West Of England Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
Limited Show - 23rd April 2006

Best In Show - Ttitian Puppeteer of Homerbrent JW Sh CM
Reserve Best In Show - Amantra Chambermaid
Best Opposite Sex - Amantra Chambermaid
Best Puppy - Amantra Golden Quest
Reserve Best Puppy - Charalier Cheek to Cheek
Dog Results Bitch Results

Dogs.   Mrs Ann Gill
I would like to thank the West of Eng CKCS Committee for inviting me to judge this well run and friendly show and for the Bristol blue glassware present which was beautiful, also the superb lunch provided.  I would like to extend my thanks to all the exhibitors for entering.  It was a privilege to judge their dogs and I was very fortunate in having some outstanding quality dogs for the top honours.
Best Dog Coaker's Ttitian Puppeteer of Homerbrent JW Sh CM
Res Best Dog Lewis’ Leelyn Bumble
Best Puppy Fry & Jackson's Amantra Golden Quest
Minor Puppy (4 entries, 2 absent)  
1 Fry & Jackson's Amantra Golden Quest
Quality 8 mth ruby, ideal size & bone, beautifully balanced presenting lovely outline standing & on the move.  Attractive head, dark eyes with soft expression, black pigment, moved very steadily for one so young keeping level topline, good tail carriage & nicely arched neck. Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy In Show
2 McQuaid’s Hilarny Dan Daley
More mature profusely coated well marked blen, pleasing head & expression, not as confident on the move as the winner in showing off his attributes.
Puppy (3, 2)  
1 Coaker’s Homerbrent Benedict
Well constructed blen with good spring of rib, attractive head, dark eyes & sweet expression, good pigment, well set ears, plenty of good textured coat, moved confidently, level topline.
Junior (8, 2)  
1 Greenhall’s Charlesworth Royal Comedy
Well bodied blen, pleasing overall shape, lovely head with short well cushioned muzzle, full coated, moved soundly, never stopped showing.
2 Fry & Jackson's Amantra Solid Gold
Less mature richly coloured ruby, well shaped body, preferred head of winner.
3 Walton’s Underknoll Reality.
Maiden (2, 1)  
1 Coles’ Twyforde Perseus
Up to size well marked blen with spot, good pigment, moved enthusiastically & never stopped wagging.
Novice (4, 1)  
1 Walton’s Underknoll Reality
Slightly longer cast well marked blen, pleasing expression, steady mover, level topline, good tail carriage.
2 Coles’ Twyforde Cor Leonis 
Tri, silky coat with bright tan markings, enthusiastic on the move.
3 Pack-Davison’s Gwentons Finlay with Verileas.
Graduate (1, 0)  
1 Coles’ Dark Mystique of Twyforde
Up to size tri, well broken markings, long ear leathers, rather fine in head.
Post Graduate (1, 0)  
1 Randle’s Bretam Black Jack
Larger bodied b/t with bright tan markings, plenty of coat & long ear leathers, dark eyes.
Special Limit B/T or Ruby (3, 1)  
1 Lewis’ Leelyn Bumble
Handsome b/t with plenty of straight silky textured coat & bright tan markings, correct size compact body, moved well.  Lovely head with round dark eyes well cushioned muzzle & soft expression.  Reserve Best Dog.
2 Randles’ Bretam Black Jack
See Post Graduate.
Special Limit Blen or Tri (5,1)  
1 Fry & Jackson's Amantra Robin Hood
Well made blen with plenty of coat & feathering, well broken markings, attractive head framed by long ear leathers, dark eyes & soft expression, moved well.
2 Dowd’s Tregarron Jordanaire
Compact body, nicely marked well coated tri, pleasing expression, happy showboy.
3 Loader’s Kettrice Oliver.
Open (9, 3)  
1 Coaker’s Ttitian Puppeteer of Homerbrent
Glamorous richly coloured ruby in full coat, well made body with good reach of neck, well angulated rear, attractive head with lovely dark round eyes giving gentle expression framed by well set ears, good pigment, moved soundly with plenty of drive, level topline. Never stopped showing. Best Dog & Best In Show.
2 Greenhall’s Charlesworth Royal Dazzled
Heavier marked blen with spot, well made body, attractive head & expression, good pigment.
3 Lewis’ Hurleaze Party Time.
Veteran Dog or Bitch (4, 3)  
1 Dowd’s Tregaron Dixie
8 yr old well broken blen dog, good neck & shoulder, never stopped showing & obviously enjoying his day out. Best Veteran in Show.

