Championship Show - 11th March 2006

Best of Breed- Ch Keyingham Branwell
Best Opposite Sex - Ch Loranka's Celebration Time
Best Puppy - Aranel Cosmic

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Dogs.   Mrs N Inglis
At the most prestigious dog show in the World I was looking forward to judging the cream of the Cavaliers who had qualified during 2005. I have to say I was disappointed. I did not find quality in depth and some of the qualifiers looked more suited to Open shows than Championship. Too high a percentage of the dogs I examined were oversized, too long, deep in stop, sloping in the croup and the number of correct tail sets were found on less than 20% of the entry. The tail that appears to come out of the anus is not pretty! But that is what we are seeing and it is becoming commonplace. Elegant profiles were not in abundance. Perhaps exhibitors need to be more critical of their own dogs and be more selective in what they take to Championship shows. With the easier qualifying criteria allowed by the Kennel Club maybe more judges should seriously consider witholding awards from exhibits they do not feel worthy. I have been devoted to this breed for over 30 years and have always believed we have the best Cavaliers in the world here in the UK. I still think we do but if we are not careful we are in danger of letting that slip away from us. I know on the health front, choices are difficult. Hopefully we will have answers soon. I would have been delighted to see class after class full of shining examples of our breed.They weren't there and I feel we need to raise our game. I saw pocketfuls of top notch dogs in each class (it was like a breath of fresh air to go over them) but also many that fell far short of the mark. Judges putting up second rate specimens are only partly to blame. Primarily it is the breeders who must take responsibilty for what happens to our breed. They are the ones producing the stock. Sorry if I sound harsh and my criticisms are not meant to come across as holier than thou. I care deeply about our breed and it's future but see no point in waxing lyrical about the lovely entry when that wasn't the case. If by reading this it makes people stop, think and look at what they are breeding and be more choosy then it will have been worthwhile.
It was a delight to judge alongside George Donaldson as he was one of the people who helped us on our way when we first started in the breed over 30 years ago.
Baker & Park’s
Ch Keyingham Branwell
Beauella Radzinski JW
Best Puppy
Smith & Aldous'
Aranel Cosmic
Veteran (19 entries, 2 absent)  
1 Philpott’s Ch Royal Influence Of Charterwood
Great start to the day with my favourite class. Filled with dogs who have given their owners much to be proud of. Won by a handsome blenheim champion in his 9th year. Gentle head framed with long ears, dark soulful eyes full of expression. Compact, neatly made body. His bright chestnut/pearly white coat made me realise that we do not see this colouring to the same extent today. Mores the pity. Lots of furnishings that gleamed. Moved out effortlessly retaining a lovely outline. Kept him into the last 5 when giving out the CC. Purely and selfishly to enjoy once more his qualities.
2 Hall’s Muffity Jacob
I first judged this dog in 1998 when he won the RCC. The years have been kind and he belies his 10 years. Eyecatching, well spaced tricolour markings draw your eye and on closer inspection he conforms well. A neatly made dog with good tail set and carriage. Did not sport the coat of winner or match his head properties but equally good for fluent movement and went with enthusiasm. A shame he wasn't campaigned more in his prime.
3 Brooks & Irvine’s Ch Shenlyn September Sexton
Respectable blenheim who lacked the bloom of those above but his other points secured this place. Masculine head with large eyes and a kind expression. Again had the outline that I was seeking with neck, shoulders, topline and tailset blending into a clean sweep. Attractively arranged classic markings. Coming up 10 years, he still covered the ground with ease. A "what you see is what you get" kind of dog.
Res. Forrester’s Salbrie Versace
VHC Grant’s Granasil Black Jack
Special Puppy (19, 3)  
1 Smith & Aldous’ Aranel Cosmic
Whilst resisting the pun "out of this world" this blenheim puppy was impressive. Just a year old but will have the maturity soon to be in contention for top awards. One of the best features are his eyes. Large, dark and round and very expressive. Good set of ears framing a sweet yet all male head. He felt good on the table with all parts fitting nicely. Liked his size and substance and his colouring was rich. Excellent rear with well turned stifles and pushing off short hocks. His front is where he is vulnerable and he mustn't be allowed to get heavy. BPD and BPIB with my co judges full agreement.
