West Of England CKCS Club
Championship Show - 1st October 2006

Best of Breed - Brymarden Montana JW
Best Opposite Sex - Phrenchy Pollyanna
Best Puppy - Rubyfield Fiddlesticks

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Dogs. Mr P Hill
West of England Cavalier King Charles Spaniel club held its Championship show at Weston-super -Mare. An excellent venue with lots of natural lighting. Best in show with my co judge's agreement was Claydon's Brymarden Montana JW. I enjoyed my entry, but there were a few points of concern, the depth of stop in some exhibits was way too deep and eye size although round many were small. Presentation was disappointing on many exhibits, even those in the cards on the day. Also there were too many thin exhibits. On the plus side, eye colour was good and all temperaments were good. I must thank my stewards for their excellent work making life easy for me and committee for their hospitality.
CC Claydon’s Brymarden Montana JW
RCC Koster’s Dortmund Take A Chance Harana
Best Puppy Thomas’ Tamyse Henry Higgins of Pepyswood
Veteran (5 Entries, 2 Absent)  
1 Koster’s Harana Jazzie Jeff
Ruby 10½ yrs. Good shape and size. Moved with drive and purpose for one of this age, showing well all the time. Lovely head shape with large dark melting eyes. Carried his head high all the time, holding good top line. Good colour and well presented. B.V.I.S.
2 Steel’s Astralea Classic Gold of Behabre
Blenheim 9½ yrs. well broken markings. Softest of heads with good length of muzzle, large dark eye. Moved well and showed happily at all times. Very classic type, one of excellent quality.
3 Fry & Jackson’s Ch. Amantra Cloth of Gold
Minor Puppy (14, 1)  
1 Fry & Jackson’s Amantra Delaware
Well-broken, very happy tri. Confident young man showing himself well for such a youngster. Classic Head with good length of muzzle and expressive eyes of good size and colour. Nice arched neck giving him proud head carriage, set in to well laid shoulders. Loved the front on this youngster. Hope this promising puppy blossoms in time to come.
2 Towse’s Miletree Jambo (RAF)
Preferred the front on 1. Soft head with good ear Set. Good under eye padding. Moved well showing off his good shape, lovely spring of rib, good hindquarters giving good rear drive. Promising puppy in such a good class.
3 Firth’s Lyndabelle Best Mate
Res Towse’s Miletree Elliot (RAF)
VHC Hubbard’s Popolulu Dazzling Dempster
Puppy (13, 3) Class of well presented exhibits.
1 Thomas. Tamyse Henry Higgins of Pepyswood
Well-broken tri, Very pleasing type. Good head with classic shallow stop. Used his ears well to frame soft head. Another good neck and shoulders. Level top line, good length of back, excellent tail set and carriage. Held his shape at all times. Well presented. A credit to both owner and breeder. B.P.D.
2 Gardiner & Dansage’s Edonhill Blaze Away
Another tri. of good quality, not the forequarters of 1, presented in tip top condition. Stronger head type than 1. Good shoulders and top line. good tail carriage to finish off a pleasing picture overall.
3 Stokes’ Phrenchy Endeavour to Scouriemore
Res Hawes’ Kersmere Rhapsody
VHC Boyd & Carter’s Kinvaar Addict
Junior (9, 1)  
1 Boardman’s Volney Gazpacho
Won his class on overall finish. Well-coated ruby of good colour. Very classic head, shallow stop, well cushioned muzzle, excellent pigment, well developed nostrils. Expressive eyes giving soft melting expression, moved round the ring well with good rear drive. Never stopped showing.
2 Jones’ Timsar Mister Moonlighter
Well presented blenheim, well-cushioned clear muzzle, pleasing head, nice shape and balance, moved proudly holding good top line and tail carriage. Good muscle tone in firm condition. One of the few exhibits to be in such condition. A credit to his owner.
3 Hedger’s Khatibi Tiger Tim at Alrewic
Res Shone’s Cobalatino Candyman
VHC House’s Triciaville Marcus
Yearling (9, 4)  
1 Walton’s Underknoll Reality JW
A clear winner in this class. Good type, liked his make and shape, well-cushioned foreface, well-set ears framing soft head. Held himself on the move showing pleasing shape. Well presented.
2 Hedger’s Khatibi Tiger Tim at Alrewic
Not the fore chest or finish of one. Presented in good clear condition, soft silky coat, clear face markings, level top line, worked well with his handler.
3 Jones’ Caedrenant Griffin
Res Nightingale’s Chacombe Oliver with Jongeo
VHC Pack-Davison’s Gwentons Finlay with Verileas
Novice (10, 3)  
1 Hurley’s Hurleaze Ready For Love at Hurleaze
Nice size blenheim, carried himself well, strong head, well set ears, very stylish throughout, lovely coat, well presented considered for RCC.
