Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
Championship Show - 3rd March 2007

Best In Show - Maibee Gentle Touch
Reserve Best In Show - Brymarden Montana JW

Best Opposite Sex - Brymarden Montana JW
Best Puppy - Pascavale Clarissa

Dog Results Bitch Results

Dogs.  Mrs A Rennard
I would like to thank exhibitors for the lovely entry and my two stewards Pam Graver and George Webster for their very efficient and cheerful work - they made my job so much easier. I must apologise for the lateness of this write up - it was three quarters written when my computer’s hard drive crashed, never to recover. I lost everything as well as the report.
The lovely entry meant that in some classes any one of a quarter of the dogs were capable of winning it. Frustrating for the exhibitors but super for the judge.
I was looking for a correctly sized, well balanced dog with good movement, and a happy temperament.
I realised early on that I was not going to get small, generally, without sacrificing bone and so concentrated on balance and style, taking small size when my other criteria were fulfilled. It was noticeable in the lower classes that it was particularly difficult to find exhibits which will not finish up coarse. I do think size needs to be addressed before the dogs all become too large again.
Good toplines and tailsets are rare and a lot of the dogs fell off in croup. In profile this gives an ugly dip particularly if the tail is carried gaily.
Eyes are generally not at their highest level – a lot could be larger and a great many did not have black pigment round the rim thus giving the eyes a weak appearance.. There were also a lot of runny eyes - these look worse if exhibitors powder them - they need to be thoroughly dry before they come into the ring.
This sounds carping – in general all the dogs placed had what I was looking for - the entry had a very great depth of quality and there were many beautiful dogs. Thank you to all the exhibitors for this.
Brymarden Montana JW
Beauella Radzinski JW
Best Puppy
Jones & Rance's
Tomnil Cream Of The Stars at Droleus
Minor Puppy (24 entries, 3 absent)  
1 Barnard's Toshina Martino
8 mth blen who won this class on maturity and he improved in showmanship as the class progressed. He has a very positive outline and a super quality look to his richly coloured coat. Head is attractive and just right for his age. Nice size and very well presented. Moved freely with good tail carriage. A very promising puppy.
2 Hughes' Loranka's Ignatius
Raw 6 mths blen who grew on me as the class went on. Very advantageously marked with plenty of coat for his age. He was well balanced and showed well for one so young. Sweet head and expression another full of promise.
3 Fry & Jackson's Amantra Burlesque
A little round blen, very chunky and together. Again well marked and right for his age. Head not as far forward as the two above but it will be nice.
Res Champion's Hillrows Rumour Has It at Lankcombe
VHC Grant's Granasil Kind of Magic
HC Armitage-Walker's Nyleve Playboy at Wirewood
Puppy (22, 5)  
1 Jones & Rance's Tomnil Cream Of The Stars at Droleus
11 mth blen Liked his size , shape and showmanship. He is very responsive to his handler and presents a very crisp outline. Well marked and moved positively carrying himself well and retaining a level topline. Very attractive head and sweet expression. In the challenge for best puppy the bitch had a better finish to her coat and he seems to be between coats. Nevertheless he impressed enough to be Best Puppy Dog and is a stunning puppy.
2 Li's Avalcier Nicholas
Well marked tricolour beautifully presented. Slightly larger than 1 but he has great quality and style. Sweet head and expression. A bit at the “legs and wings” stage but has plenty of promise. Good topline and outline. Very well balanced.
3 Name Withheld Name Withheld
Slightly rangy blen who is far from ready yet but won this place on his showmanship or was it on his owner’s handling? Whatever- he looked terrific in outline going round the ring.
Res Boardman's Volney Bonanza
VHC Towse's Miletree Elliot
HC Allerton's Deeriem Dandi Man
Junior (31, 4)  
1 Gardiner & Dansage's Edonhill Blaze Away JW
A tricolour who won this class on his expression and head. He has the most soft kind face set in a well marked head framed by beautiful long, thick ears. Very well presented and in lovely condition, his outline is enhanced by his coat texture. Balanced demeanour- going round the ring he moved with grace, showing his lovely topline and tail carriage. Well handled to show off his virtues.