2 Jones’ Timsar Mister Moonlighter
Another talented puppy whose future must also be bright. Only a few weeks in age separate him from winner but less advanced in development. Loved his refinement and elegant outline. Quality head with dense pigmentation in eyes, nose and carried through to coat colour. Good neck but less convincing behind than winner and longer in body. Lovely offspring of two favourites "Mischief" and "Montrose"
3 Newnes’ Penquite Cinnamon
Completed a trio of satisfying puppies. Appreciated the gentle face and soft, round eyes on this 12 month ruby. Looking up his breeding I think the particolour blood he carries may have contributed largely to this. I saw so many later in the day with deep stops and what looked like wrinkles! Lots of silky coat and his ruby colouring was rich red. Good size. Short backed. Nice bone. Needs more self assurance on the move and today he was carrying his tail low. Confidence and more outings will fix this.
Res. Walton’s Underknoll Reality
VHC Crane’s Cranvarl Royal Star Struck
Special Junior (18, 1) The first 3 in this class were all Enchanted sons.
1 Hughes’ Loranka's Enchanting
Small dapper tricolour with good colour distribution. Shiny black coat with no red tinges and rich tan in all desired areas Liked his eyes, round, dark and large set in a head I found attractive but a little blocky. Tidy body shape, short coupled with good ribs. Covered the ground with precision. Lovely tail carriage. After a successful puppy career, is in the process of adjusting from youngster to adult. I have never seen a poorly presented dog from this exhibitor and the effort she puts in pays off.
2 Surman’s Allrena About Turn To Vallender
Blenheim dog who did not jump out at me at first glance but after table examination my interest grew and his outline continually drew my attention Spot on for size with adequate bone. Proper angulation front and rear to allow him freedom of movement with rudder tail. Presented in fabulous coat although the ridge of white along his back can make his topline appear uneven so owner must keep him on his toes and be vigilant he does not slouch. I found his head agreeable at this stage but not exceptional and preferred eyes of winner. Only 16 months so will continue to improve and should be heard of many times.
3 Biggs’ Korolevsky Faberge Kellorian
Decent blenheim with kind face and long ears. Good depth to coat colour. A size up from those above but has lots of style evident on the move. Handled to advantage and showed well.
Res. Gow’s Lyncraeg Dream Angus
VHC Hill & Webber’s Montcolly Jonathon
Yearling (17, 0)  
1 Gilbert’s Toshini Benito at Charverale
Jaunty blenheim who sparkled both in condition and personality. Has good ring presence and loves to show. Well broken markings and a lavish coat added to his appeal. Looked good in profile with characteristic outline and moved with accuracy, especially behind, which gave him the class. Big enough with stop deeper than prescribed but a stylish dog with many merits.
2 Kirschbaum & Vorderstraße Miltree Nessun Dorma
Happy blenheim whose coat presentation could not be faulted. Freeflowing outline with good topline both standing and on the move. Scores for dense pigmentation in eye rims, inside lips and nose. Totally different head type from winner. Shallower stop but more lip, and not so convincing going away. Better size than 1.
3 Mackenzie’s Wendavia Charlie Comet
Genial little blenheim with deep chestnut coat. Liked his balanced outline and his movement did not disappoint. Had him standing 2nd for a time but expression spoiled by stained face and showing too much white of eye, presentation disappointed and he appeared out of tune with his handler. At this level of competition a good dog needs to be given every opportunity to shine.
Res. Sidery-Smith’s Whisky Galore at Wingspan
VHC Hall’s Zolas Super League
Undergraduate (26, 0) A mixed class of varying qualities. First 3 places won by tricolours. All quite different.
1 Bubb’s Cobbets Comedian by Wandris
Although bigger than my preference this blanketed boy outmoved and outshone his competitors.I liked his head with broad flat skull, just the right blaze and tapered muzzle. Dark eyes and gentle outlook. Carrying a wealth of coat that shone. Well trained and easy to assess.