2 Gardiner & Dansage’s Edonhill Blaze Away
See Puppy
3 Gilbert’s Lyndabelle American Pie
Res Barwell’s Charlottetown Motivator
VHC Crane’s Cranvarl Royal Star Struck
Graduate (8, 3)  
1 Gilbert’s Toshini Benito at Charverale
Blenheim in good coat of good texture. Rather stronger head than I would prefer. Carried himself around the ring well, keeping good top line, lovely spring of rib, good rear drive, moved positively at all times. Presentation was not all it could have been for such a good exhibit.
2 Steel’s Behabre Miyaki Magic
Good moving ruby dog, strong head with good black pigment, expressive soft eye, nice neck and shoulders, good spring of rib, well angulated behind, giving good drive, well presented.
3 Hedger’s Khatibi Tiger Tim at Alrewic
Res Nightingale’s Chacombe Oliver with Jongeo
VHC O'Callaghan’s Amantra Starshine
Post Graduate (14, 3)  
1 Lymer & Scheidt’s Lymrey Hi Class
Blenheim of good breed type, very well balanced, good head, clear clean head markings, good neck, super body in very good muscle, sound mover, in good coat of super texture, moved round the ring with ease.
2 Leach’s Clopsville Sazerac at Ouzlewell
B/T of good proportion, good chest and spring of rib, well-laid shoulders, flowed round the ring holding good shape. Soft head with good tan colour, presented in good condition.
3 Bailey’s Aldoricka Utah
Res Crane’s Cranvarl Royal Albert
VHC Long’s Bulford Pride
Special Mid Limit Blen (9, 4) Good class, all well presented.
1 Li’s Avalcier Manhattan
Won his class on overall balance and eye size. Presented in tiptop condition, well muscled, firm body throughout. Masculine head but not overdone, crested neck into good shoulders, level top line and tail carriage. Presented a well-balanced picture, worked well with handler.
2 Korn’s Sandusk Monterey JW Sh CM
Not so balanced as 1st. Very pleasing head, soft expression, well presented, happy enthusiastic mover with good angulated hindquarters.
3 Fry & Jackson’s Amantra Robin Hood
Res Hawes’ Kersmere Charmer
VHC Armitt’s Brasingamen Fire Opal
Special Mid Limit Tri (6, 0)  
1 Allerton’s Deeriem Tambourine Man
This was just the head for me. Very soft head with shallow stop, tapered muzzle, well filled under eye, framed by well set long leathers. Short coupled, moved well with good tail carriage.
2 Hughes’ Loranka's Enchanting
Well presented in good coat, not the showmanship of 1st. very different in head to 1st Presents an overall pleasing picture when standing and on the move.
3 Hedger’s Khatibi Tiger Tim at Alrewic
Res Ford’s Hiscli Moonmorganite
VHC Long’s Bulford Pride
Special Mid Limit Ruby (8, 2)  
1 Coaker’s Ttitian Puppeteer of Homerbrent JW Sh CM
Well presented, of good colour, soft head, expressive eyes, well filled under eye. Good nose pigment enhancing his soft expression. Short coupled, held good top line. Won on overall balance.
2 Bailey’s Aldoricka Utah
Very pleasing head. Longer in back than 1st. presentation needs more attention for such a pleasing exhibit.
3 Hughes’ Loranka's Firestarter
Res Sidery-Smith’s Whisky Galore at Wingspan
VHC O'Callaghan’s Amantra Starshine
Special Mid Limit B/T (6, 1) Very close 1st and 2nd.
1 Koster’s Dortmund Take A Chance Harana
Just had the edge on showmanship. Well presented in gleaming coat, with bright tan markings. A dog of substance in bone with masculine head. Presents a balanced picture standing and on the move. Showing all his arched neck set well on shoulders, good front and top line. Showed well in the challenge for his R.C.C. Well done
2 Morgan’s Cleocath Carregddu at Sohanastar
Very pleasing in shape and size, well presented in gleaming coat and condition. A credit to his owners. Flowed round the ring with good head carriage. Pleasing head, good ear set making full use of them.
3 Spark’s Hazeldene Toffee at Sharvo
Res Leach’s Clopsville Sazerac at Ouzlewell
VHC Randle’s Bretam Black Jack
Limit (13, 0)  
1 Claydon’s Brymarden Montana JW
Lovely type dog, very impressive both on the move and standing. At one with his handler at all times. The softness and gentleness of his head melts you into his eyes, large, dark with lovely black rims. Well-defined face markings all framed by long well leathered ears. Good neck, well made front, level top line and strong purposeful movement. Presented in top condition, gleaming coat of good texture and firm well muscled body. All this coupled with his unflagging enthusiasm made him an obvious choice. Dog CC & BIS. Well done.
