Midland CKCS Club
Championship Show - 2nd December 2006

Best in Show - Ch Leogem Minuet
Best Opposite Sex - Craigowl Ryton
Best Puppy - Ricksbury Royal Empress

Dog Results Bitch Results
Dogs. Mrs J Grant
I enjoyed my day judging for the Midland Ch show. Lots of lovely dogs to go over. I am sure many will change places many times. Generally speaking movement needs to be addressed both from behind & in front. Lots were lacking in muscle tone from the hind quarters. Which left me to wonder if they get any exercise other then attending shows. Where have all the beautiful large, dark round eyes gone of yesteryears. This does alter the expression. Presentation was generally good, but some of the B/Tís would benefit from a bath, just because the coat is black it does not mean that they donít need a bath & conditioning. Even though you cannot see the staining itís still there. Having said all that i was delighted with my final line up.
CC Inglis' Craigowl Ryton
RCC Angel's Charwelton Tate JW
Best Puppy Fry & Jacksonís Amantra Vauderville
Veteran (11 entries 1 absent) I purposely didnít ask the age of the dogs. I prefer to judge on the merit of the dog & not on the age. I ignored the touch of grey & the lack of teeth. Thought all the dogs were a credit to their owners & to the breed. These are the type we should be striving for. A lovely class of oldies.
1 Hughesí Ch. Lorankaís Celebration
Best veteran A very worthy Ch. Large round dark eyes. Short & cobby with good tail carriage.† Still a lovely deep chestnut colour.
2 Kosterís Harana Jazzie Jeff
Rich ruby, with a sweet head piece, even though his nose was a little off colour.
3 Steelís Astralea Classic Gold of Behabre
Minor Puppy (17, 3)  
1 Fry & Jacksonís Amantra Vauderville
A typical six months old puppy. Lightly marked blen. great clarity between the colour & the pearly white. Short & cobby with good pigment. Correct tail carriage. Used his ears when he wanted too. Best puppy dog.
2 Allertonís Deeriem Dandi Man
Built on much the same lines. Coat coming along nicely.
3 Jones & Ranceís Tommil Cream of The Stars
Puppy (15, 3)  
1 Hughesí Lorankaís Dare To Dream
A shade longer cast then my M/P. Well presented. Large full round dark eyes, set in a pretty head piece. Moved true.
2 Kosterís Harana Johnny Cash
B/T with bright tan on a shiny well conditioned black jacket & plenty of it. Strode round with a proud head carriage.
3 Allertonís Cazarrah Tennyson for Deeriem
Junior (14, 1) A very good class with quality dogs.
1 Angelís Charwelton Tate JW
Lovely body shape. Looked a picture moving round with his proud head† carriage set on correct shoulder placement & arched neck. Short & cobby leading into good turn of stifle & correctly carried tail. Wish he was a bit more animated when standing. Reserve CC
2 Bullís Ladash Bramble
I have watched this dog since a puppy & see he has fulfilled his early promise. A shade taller then my 1st place. I did prefer the eyes of this one. Would not behave & had to pay the price. Too happy for his own good.
3 Levy & Sedgwickís Pascavale Alfie
Yearling (13, 0)  
1 Aldous & Smithís Ch. Aranel Cosmic
Pushed the winners hard. Looked good in profile. Lovely head with large round, dark eyes. High set ears. Moved round with style having a well crested neck & good shoulders. Short & cobby. In wonderful condition. Front movement let him down.
2 Townís Barsac Sadlers Wells JW
Well broken Tri-colour in beautiful bloom. Coat long & flowing & in good condition. Rich tan. Good turn of stifle giving good driving movement.
3 Pack-Davisonís Gwentonís Finley with Verileas
Novice (17, 3) Not many of these dogs will stay in novice for long.
1 Inglisí Craigowl Ryton
Another I have watched since puppy. I loved his make & shape. A little heavy marked for some perhaps. Was a joy to watch on the move, with his strong hind action & true forehand his head is now beginning to develop. Never looses his topline both on the move & standing. A gay happy little dog.† It was his movement that won him this class & the deciding factor for the CC & Res BIS
2 Williamís Johnaster Anton Du Beke
Blen in good bloom. With lovely sharp colouring of good texture. Another good moving dog. Dark sparkling eyes set in a pretty head.