2 Allerton's Cazarrah Tenyson for Deeriem
A Blenheim who was very close up to the winner. He has a sweet face and lovely black rimmed, dark, eyes. Balanced and moved very well. Good shoulders and lovely topline and tailset. Size larger than I was looking for but his qualities far outweighed this.
3 Rix & Berry's Ricksbury Royal Valour
Cobby blen of good type. Lovely outline and he showed very well. Super size. Preferred eyes and shoulders of the two above.
Res Koster's Harana Marley
VHC Inglis' Craigowl Battenburg
HC Wiggins' Whyteplace Alonso
Yearling (24, 3)  
1 Smith & Aldous' Ch Aranel Cosmic
A well marked, neat, blen of the size I was looking for. A very glamorous dog with a charming face and expressive eyes. His quality coat was an object lesson in presentation giving him a well defined outline and he looked good on the move. Super bone to go with his frame size. This is the toy spaniel type we should aim for and it was a pleasure to judge him.
2 Jones' Timsar Mister Moonlighter
A blen who was playing his handler up in the first part of the class. She managed to get his attention at the crucial moment though and allowed me to see his good construction and well made body. He moved well when he concentrated. Good head and expression-a promising dog.
3 North & Box's Jalesto Now Im Here
A ruby who imposed his presence as the class went on. He looks particularly good in profile movement with his super topline and good tailset in evidence.
Res Fox's Judyland Magical Touch
VHC Fisk's Rebhann Rebellion
HC Bidgood's Grantilley Take That
Sp Grad Blen (17, 1)  
1 Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Alfie
A neat little dog with the sort of head that appeals to me very much. Ideal make and shape with good construction. Beautiful outline and he moves well. Sympathetically handled and so well presented. In the challenge he looked immature and lacked panache but his time, as they say, will come.
2 Stanley's Stanhome Lord Of The Rings
A size larger boy with a most imposing and eye catching outline. Lovely head and face. Dense pigment. A dog with a great deal of panache who made his presence felt! He looked super on the move.
3 Bull's Ladash Bramble JW
Of typically classical make and shape, he would fit into any line up for his solid virtues and lack of any exaggeration.
Res Vella & Li's Avalcier Olivier of Cinderlace
VHC Hill & Webber's Montcolly Jonathon
HC McFarlane's Merryorth Monteith
Sp Grad Tri (13, 2)  
1 Town's Barsac Sadler's Wells JW
Exactly the size and type of cavalier I look for. Practically everything is what I searched for. Happy, happy showman, very free moving and giving his all for his handler. He behaved as though this was his idea of a good day out. Tail never still in his efforts to please his owner . Very well balanced and pleasing outline. A lovely dog.
2 Gardiner & Dansage's Edonhill Blaze Away JW
See Junior
3 Fry & Jackson's Amantra Ivanhoe
Stylish dog with a most pleasing face and richly coloured tan markings. Sound mover retaining a good level topline.
Res Tarabad's Khatibi Eamon High JW
VHC Coaker's Tregarron Expressive of Homerbrent
HC Firth's Lyndabelle Best Mate at Firnick
Sp Grad B/T (15, 4)  
1 Koster's Harana Johnny Cash
A very well balanced dog with a really nice head, lovely eyes and a very pragmatic demeanour- oh you want me to show like this –right I’ll do it for you, sort of approach. He isn’t yet ready but has plenty of promise and when he gets more coat underneath he will be in contention with his older kennelmate. Good size and a good mover.
2 Gardiner & Dansage's Edonhill Fiddlesticks
Small, very shiny little dog with a beautiful head and expression, who at first I thought was going to be my winner. Although he moved OK he was slightly fussy and flighty and somehow didn’t appear as calm and settled as Johnny Cash
3 Smith's Beaudale Fall From The Stars
A very small compact dog who showed very well. He moved well but sometimes appeared quite twee.
Res Lunham's Flossybrook Total Eclipse
VHC Pearce's Apollos Star
HC Lewis' Leelyn Bumble for Carletto
Sp Grad Ruby (14, 1)  
1 Pagan's Kimark Coming Home to Sorata
Dog who grew on me as the class went on . He began to show more steadily and I was able to see his lovely expression, good eyes (with black eye rims) his face is so kind and gentle. Square boy of good type and he moved well. Lovely outline and a very pleasing topline.