2 Crozier’s Korraines Jerome
Another in good coat. This one better marked and a more acceptable size. Could have won the class had he shown more interest. Pretty headed dog with lots of clarity but not pzazz and confidence of winner which was reflected in his movement.
3 Bayliss’ Castlewytch Zinfandel
A black boy of quality who disappointed on the day. Had admired him from the ringside on previous occasions and the breed essentials he posseses still appeal. Prettiest of heads with mellow eyes and rich tan. Flat skull and ideal muzzle length. Nice size. Good body shape and proportions with complimentary angles front and rear. Was glum and not in his best bib and tucker. Hope this glitch is only temporary.
Res. Name Withheld Name Withheld
VHC Hawes’ Kersmere Charmer
Graduate (17, 0) A difficult class. Lots of good points but sometimes not all on the one dog!
1 Hughes’ Loranka's Party Games JW
2 year old blenheim who puts up a good performance. Won this class as he met most of my requirements. Coat long with well broken markings. Good front and rear assembly. Well set tail and firm topline. Accurate mover. Shows attentivley. Head was agreeable but not quite the expression I was after.
2 Barkers’ Kaishmar Cool Hand Luke
Gentle mannered dog with sweet, soft expression. Good breed type. Good mover. Well made but well grown. Just too much of him for me and would like everything condensed. Glamour boy with masses of blenheim coat, Too nice to completely disregard.
3 Claydon’s Brymarden Montana JW
Quality Blenheim having an off day. Mouth watering head with lovely eyes. Careless with his topline when standing and moved way below his capability.
Res. Allerton’s Kavacay Magic Dream at Deeriem
VHC Koster’s Dortmund Take A Chance Harana
Post Graduate (20, 0)  
1 Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Stanley
Lots to like about this light footed little black/tan who moved with purpose. Plenty of animation channelled to advantage and he sparkled. Round, dark eyes set in a head that I found just a touch feminine. Perhaps his features will strengthen with age and maturity. Neat body with enough substance for his frame. Very good tail coming off his backbone. Not many like that today. Straight, soft to the touch, coat and plenty of it.
2 Korn’s Sandusk Monterey JW ShCM
This deeply coloured blenheim has all the ingredients for a great head. Broad,flat skull, shallow stop, correct length of nose, excellent pigment, large dark eyes, good filling, enough tapering to muzzle and long, well placed ears. Have seen him throw away his chances previously but today he went really well. Close decision for first place just preferring croup and tail set of winner.
3 Baillie’s Fyrnrose Lachie
Well put together blenheim with good neck and shoulders, firm topline and strong hindquarters he uses to drive himself around the ring. Shown today in good coat. After a slow start head now beginning to blossom. Honest type.
Res. Morelli’s Chantismere Wizards Delite at Hillcave
VHC Rogerson’s Rabymar Apollo
Mid Limit (21, 0)  
1 Costello’s Beauella Radzinski JW
Classy blenheim with impressive coat and striking markings. Rich chestnut and pearly white. Great care had been taken with his appearance and he gleamed. Generous head with big soft eyes and kind expression. Loved his outline with reachy neck and good angles. Swept around the ring with a fluid stride holding his topline and attractive tail carriage. Showed with great enthusiasm in the class but in the challenge went off the boil. Fully deserving the RCC today and hopefully before long will make a worthy Champion.
2 Baker’s Nevhill's Navarra
Handy sized tricolour with agreeable head features. Pretty eyes. In good coat but lacks the glamour and impact of the markings of winner. Looks good on the move. Respectable dog who will always be considered.
3 Ackroyd-Gibson’s Acewall Enigma from Toraylac
Upstanding blenheim who has lots of style especially on the go around. Liked his expression, soft and gentle. Up to size but manages to maintain balance. Not so compact as 1 and 2.
Res. Waller’s Castlewytch Arizona Avec Jinjan
VHC Dawson’s Nottus Hooray Henry ShCM
Limit (15, 0)  
1 Lymer & Scheidt’s Lymrey Hi Command JW
In my final five. Exuberant blenheim with lots of rich chestnut coat who ticks almost all the boxes. Loved his head that was "all cavalier" with super eyes and huge well fringed ears. Sizeable but shapely. Sound rear movement propelled him around the ring revealing a level topline. Came towards me a little wide but it seemed minor against his strengths.