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Bitches   Mrs Ann Gill
Best Bitch Fry & Jackson's Amantra Chambermaid
Res Best Bitch Ward's Charalier Cheek to Cheek
Best Puppy Ward's Charalier Cheek to Cheek
Minor Puppy (7 entries, 3 absent)  
1 Norris’ Criscan Inquisitive
Mischievous little blen with well broken markings & spot, pleasing outline standing, good neck & shoulder, lovely dark eyes & sweet expression, full of herself on the move.
2 Shail’s Rossbonny Mariah
More mature tri, well bodied for age moved very steadily for a puppy with good topline & tail carriage.
3 Walton’s Underknoll Penny Lane.
Puppy (6, 1)  
1 Ward’s Charalier Cheek to Cheek
What a little gem beautiful blen bitch ideal size, well made body, pretty well proportioned head with lovely dark eyes & sweet expression, well coated, moved & showed well, completely in tune with her handler. Reserve Best Bitch, Best Puppy Bitch & Reserve Best Puppy in Show.
2 Coaker’s Homerbrent Tallulah
Less mature ruby, nice size & outline, moved well, level topline.
3 Norris’ Criscan Impudence.
Junior (8, 4)  
1 Walton’s Underknoll J’Adore
Blen with well broken markings, pleasing overall shape, well sprung rib, dark eyes, happy showgirl.
2 Dowd’s Tregarron My Good Luck Charm
Short-backed well marked tri with plenty of coat, well proportioned head, steady on the move.
3 Vass’ Gwenton’s Sweet Jasmin at Clauberry.
Maiden (8, 4)  
1 Greenhall’s Charlesworth Royal Duchess
Compact heavily marked tri, good spring of rib, pretty head with nice round eyes framed by well set ears, moved well with good tail carriage.
2 Dowd’s Tregarron Hawaiian Wedding
Very dark ruby, short bodied good neck & shoulder, lacking in coat.
3 Vass’ Gwentons Sweet Jasmin at Clauberry.
Novice (9, 5)  
1 Dowd’s Tregarron My Good Luck Charm
See Junior.
2 Champion’s Lankcombe Fantasy
Smaller lightly marked blen, pleasing head, lost her topline on the move.
3 White’s Whistle Down the Wind for Whimal.
Graduate (7, 5)  
1 Gray’s Trevricia Enchantment
Small feminine ruby, rich colour, well balanced body with good neck & shoulder, sweet head &  expression, moved & showed well keeping good topline.
2 Edmonstone’s Ashtelle Starshine at Simashka
Small well marked blen, also very feminine, plenty of soft silky coat, moved & showed well.
Post Graduate (8, 6)  
1 Greenhall’s Karabel Kameretta of Charlesworth
Well marked blen carrying a bit too much weight which rather spoilt her outline & movement, attractive head & lovely round dark eyes, showed well.
2 Perry’s Palmosa Let’s Party at Perricharm
Compact blen bitch, upright in shoulder, good pigment.
Special Limit B/T or Ruby (5, 0)  
1 Lewis’ Leelyn Dixie Boo
B/T with soft silky coat, ideal size & shape, pretty head with well set ear, moved well, good topline.
2 Dowd’s Tregarron Hawaiian Wedding
See Maiden.
3 Randle’s Bretam Burnt Gold.
Special Limit Blen or Tri (8, 2)  
1 Dowd’s Tregarron My Good Luck Charm
See Junior.
2 Cole’s Twyforde Gemini
Well broken tri, moved close behind, showed happily.
3 White’s Whistle Down the Wind for Whimal.
Open (4, 2)  
1 Fry & Jackson's Amantra Chambermaid
Quality b/t with plenty of coat and feathering, rich tan markings, compact well balanced body, lovely head with gorgeous eyes giving heart melting expression, moved well with level topline & good tail carriage, never stopped wagging. Reserve Best in Show & Best Opposite Sex.
2 Greenhall’s Charlesworth Royal Glitter
Slightly larger well constructed blen, dark eyes, moved soundly.
Special Open Welfare Dog or Bitch (6, 2)  
1 Fry & Jackson's Amantra Chambermaid
See Open bitch.
2 Greenhall’s Charlesworth Royal Glitter
See Open bitch.
3 Dowd’s Tregarron Dixie

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