2 Morgan’s Cleocath Carregddu at Sohanastar
See Special Mid Limit B/T
3 Paterson’s Phrenchy Flash Arry
Res Coaker’s Kinevor Curtis of Homerbrent JW Sh CM
VHC Steel’s Behabre Burberry Touch
Open (5, 1)  
1 Bubb’s Ch Wandris Entertainer JW
A dog with so much quality, extremely elegant very well made, so good to go over, very pleasing head. Good eye and expression, well made front, good neck, held good top line at all times, nice strong rear drive, well held tail, a picture striding round the ring with his absolutely gleaming coat. Such a free and easy mover. Presented in lovely order.
2 Lymer & Scheidt’s Lymrey Hi Command JW
Strong moving blenheim, in good coat and condition, stronger head than 1st used his ears well, giving a soft gentle expression, soft eyes with lovely black rims, well cushioned muzzle, crisp clear face. Moved purposely with good rear drive from well-turned stifles, showed well at all times. Never stopped wagging his well-feathered tail. Pleasing picture overall standing and on the move.
3 Dawson’s Nottus Hooray Henry Sh CM
Res Rennard’s Deranmar Michael JW

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Bitches  Mrs L Goodgame
I would like to thank the committee and exhibitors for a very enjoyable day.
CC Paterson’s Phrenchy Pollyanna
RCC Claydon’s Ch Brymarden Moon River JW
Best Puppy Boundy’s Rubyfield Fiddlesticks
Veteran (11, 3) Brilliant class. Wish there had been more cards
1 Wheeler’s Sharonaz Melody for Drumhaye
Lovely 9½ year old blen in good condition with a long silky coat. Such a pretty head with true cavalier eyes, large round and so dark with an appealing expression. Moved very well. One who deserved her title.
2 Ford’s Tuppenlil Pizzicato
8 year old black and tan with a pretty head. So well made with a good topline. Short cobby body, moved well. In lovely condition.
3 King-Smith’s Deranmar Shakira With Ispahan
Res Shone’s Ch Korraines Atlantica
VHC Gardiner & Dansage’s Edonhill Peaches and Dreams at Merriquest
Minor Puppy (16, 4)  
1 Paterson’s Missy Elliot's at Phrenchy
Adorable 7½ month old blen. Such a cheeky face with lovely large dark eyes and good pigment. So well made with good angulation in upper arm and turn of stifle. Ideal size for a minor puppy. Moved well. One I would love to own.
2 Towse’s Miletree Jenifer (RAF)
Smart well marked tri with good tan in the right places. Pretty head with nice dark round eyes. Good length of neck, level topline and tailset. Moved well.
3 Crozier’s Korraines Amelia
Res Hawes’ Kersmere Bluebell
VHC Turnbull’s Peakdowns Paige
Puppy (26, 4)  
1 Boundy’s Rubyfield Fiddlesticks
Outstanding 11 month old black and tan with a gorgeous head with lovely eyes and expression. So well balanced, level topline and tailset and good angulation. Moved very soundly. Coming into a lovely silky coat that was beautifully presented. Should have a very bright future. Best Puppy in Show.
2 Goodwin’s Lanola Move Over Darling
Well marked 11 month old blen with an attractive head. Good length of neck, level topline with a good body shape and good balance. Moved well when settled. Nice size.
3 Dawber’s Vallender Marissa at Simanbeck
Res Butler’s Tamyse Trilby
VHC Towse’s Miletree Kiss And Tell
Junior (16, 7)  
1 Fox-Shone & Shone’s Ch Pamedna Touch of Fan-TC
Well mark Tri, coat in lovely condition. Very pretty head with nice dark eyes. Well made throughout with a good topline and tailset. Moved soundly.
2 Flower’s Anberan Tazoberry
Pretty black and tan who I have admired. Lovely head and eye expression. Spirit level topline with good angulation. Nicely presented - her coat gleamed. Moved well.
3 Boundy’s Rubyfield Fidget
Res Phillips’ Droleus Sheez Just Cruuzin
VHC Jones’ Timsar Miss B'Dazzlin
Yearling (17, 1)  
1 Bloomfield’s Oaklake Just Dreaming
Nicely presented tri with an attractive head and nice eyes. Good length of neck, level topline and good body shape. Moved and showed well.
2 Cragg’s Volney Hallowen with Aureus
Attractive well marked blen with a nice head and dark round eyes. Moved and showed well
3 Flower’s Anberan Ginger Truffle
Res O'Connor’s Abercree Dusky Maiden
VHC Hunter’s Spennithorne Just A Rose
Novice (19, 8)  
1 Li’s Avalcier Sakura JW
Heavier marked blen rich in colour. Nice head with dense pigment and large eyes. Good length of neck, level topline, good angulation. Moved and showed well.
2 Perry’s Rosemonde Shuai
Well made blen. Short coupled with a good depth of chest. Level topline, moved soundly.