2 Engel’s Angel's Pride Latin Lover
Strikingly marked tricolour shown in flowing coat. Handsome dog with round eyes and pleasing expression. Full bodied with good ribs and well turned stifles. Kept a level topline on the move but lacked elegant outline of winner whose reach of neck was better.
3 Hill & Webber’s Montcolly Brian
Ruby with a very attractive head and gentle features coming from expressive eyes of the right size and colour. Just looking leggy against the two above who were carrying more coat.
Res. Gow’s Lyncraeg Daydream JW ShCM
VHC Kirschbaum & Vorderstraße’s Pascavale Tyler
Open (10, 0)  
1 Baker & Park’s Ch Keyingham Branwell
Sparkling blenheim on exceptional form. Judging should always be done from a positive perspective and a judge should look for dogs with the most good points so that they can be utilised to further the breed's progress. Here was a dog that was easy to assess. What's not to like? Great size, good coat, sound mover, excellent topline and tail carriage, pretty head type, eyes and pigment deeply pigmented, ultimate showman. Worthy winner of the CC and my co judge shared the opinion that he deserved BOB. Like the energizer bunny, he just keeps going!.
2 Bubb’s Ch Wandris Entertainer JW
I was pleased to go over this blenheim dog having competed against him many times and can understand the wins he has accumulated. Classic head and lush coat properties. Has the best attitude and stands willingly showing a clean cut outline that is balanced. Moves out with style. In the decision making my preference was for the smaller frame and topline of winner on the move.
3 Levy & Sedgwick’s Ch Pascavale Enchanted
Good to see this well known blenheim champion again. He has proved himself to be a show dog of merit and an exceptional sire, so needs no further endorsement from me. Suffice to say today he looked grand and I liked what I saw. Carrying just enough body coat to match his frame. The carpeted ring suited him and he stepped out briskly enjoying the occasion.
Res. Ohlsson & Tornblom’s Sw/Dan/Fin Miletree Perion
VHC Lamont’s Moorfields Sans Limites
HC Rennard’s Deranmar Michael JW
C Frankenberg’s Ch Picasso Vom Welfenhof
Good Citizen (4, 1) Beauty meets brains.
1 Cole’s Darozel De Montoya at Christobeth
Pleasant tricolour of good type with attractive head and soft, dark eyes. Flat skull with good fill below eyes. Nothing overdone. Lots of silky coat covering well balanced body. Stood presenting a clean outline with firm topline and wagging tail. Lovely personality who never gave up showing. He wanted to please. A trait so very Cavalier. This class win makes 2 in a row as he won last year.
2 Royce’s Stonepit Teddys Boy at Rucazan
Agreeable Blenheim who did all that was asked. Cosmetically pleasing in his well marked coat but mustn't carry extra weight on neck and shoulders. A size smaller would have suited better.
3 Higgins’ Chamanic Christmas Cracker at Chesalatina
Glamorous black/tan with good eyes and the longest coat of the day. Dare I say more Afghan than Cavalier! His presentation was first class and he showed well. Just bigger and longer than I was seeking.

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Bitches   Mr G Donaldson
My sincere thanks to all of the exhibitors whose entries made this one of my most memorable days & to my two stewards Irene Hauell & George Webster whose quite efficiency throughout a long day helped me enormously to complete the judging of a large entry in perfect time for my co-judge Norma lnglis & I to send our BOB to the group.
I found most of my quality in the blenheims & I was rather disappointed in general in the quality of both the whole colours & the tricolours, particularly In the mid age a mid qualification classes. There were exceptions of course & those exhibits were generally awarded by placings. There were a number with poor pigmentation, several tricolours with no tan on the legs & under the tall & a number whose feathering had been enhanced by the use of scissors.
C.C. Hughes’ Ch Loranka's Celebration Time
R.C.C. Kirschbaum & Vorderstraße’s Ch/Int Ch Rattlebridge Roses Are Red
Best Puppy Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Sugar Babe
Veteran (21 entries, 4 absent)  
1 Underwood’s Vanmarlen Cherry Blossom for Neddaow
Short coupled Tri, profuse silky coat, moved well with good drive, fiat skull & well set ears, long feathering tan in all the standard places.
