Ruby (6, 2)  
1 Hughes' Loranka's Star Surprise
Another lovely small bitch with a lovely head and eyes giving a soft expression. Well made with good shoulders and turn of stifle. Moved well.
2 Cragg's Sallcott Crescendo
Another small bitch with a sweet head. Well made and moved well.
3 Bacon's Rabymar Gregorys Girl for Timbric
Res Jones' Maresme Ginger Rogers
Spec Mid Limit B/T (6, 1)  
1 Fry & Jackson's Amantra Chambermaid
A small true toy spaniel. Lovely head with expressive eyes. Well made and moved well maintaining a level topline at all times. Beautiful silky coat and well presented.
2 Boardman's Volney Sarah
Another small bitch not quite so mature as one. Well constructed and moved well around the ring. Nice head and eyes.
3 Lewis' Leelyn Dixie Boo
Res Bacon's Rabymar Modern Millie of Timbric
VHC House's Triciaville Beattie Boo
Limit (7, 2)  
1 Conneally's Jordaic Capri at Coedgwylum
More solidly marked blenheim bitch who stood out in the ring. Lovely shape and did not disappoint on going over her. Well constructed and moved well. Lovely head and expression.
2 Parker's Jordanic Lira
Another lovely blenheim bitch who had well broken coat markings. Well made and moved well - just pipped to the post today by her sister. Lovely head.
3 Payne's Catemmsal Party Doll
Res Greenall's Charlesworth Royal Caprice
VHC Perry's Palmosa Tea Rose at Perricharm
Open (9, 0)  
1 Taylor's Ch Rosscrea Bedazzled
Lovely blenheim bitch who had a super head and lovely dark expressive eyes. Moved around the ring like she owned it keeping a level topline at all times. Good lay of shoulders, tail set and turn of stifle. Well presented and considered for top honours but gave way to the younger bitches today.
2 Lymer's Lymrey Hi Falutin
Lovely blenheim bitch with lovely round dark eyes. Well made with good shoulders, turn of stifle and tail carriage. Moved well and on another day could change places with one.
3 Hughes' Ch Loranka's Celebration Time
Res Goodwin's Ch Lanola Salsa JW Sh CM
VHC Jones' Ch. Timsar Miss B'Havin

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