2 Smith's Beaudale Fields of Gold
Very similar head and expression to the one above. Both have the same gentle faces and are similar in size. Both move well too. Showed extremely well wagging his tail the whole time. Lovely type.
3 Boardman's Volney Gazpacho
Richly coloured, very sound dog who hadn’t such a gentle expression as the two above. Moved well though he would persist in roaching his topline on the move.
Res North & Box's Jalesto Now Im Here
VHC Newnes' Penquite Cinnamon
HC Ackroyd-Gibson's Toraylac Aodhan
Veteran (10, 2)  
1 Bidgood's Ch Grantilly Shadow Moon
Who won on his showmanship and general exuberance. At 7½ he looks as good as ever, being square and well put together with a good topline. Attractive head and outlook. He moved round the ring with great style and good carriage. A dog who must be fun to show.
2 Hughes' Ch Loranka's Celebration
7½ Instantly appeals for his clear cut markings and size. He showed well but without enthusiasm somehow. He is very well made and has a lovely head still. Moved well.
3 Philpott's Ch Royal Influence of Charterwood
10½ Very good for his age. Well constructed and went round the ring with verve.
Res Brooks & Irvine's Ch Shenlyn September Sexton
VHC Tarlton's Tomnil Cream Of The Glen
HC Greenhall's Charlesworth Pretty Smart
Post Grad (18, 2)  
1 Barwell's Charlottetown Motivator
Well made Blenheim whom I have liked since he was a puppy. His expression is exactly what I love about cavaliers- he has a very calm and serene outlook on life. Balanced outline and good markings including a spot. Showed well, wagged his tail and used his ears to advantage. Moved extremely well with good carriage.
2 Gillhespy's Lorphil Lyphard JW
Nice sized, well made Blenheim. Very well presented and his coat had a lovely texture and a rich colour. A very neat little dog. I would like slightly more head which would give a more masculine outlook- this is nit picking though as equally I wouldn’t like too heavy a head! Coat underneath growing well.
3 Gow's Lyncraeg Dream Angus
Another well made dog whose attitude I loved- he looked as though he was thoroughly enjoying himself. Again balanced clean cut outline and good movement.
Res Inglis' Craigowl Wylam
VHC Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Jamie JW
HC Mynott's Honeybet My Way
Mid Limit (9, 2)  
1 Coaker's Ttitian Puppeteer at Homebrent
Super coloured ruby with a very clean cut outline. Very attractive head and kind expression. Bang on topline well constructed and has a graceful demeanour. Willing showman, quietly and competently handled to show off his good points. A very masculine dog without being in any way coarse.
2 Koster's Dortmund Take A Chance Harana
B/T very close up to the winner. Happy, friendly temperament and he showed superbly. Well made and well balanced. He has a completely different head from the winner, masculine and equally attractive. Sweet expression. Well presented and handled.
3 Rogerson's Rabymar Apollo
A very well constructed B/T of lovely size and remarkably good shape. If only he showed some enthusiasm in the ring.
Res Pearce's Apollos Star
VHC Waller's Castlewytch Arizona Avec Jinjan
HC Hill's Becanna Barnaby
Limit (18, 2)  
1 Costello's Beauella Radzinski JW
A well made Blenheim who has been extremely unlucky not to be made up. Lovely type and correctly made, he has the most beautiful face. On the table he turned and looked at me with a gorgeous, interested expression, a thing I consider very important and which sometimes I can’t get my own dog to do! Very satisfying to go over and he was well presented and competently handled. He looked good in profile going round the ring and he has good ring presence. His coat gleamed. Res C.C.
2 Rix & Berry's Ellisana Crusader for Ricksbury
Blenheim whose construction and shoulders excel. Super outline and he moved with grace and freedom. He has a happy disposition and he wagged his tail throughout the class. Sweet head. Just the right amount of bone for his size. Good coat.
3 Allerton's Kavcay Magic Dream at Deeriem
Another sweet faced Blenheim, a size larger than the two above. Good make and shape and he moved well.