3 Boyd & Carterís Kinvaar Addict
Graduate (24, 3)  
1 Vellaís Avalcier Oliver of Cinderlace
Lightly marked Blen with good pigment. Good bone & substance. Well presented.
2 Gilbertís Toshini Benito at Charverale
In between coats so looked untidy. Underneath was a well made body of good substance correct neck & shoulders. Held a level topline.
3 Bullís Ladash Bramble
Post Graduate (17, 3) Although a big class there wasnít the depth of quality here.
1 Thompsonís Ailcres Seventh Heaven
A short & cobby rich ruby with excellent pigment.
2 Surmanís Allrena About Turn to Vallender
Broad head with high set ears. Plenty of cushioning under round dark eyes. Good body shape but dropped his topline both on the move & standing.
3 Baileyís Aldoricka Ullysees
Special Limit Blenheim (15, 4)  
1 Bullís Ladash Bramble
2nd in Junior.
2 Rix & Berryís Ellisiana Crusader for Ricksbury
His good movement won him this place in this class. But didnít have the head I was looking for. Although broad I felt he needed more cushioning under the eyes.
3 Liís Avalcier Manhattan JW
Special Mid Limit Tri colour (14, 2)  
1 Hughesí Loranka Enchanting
Gleaming tri coat with rich tan markings. In lovely condition. Large round full dark eyes in the prettiest of heads. Set of by long leathers. Short & cobby with good turn of stifle & tail set. Hind movement let him down.
2 Bakerís Nevhillís Navarra
Shade longer in loin. Well marked & in good condition. Looked well going round but untidy front coming towards me.
3 Biggís Kellorian Poetry In Motion ShCM.
Special Mid Limit Ruby (12, 2)  
1 Paganís Kimark Coming Home to Sorata
My type of ruby. Rich gleaming ruby coat. The darkest of pigment in a pretty head with the most appealing expression. Just needs more coat to complete the picture.
2 Coakerís Ttitian Puppeteer of Homerbrent JW ShCM
Much the same remarks apply. Just a little careless with his tail carriage at times.
3 Hughesí Loranka Firestarter
Special Mid Lmit B/T (13, 2) The dogs heading this class were all beautifully presented. Many B/T owners need to take note on the presentation. Many coats were rough & coarse & even not very clean.
1 Rogersonís Rabymar Apollo
Almost to much coat which made him look short on leg, but it was soft & silky. Moved round the ring with style, with a proud head carriage. Good tail set.
2 Morganís Cleocath Carregddu of Schanastar
Shorter in loin but not quite as stylish on the move. Being a little shorter in neck.
3 Kosterís Dortmund Take A Chance Harana
Limit (17, 5) A class full of quality dogs.
1 Coakerís Kinevor Curtis of Homerbrent
Again a long & flowing coat made this dog look short on leg which he is not. Soft & silky texture & a good rich colour on a pearly white background. Good round bone & excellent tail set.
2 Steelís Behabre Burberry Touch
A close decision between these 2 dogs. A classic tri colour in great condition. Shiny black on a pearly white background. Arched neck coming from well set shoulders. Very attentive to his owner. A shade bigger then my first.
3 Bateís Chantismere Montana at Dakerima
Open (13, 2) Anyone of these dogs could have won this class. It was full of quality dogs.
1 Baker & Parkís Ch. Keyingham Branwell
A well known Ch of quality. A lovely size & shape. Almost too pretty for a dog. Gleaming full round dark eyes. Long flowing coat of soft & silky texture. Great drive from behind. Let himself down by misbehaving. (I do wish owners would leave the bitches in season at home)
2 Schilizziís Chacombe Armarni
Very elegant little dog. Got this place on his true movement. Short & compact body leading into well muscled stifles & short hocks. Looked short of coat compared with Branwell.
3 Rennardís Ch. Deranmar Michael JW
Special Open bred by exhibitor (5, 2)  
1 Bubbís Ch Wandris Entertainer JW
A worthy Ch. Elegant little dog of substance. Didnít sparkle today like I have seen him do. Moved with style with proud head carriage & excellent tail carriage.