2 Koster’s Ch Harana Nina Simone
Well coated B/T, level topline, nicely arched neck, correct head, dark eye a soft expression, moved well both front & back. Just a shade long
3 Carter-Hunt’s Swaish Maricella at Mareve
Short coupled Tri obviously enjoying herself & moving accordingly. Well broken b/w with correct tan markings.
Res. Ford’s Tuppenlil Pizzicato
VHC Smith’s Ch Salador Celtic Magic
Special Puppy (19, 0)  
1 Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Sugar Babe
Compact well broken Blen, level topline, nicely arched neck, good turn of stifle, good tail placement & carriage, lovely head, dark eye, pretty feminine expression, rich chestnut markings on pearly white background. One for the future. Seemed to tire in the challenge for BP.
2 Goodwin’s Lanola Serafina
Short coupled Tri, lovely coat texture, well broken w/b, good rich tan, moved well both coming & going with good drive, Nice level topline & neck.
3 Rix & Berry’s Ricksbury Royal Emerald
Well balanced Blen, nice outline, moved well in all directions, excellent drive coming from well turned stifles, sweet head, feminine expression, dark eye & well feathered ears.
Res. Smith & Aldous’ Aranel Electra
VHC Baillie’s Fyrnrose Morwyn Star
Special Junior (26, 2)  
1 Paterson’s Phrenchy Pollyanna
Pretty compact Blen, lovely neck, level topline & correctly placed & carried tail, nice head, almost flat skull, large dark eyes, well feathered correctly placed ears, moved well going, coming & in profile. Good rich chestnut markings. Very promising youngster.
2 Taylor’s Rosscrea Yours Truly
Well balanced & well broken Blen moving well with good drive, nice head, dark eye, soft expression. Chestnut could be richer but white correct pearly colour.
3 Sansom’s Byermoor Queens Evidence
Blen of lovely size & shape, compact & full of action with excellent drive, moved well coming & going, rich chestnut markings & good pigmentation, nice head, eye & expression.
Res. Horan’s Elmlin Elvie
VHC Gray’s Trevricia Enchantment
Yearling (30, 6)  
1 Homes’ Leogem Minuet JW
Blen with gorgeous outline, lovely head, skull almost flat between ears, dark eye, well placed ears, good feathering & soft feminine expression, nicely arched neck blending through well laid back shoulders into level topline, correctly placed & carried tall, rich well broken chestnut markings on pearly white background. Challenged second in open strongly for RCC, A champion in the not too distant future
2 Boardman’s Volney April Love
Pretty compact Blen, well broken rich chestnut markings, moved well coming & going & had good drive in profile, nice head, dark eye, soft expression & face, well filled below eyes.
3 Ballantine’s Middleshott Emma
Spirit level topline, excellent tail carriage, nicely arched neck & lovely head, dark eye, soft feminine expression, well broken rich chestnut markings on pearly white background, moved well.
Res. Highes’ Loranka's Lillie
VHC Stevens & Moffat’s Milkeyn Sheer Gem
Undergraduate (28, 6)  
1 Waters’ Maibee Gentle Touch
Active & gay Blen, well broken rich chestnut markings, compact, good spring of rib & level topline, lovely head, dark eye & pigmentation, moved well in all directions once she settled.
2 Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Trueluv
Blenheim, nicely shaped head & dark eye, good nose pigmentation, well placed ears, long feathering, good quality coat, nicely arched neck & level topline, moved well.
3 Turner’s Shalot Beguiled
Compact Blen, good topline & nicely turned stifles giving fine drive, moved truly & well. Shade heavily marked but excellent coat colour & texture.
Res. Costello’s Beauella Kiss This
VHC Patrick’s Sandbrae Sapphire at Drumachose
Graduate (24, 6)  
1 Smith’s Beaudale Ebony Eyes
Elegant moving B/T, lovely head, large dark eyes & silky coat of correct texture & colour, rich tan markings in all correct places, excellent mover, good drive from strong sound hindquarters.