Res Inglis' Craigowl Ryton JW
VHC Angell's Charwelton Tate JW
HC Surman's Allrena About Turn to Vallender
Sp Open Under 18lb (9, 2)  
1 Coaker's Kinevor Curtis of Homebrent JW ShCM
Well marked, well coated Blenheim. Very appealing head and expression and a cheerful temperament. Smashing size and with all the right proportions and angles. He can play his owner up on the move and will persist in going too fast. Super pigment and black eye rims.
2 Vorderstrasse & Kirschbaum Rosscrea Diplomatic
Glamorously presented small Blenheim. Sweet face, but I wish he would use his ears more. Good pigment and black eye rims. He was somewhat rushed around the ring by his handler- it would be better to let him find his own pace.
3 Korn's Sandusk Monterey JW ShCM
Blenheim with good outline and topline. Solid but compact body and sweet face. Moved OK.
Res Knight & Johnston's Clockpelters The Pretender
VHC Bloice's Scotlass The Laird JW
HC Lewis' Hurleaze Party Time at Carleeto
Sp Open Bred By Exhibitor (4,1)  
1 Claydon's Brymarden Montana JW
Blenheim of classic make. Fantastic shoulders which seem to be let into his back about half way along his ruler straight topline. This coupled with a tail which comes off his croup without the ugly falling off so prevalent in a lot of cavaliers today. All this made for the sort of outline and shape I was looking for. He has real driving quarters- again lacking in a lot of dogs today. An utterly appealing face, expressive, huge, dark eyes (with jet black rims) and super pigment. Glamorous ears framed his sweet head. He sailed round the ring in complete harmony with his handler. This was a difficult class to judge although small numbers but I had no hesitation that this dog ticked all the boxes on my constructional wish list and had great pleasure in awarding him the C.C.
2 Bubb's Ch Wandris Entertainer
Much has been written about this dog and his record speaks for itself. Suffice to say that I have never seen him so well presented- he looked beautiful. He showed in his usual willing way for his adored handler. I thought today he lacked a bit of zest on the move. Lovely face and attractive head. A worthy champion.
3 Rix & Berry's Ricksbury Royal Escape
A well constructed Blenheim who was certainly not disgraced in this company. Showed well and was well presented. Preferred the head and expression of the two above.
Open (13, 2) A star studded class which took a bit of sorting out.
1 Baker & Park's Ch Keyingham Branwell
Nice sized Blenheim – again his record speaks for itself. Super shoulders and a beautiful topline and tailset. Flat straight coat in profusion. Something disturbed him in the ring and I saw his ears up giving another dimension to his charming head He showed with a great deal of verve and flamboyance and at one with his handler. Headed an impressive class of quality champions.
2 Hughes' Loranka's Enchanting JW
A smashing little tricolour, beautifully marked and with great clarity of markings. Very white, no ticking and extremely well presented. Loved his shape and construction. Delighful head and expression. He showed well today (sometimes I have seen him throw away his chances) and he really was close up to the winner. I just would have liked more coat at the back to give a better balanced appearance. Another dog I would have liked to have awarded the elusive third ticket.
3 Inglis' Ch Craigowl Billy Elliot
Another worthy champion. He also has the so desired (and these days so unusual) super topline and tailset. Attractive head and expression. Today his coat looked woolly and hadn’t the gloss I have seen him have in the past. Moved fluently even though his handler tends to jerk his lead a lot
Res Angell's Ch Charwelton Valentine
VHC Smith & Aldous' Ch Aranal Ballistic
HC Paloheimo & Quickstrom's FCI Int CH & Aust Ch Elvenhome Finlandia

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Bitches  Mrs P Sidgwick
I would like to start by thanking the Committee of the Club for first of all inviting me to judge at such a prestigious show, and also for the wonderful hospitality afforded to myself and Ian. A large entry awaited me, and I must at this point also thank my very efficient stewards Mr Richard Cornaby and Mr Roy Wilkinson, without whose help, I would not have been able to complete my task in the required time scales. This was a day I shall never forget, and I hope that everyone who attended got as much pleasure viewing the huge entry of quality exhibits present, as I did judging them. With an entry of such high standard, it was possible for me to find bitches close to my interpretation of the breed standard in every class. I took great pleasure in watching my final line up come into the ring, each deserving to be there and meeting the criteria I had been looking for on the day. As always I was looking for a Toy Spaniel, with the correct conformation to enable it to move soundly, yet still with the essential touch of elegance required in a Cavalier. With the huge puppy classes, many quality exhibits were unplaced, giving way to maturity in many cases, minor problems which may be overlooked in the future had to be considered, when such quality was present in others.