2 Hollambyís Tamcinia Midnight Folly

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Bitches Mrs M Newton
I was pleased to be asked to judge at this show, which is always a very social affair being so close to Christmas and must applaud my two stewards for their efficiency during the day. I was however a little disappointed at the lack of depth in quality in some of the classes one would have wished for and the amount of staining on the coats of quite young exhibits.†
CC Homes' Ch Leogem Minuet
RCC Taylor's Rosscrea Yours Truly
Best Puppy Rix & Berry's Ricksbury Royal Empress
Veteran (8)  
1 Biggsí Camahieu Marquise of Kellorian ShCM
Tri with soft expression and deep tan, correct high set ears, good reach of neck and straight front, well turned stifle, moved well both ways & still in good coat.
2 Turnerís Shalot Morgan Le Fay
Black & Tan of correct size, just carrying a little too much weight. Good earset correct expression with dark pigment. Moved well using drive from behind, level topline and tail.
3 Hallís Tasset Sweet Charity
Minor Puppy (33)  
1 Aldous & Smithís Aranel Scrumptious
What a bright future this little lass has in store, very pretty Blenheim with wonderful appealing expression, large dark eyes & nose, correct earset. Well proportioned with good bone, neck and ribcage. Strong hind action keeping topline on the move.
2 Hallís Muffity Adorable Juliet
Another delightful Tri with deep tan markings, lovely head shape and good pigment. Good front, well turned stifle, moved with drive showing a level topline.
3 Lymer & Scheidtís Volney Chardonnay
Puppy (37)  
1 Rix & Berryís Ricksbury Royal Empress
Mature Blenhiem who shows great potential. Correct size and shape with good bone, deep chest and plenty of neck. Great expression with large dark eyes and nose, high set ears frame the face. Moved steadily at all times keeping a good outline, excellent showgirl which enabled her to go Best Puppy in Show as well as Best Puppy Bitch.
2 Taylorís Rosscrea Summertime
Delightful pretty Blenheim who will soon hit the top spot. Soft expression with large dark eyes & nose, correct earset. Nicely proportioned with good reach of neck, bone and well turned stifle. Moved well both ways showing a level topline and tail.
3 Patersonís Missy Elliotís at Phrenchy
Junior (24)  
1 Whiteheadís Toshini Anna at Perbelle
Lovely outline to this pretty Blenheim who had the correct soft expression, had dark pigment, flat skull, nice neck, deep chest and bone. Moved true and steady all the time with a good front, level topline and tailset.
2 Mynottís Honeybet Just Magic
A delightful attractive Tri who showed her assets well. Dark tan and large eyes, good reach of neck, plenty of bone, well turned stifle. Showed and moved well keeping topline.
3 Boundyís Rubyfield Fiddlesticks
Yearling (18)  
1 Barnardís Toshini Louisa
Blenheim a little larger than I would ideally like but she was an excellent showgirl who could not be ignored. Nice expression, dark eyes & nose, flat skull. Good neck, strong front and good drive from behind keeping correct topline & tailset.
2 Hegartyís Chantismere Cha Cha
Correct size, soft expression with large dark eyes and nose, good earset. Good turn of stifle and therefore moved with drive from behind. This Blenheim lass lacked sparkle today.
3 Rogersonís Rabymar Sixpence
Novice (25)  
1 Bubbís Wandris Matinee
This sound Blenheim was the best mover in the class. Nice expression, good reach of neck, strong front, correct bone and stifle. Moved effortlessly around the ring with drive, plenty of furnishings.
2 Kosterís Harana Minogue
Appealing Ruby of correct size and colour who just let herself down today. Large dark eyes and nose, correct earset, good neck and front with strong backend when she decided to move.
3 Aldous & Smithís Aranel Starbrite
Graduate (15)  
1 Aldous & Smithís Aranel Electra
Another delightful Blenheim from this kennel. Ideal size, beautiful large dark eyes and soft expression, flat skull. Nice neck and shoulders keeping topline on the move. Lacked a little in furnishings today but had nothing to hide.
2 Hoganís Stavonga Soft as Silk
Delightful Blenheim who also had a melting expression and large dark eyes. Good proportions, moved well most of the time but showed her mischievous side today, as did the third placed.