2 Whitfield’s Beauella Kasino at Bevelmount JW
Well broken Blen, excellent coat of correct texture & colours, level topline, correctly placed & carried tall, nicely arched neck & good spring of rib.
3 Homes’ Leogem Scheherazade
Slightly pale Blen, moving well, strong topline & good drive, straight front & hindquarters, pretty head, dark eye & good pigmentation.
Res. Ackroyd-Gibson’s Toraylac Matilda
VHC Glen’s Sandbrae Beyond The Blue
Post Graduate (18, 3)  
1 Taylor’s Rosscrea Broadway Baby
Lovely well balanced, active & gay Blen, rich chestnut markings on pearly white background, silky quality coat, moved well & elegantly in all directions, good level topline, well laid back shoulders, nicely arched neck & lovely head, large dark eyes.
2 Mynott’s Honeybet Hot Rosie Lee
Sound Tri, lovely outline, compact body, short loin, nicely turned stifles, level topline a good front, moderate bone all round, moved & showed well.
3 Smith’s Sallcott Diminuendo
B/T, nicely balanced body, active & gay when on the move, good bone, sound front a hindquarters, good straight silky coat.
Res. Boardman’s Volney Sarah
VHC Stark’s Tayfern Gossamer Wings
Mid Limit (25, 4)  
1 Claydon’s Brymarden Moon River JW
Blen, nice outline, good head, dark eyes & well placed ears, nicely arched neck, well laid back shoulders, good spring of rib & moderately boned front & rear legs, moved well in all directions with good drive.
2 Payne’s Catemmsal Party Doll
B/T, raven black silky coat, correct tan markings, good feminine head, dark eyes & long well feathered ears, nicely balanced body, moderate bone a level topline.
3 Bacon’s Rabymar Modern Millie of Timbric
Cobby B/T, nice head, dark eye, nicely arched neck & level topline, moved well coming & going, lovely silky coat of correct colour & texture, particularly good tan markings.
Res. Crane’s Spindlepoint First Course for Cranvarl
VHC Fry & Jackson’s Amantra Chambermaid
Limit (22, 6)  
1 Hughes’ Loranka's Star Surprise
Ruby of correct size, rich red coat of good texture & length, elegant both on the move & standing, moved well both going away & returning, good drive from well constructed hindquarters, nice compact body with good bone.
2 Bloomfield’s Oaklake Debbie Harry
Well broken Blen, lovely rich chestnut markings, nicely shaped head, good dark eye, long ears, good feathering, moved well in all directions.
3 Shone’s Cobalatino Suga Babe
Nicely proportioned B/T looking good on the move, level topline a good drive, moderately boned front & hindquarters, good spring of rib, coat of correct texture & colours.
Res. Baillie’s Fyrnrose Bee Baw Babbity
VHC Martin’s Ttitian Myrtille
Open (21, 4)  
1 Hughes’ Ch Loranka's Celebration Time
Lovely Blen, well broken rich, chestnut markings on pearly white background coat of correct texture, short coupled body, good spring of rib, nicely arched neck, moderate bone front & rear, level topline, lovely head with all the correct requirements, moved as one would expect from such a well constructed bitch. CC.
2 Kirschbaum & Vorderstraße Ch/Int Ch Rattlebridge Roses Are Red
Very elegant Ruby who moved round the ring like a train with superb drive & posture, well balanced, sound construction, nice head, soft feminine expression, lovely dark eyes, good feathering on correctly placed ears & whole set off on nicely arched neck. Sure she will win all over Europe. RCC
3 Rix & Berry’s Ch Ricksbury Royal Embrace
Lovely Blen of particularly good coat texture & colouring, lovely head, dark eye & soft feminine expression, level topline & excellent movement all round.
Res. Levy & Sedgwick’s Ch Pascavale Krystle JW
VHC Town’s Ch Judyland Melissa at Barsac
HC Goodwin’s Ch Lanola Salsa JW ShCM
C Koster’s Ch Harana Good Golly Miss Molly
Good Citizen (4, 2)  
1 Stevenson’s Cleyside Kaths Choice
2 Antoniazzi’s Littlemeads High Society
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