C.C. Water's Maibee Gentle Touch
R.C.C. Inglis' Craigowl Norah Batty
Best Puppy Levy & Sedwick's Pascavale Clarissa
Minor Puppy (47 entries, 15 absent)  
1 Levy & Sedwick's Pascavale Clarissa
Eye-catching youngster, who has that extra “something” which makes you look twice. She is a lovely size and balance, with promising head, large dark eyes, and good pigmentation, richly marked with clear white markings and the confidence and personality to carry her through. BPB. Still showing at the end of a long day my co-judge and I were pleased to award her Best Puppy in Show in complete agreement.
2 Town's Barsac Catania
A different type of bitch, yet still meeting all the requirements of the standard. Well coated, with promise of full, quality ears and lots of feathering, so mature for age. She appears to have a really laid back disposition, classic head with soft gentle expression from her large dark round eyes, well cushioned. Excels in neck and laid back shoulders, firm in topline with well sprung rib and strong well angulated rear quarters, which she uses to advantage on the move.
3 Stocks' Rosscrea Liberty Belle at Rebinya
A 7 month ruby bitch of good colour, like many wholecolours, very immature as yet, but I loved her head, dark eyes and pigmentation, just the right amount of bone for size, moved steadily.
Res Whitfield's Bevelmouint Delarosa
VHC Barker's Kaishmar Crazy Rhythm
HC Ackroyd-Gibson's Toralac Dizzy Delilah (NAF)
Puppy (40, 8)  
1 Smith & Aldous' Aranel Scrumptious
Compactly made blen bitch who handled well on the table, soft gentle expression to head, dark round eyes and excellent pigmentation, ample neck and laid back shoulders, level topline and firm well sprung body. Well coated for age, which was richly marked, long and silky. Thought she may have been my BPB but just lost her sparkle after a long day, never the less a quality puppy, who will have many more good days.
2 Hindle's Ricksbury Venus
Another who scores in head, she has the most gorgeous fully pigmented dark round eyes and dense nose pigmentation. She is a rich chestnut colour, slightly heavier marked than winner, with firm well constructed body. Moved steadily keeping a level topline.
3 Taylor's Aranel Romantic Rosscrea (NAF)
Loved this little bitch, but she was just lacking the maturity in body and head of the winners, given time I’m sure she will be able to challenge them for the top spots.
Res Blair's Lorphil Luna Lovegood Von Ollarbrook
VHC Barker's Kaishmar Canterbury Belle
HC Eyre's Ricksbury Copellia into Newroyds
Junior (42, 9)  
1 Boundy's Rubyfield Fiddlesticks
Love this b&t youngster, I short listed into the last 4 for the CC and feel she just needs a little more time, but I am sure her day will come. She is a super size with good bone, has the most gorgeous mouthwatering expression to her head, large dark appealing eyes, just the right balance to give a gentle expression, ample neck, firm well constructed body, with well sprung rib and good angulation. Her adult coat is coming through with long feathering and quality ears leathers to complete the picture.
2 Maclaine's Lochbuie Georgie
Blen, another who stole my heart, she excels in well broken, long silky coat, of a glorious rich colour. She has a lovely soft gentle expression, not overdone in any way, dark round expressive eyes and black pigmentation. On the move she strides out with a firm rear action and level topline, she was just a little unsure when standing on the day.
3 Hogan's Stavonga Phoebe
Not as mature in coat and finish as the winners, but made up for it with her strong movement which won her, her place. She is a good rich colour, with dark eyes and good pigmentation.
Res Coole's Jolainey Miss Millie
VHC Salisbury's Clopsville Camarillo
HC Flower's Anberan Tazoberry
Yearling (34, 6)  
1 Taylor's Rosscrea Summertime
A real Toy Spaniel, so feminine in the head, with her large dark round eyes and cushioned muzzle. Just needs a little more time to mature in body. Well coated, of good colour and texture, moved and showed well.