3 Vellaís Cinderlace My Fair Lady
Post Graduate (15)  
1 Baylissí Castlewytch Rose
Appealing expression to this Tri lass with rich dark tan marking, good pigment and correct earset. Plenty of neck, strong front, well turned stifle and level topline giving a good outline on the move. Although heavily marked which is not oneís ideal her coat gleamed.
2 Butlerís Tamyse Delecia
Another pretty Blenheim with large dark eyes and nose, flat skull. Moved true both ways but lacked the finish of one.
3 Deansí Clockpelters Truly Fair
Special Mid Limit Blenheim (12)  
1 Watersí Maibee Gentle Touch
Blenheim of ideal size, beautiful soft expression, large dark eyes and pigment, correct ear placement so they framed the face nicely. Good neck and shoulders, plenty of bone and well turned stifle. Moved well in all directions.
2 Boardmanís Volney April Love
Well marked Blenheim even had the desired spot, similar expression to one but a shade larger, plenty of rib and bone. Moved steadily with level topline.
3 Ballantineís Middleshott Emma ShCM
Special Mid Limit Tri (4)  
1 Mynottís Honeybet Hot Rosie Lee
A real showgirl with lovely expressive head, large dark eyes and nose, rich tan markings and good ear feathering. Good reach of neck, shoulder placement and stifle. Well balanced on the move keeping her topline and tailset. Well marked and in good coat.
2 Baylissí Castlewytch Rose
See Post Graduate
3 Bloomfieldís Oaklake Just Dreaming
Special Mid Limit Ruby (10)  
1 Paganís Campanards Triple Rose
Correct size and deep rich colour, pretty expression and dark pigment, good neck, strong front, plenty of bone. Moved with drive showing a lovely outline at all times.
2 Fiskís Rebhann Argento
Another with correct rich colour, slightly smaller proportions but did not lack bone, good pigment and flat skull. Front could have been better but strong hindquarters meant she moved with drive but lost her topline some of the time.
3 Smithís Beaudale Quite Contrary JW
Special Mid Limit Black & Tan (8)  
1 Payneís Catemmsal Party Doll
Real trooper this one of ideal size, nice expression, dark eye & nose with good earset. A sound mover who had the best topline and tailset in the class and showed herself to full advantage, well handled.
2 Boardmanís Volney Sarah
Another with a good outline, flat skull and correct expression with large dark eyes. Front Ok but not as settled on the move as 1.
3 Wyldeís Cleocath Tywsoges Ddu
Limit (19)  
1 Taylorís Rosscrea Yours Truly
Another real beauty from this small kennel who just oozed appeal, with large dark eyes and nose, correct earset and soft expression. This Blenheim was well balanced with good neck & shoulders and in full bloom. A sound mover at all times with plenty of drive and a level topline who didnít put a foot wrong for her owner. I was pleased to give her the Res CC.
2 Watersí Maibee Delores
Another very pretty Blenheim of correct size, large eyes and flat skull, plenty of neck and good turn of stifle, rich chestnut colour. Moved steadily in both directions.
3 Baillieís Fyrnrose Morwyn Star
Open (6)  
1 Sansomís Byermoor Queens English
Attractive Blenheim with very large dark eyes & good pigment who had a nice neck, straight front, plenty of bone and who had the best outline on the move.
2 Claydonís Ch Brymarden Moon River JW
Another mature Blenheim who was a shade larger but had very expressive face, large eyes and well placed ears. Moved steady with strong hind action and presented in top condition.
3 Jones & Ranceís Wightisle Moonbeam Between Droleus
Special Open Bred By Exhibitor (7)  
1 Homesí Ch Leogem Minuet JW
This Blenheim stood out for me and although not the full furnishings of others she made up for it in other areas. Ideal size and correct proportions, appealing soft expression with large dark eyes and high set ears. Good reach of neck, shoulder placement and front. Plenty of bone, nice rib and turn of stifle. She excelled on the move giving a great outline with level topline and tail. Did not stop showing right up to the end and I was delighted to award her the CC. She then with agreement from my Co Judge went Best in Show.
2 Fox-Shoneís Ch Pamedna Touch of Fan-TC JW
Beautifully marked Tri with rich tan markings, good expression with correct ear placement and dark pigment. Well proportioned with a good front and strong hind action, she also moved well keeping a level topline. Three really nice girls in this class.
3 Patersonís Phrenchy Pollyanna

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