3 Hughes’ Loranka's Magic Moments
Res Boardman’s Volney Daisy Belle
VHC Parker’s Clentview Chanel at Jordanic
Graduate (12, 2)  
1 Shrimpton’s Cobbets Honey Bee
Quality blen of an ideal size who is nicely marked. Pretty head with large dark round eyes. Good body shape, nice depth and good angulation. So well balanced provided a lovely outline. Moved and showed well.
2 Li’s Avalcier Liberty
Attractive headed blen with a nice expression. Good depth of body. Out of coat so not looking her best. Moved OK.
3 Richens’ Emarik Winter Jasmine
Res O'Connor’s Abercree Charlotte
VHC Dawson’s Willowtump Athelas at Luphenex
Post Graduate (8, 2)  
1 Turner’s Shalot Beguiled
Well made blen with a good lay of shoulder and level topline. Pretty head with nice eyes. Happy girl who moved and showed well.
2 Boardman’s Volney April Love
Very pretty blen who I have admired before. Lovely large dark eyes. Short coupled with a good depth of chest and good angulation. Moved well. On the day she was carrying too much weight which spoilt the overall picture.
3 Jones’ Wightisle She's Magic at Droleus
Res Barwell’s Charlottetown Valentine
VHC Stevens’ Kilnshena Idle Promise
Special Mid Limit Blen (6, 0)  
1 Butler’s Tamyse Delecia JW
Such a pretty blen of ideal size. Large dark expressive eyes and black pigment. Short cobby body with a good spring of rib and level topline and tail carriage. Well broken silky coat. Moved well. Considered her for top honours, she just did not pull out all the right stops at the end. Shame!!
2 Wheeler’s Homerbrent Bliss
Pretty blen, similar to 1. Nice dark expressive eyes and black pigment. Well made and moved soundly.
3 Perry’s Rosemonde Indulgence
Res Armitt’s Brasingamen Deep Opal
VHC Ballantine’s Middleshott Emma Sh CM
Special Mid Limit Tri (7, 3)  
1 Hughes’ Loranka's Magic Moments
Very nice youngster with well broken markings and bright tan. Sweet head and dark eyes. So well balanced and moved positively. With maturity has all the right attributes to join her successful family.
2 Bloomfield’s Juzandia Top Banana at Oaklake
Attractive head. Well made and in good coat with bright an markings. Moved and showed well.
3 Davies’ Larrcraig Celtic Charmer
Res Dawson’s Willowtump Athelas at Luphenex
Special Mid Limit Ruby (9, 3)  
1 Flower’s Anberan Ginger Truffle
Attractive head with nice eyes. Well made youngster with good angulation. Moved and showed well. Nice rich colour.
2 Cragg’s Sallcott Crescendo with Aureus
Pretty head with a nice body shape of an ideal size. Moved well.
3 Gray’s Trevricia Enchantment
Res Hubbard’s Popolulu Lady Ruby Tuesday
VHC Randle’s Bretam Burnt Gold
Special Mid Limit B/T (7, 2)  
1 Flower’s Anberan Tazoberry
See Junior
2 Boardman’s Volney Sarah
Nice type. Pretty head with large dark expressive eyes. Made well and moved soundly. Like her kennel mate carrying a touch too much weight.
3 Fry & Jackson’s Amantra Chambermaid
Res House’s Triciaville Beattie Boo
VHC Randle’s Bretam Black Satin 'N' Lace to Lisran
Limit (16, 5)  
1 Paterson’s Phrenchy Pollyanna
Superb blen, a real toy spaniel built on good lines with good angulation. Great reach of neck and lay of shoulder. Short coupled with a nice round rib and depth of chest. Good turn of stifle that gave her the drive from behind. With all that I could not resist her endearing face and expressive eyes. She was beautifully presented and showed well to the very end. I was pleased to award her the CC and RBIS
2 Martins, Jones & Player’s Rhybank Billie Jo
Pretty headed blen. Nicely marked with a good topline and angulation. Moved soundly and was well presented.
3 Bloomfield’s Oaklake Debbie Harry
Res Turner’s Shalot Beguiled
VHC Jones & Rance’s Droleus That's M'Evii between Wightisle
Open (6, 0)  
1 Claydon’s Ch Brymarden Moon River JW
Loved this blen as a puppy and now as a glamorous adult. Classic head with large dark expressive eyes and black pigment. Good body shape and depth. Moved so soundly and is in lovely condition as always from this kennel. RCC
2 Hughes’ Ch Loranka's Celebration Time
Very pretty blen with dark expressive eyes. Good length of neck and lay of shoulder. Short coby body which is so well balanced. Moved well.
3 Parker’s Ch Jordanic Lira
Res Hughes’ Ch Loranka's Star Surprise
VHC Shone’s Cobalatino Suga-Babe

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