2 Sansom's Byermoor Queens Maid
Close up to winner, loved her firm well constructed body, good ribbing, level topline and strong rear quarters which she uses to advantage on the move. Super richly marked chestnut coat and excellent pigmentation.
3 Whitehead's Toshina Anna at Perbelle
Another close decision between this bitch and the lovely blen who stood 4th, both moved well, and were of the type which I was looking for, just felt that Anna had a slight edge, with her gorgeous large dark round eyes, so well cushioned, giving the desired soft melting expression.
Res Ward's Charalier Cheek to Cheek
VHC Barnard's Toshina Louisa
HC Costello's Beauella Nine To Five
Sp Grad Blen (20, 6)  
1 Rix & Berry's Ricksbury Royal Empress
Quality blen, super rich colour, soundly constructed, with good reach of neck and well laid back shoulders, firm in body with good spring of rib, well angulated rear quarters giving strong driving action on the move. Lovely head, correct flat skull, not too deep in stop, fabulous dark round expressive eyes. Presented a lovely outline standing.
2 Waters' Maibee Disenchanted (TAF)
Well broken blen bitch, square outline, with crested neck, well laid back shoulders, Good head qualities with lovely eyes, just not as positive on the move, or as mature as the winner.
3 Goodgame's Glynco Candy Girl
Well broken blen bitch, with gentle expression from her large dark round eyes, good pigmentation. Well made all through, moved & showed well, just unlucky to meet the winners.
Res Whitfield's Bevelmount Madelaine
VHC Bubb's Wandris Matinee
HC Kitching's Ixion Belphoebe
Sp Grad Tri (13, 4)  
1 Inglis' Craigowl Norah Batty
I had no hesitation in giving this lovely little bitch first in this class, loved her compactly made size, shape and balance, glorious head with classic markings, rich tan and clear white, perfectly even. She has gorgeous dark expressive eyes and just the right amount of balance to head to give soft gentle expression, so difficult to get right in the colour. Firm in body, with good rib, correct angulation to rear giving positive driving action on the move. Shows with real confidence and personality, immediately demanding attention. At 16 months she is not yet in full coat but I felt that she had all the essentials, and given time this will come. Res CC
2 Kerr's Kinvaar Kinky Boots
So unlucky to meet the winner, another tri with super head and classic markings, firm body with well sprung ribs, shown in full coat long and silky with plenty of feathering, just preferred the more compact appearance of winner.
3 Lovel's Craigowl Vivienne at Lovetrac
Loved the classic clear markings and rich tan of this little bitch, neat in size and ultra feminine all through, full of personality, one that cannot be overlooked.
Res Hughes' Loranka's Magic Moments
VHC Wiggins' Whyteplace Mi Amore
HC Day's Dapier September Morn
Sp Grad B/T (15, 1)  
1 Boundy's Rubyfield Fidget
When judging this little bitch she reminded me of the Junior winner, and on checking the catalogue later I see that they are sisters. Very similar in size and bone, similar head qualities, with the same gorgeous eyes. Not carrying as much coat as her sister on the day, but never the less two bitches to be proud of.
2 Stocks' Rebinya Maggie May
Pleasing size with good bone, lacking a little in coat, but what she had was straight and of silky in texture, with a glorious sheen, and rich tan markings. Gentle expression to head, from her large dark round eyes, good width to skull, pleasing neck & shoulders, moved and showed well.
3 Hill & Webber's Montcolly Bassey
Compactly made, excels in long silky coat, lovely size, balanced in outline, level topline, just preferred the slightly softer, more cushioned expression of winners.
Res Flower's Anberan Tazoberry
VHC Smith's Beaudale Goodnight Girl
HC Blackie & Knapp's Cridensa Georgette
Sp Grad Ruby (13, 3)  
1 Pagan's Kimark Mi Amiga of Sorata
Loved the soft gentle appearance of this feminine bitch. Most expressive dark eyes, well cushioned under, with just the right amount of width to skull and length of muzzle. Elegant neck, set on firm well constructed body, with just the right amount of bone for size, very sound on the move.
2 Whitfield's Alberica Focus On Red
Another quality bitch with pleasing head large dark eyes and good pigmentation, she strides out on the move, keeping a firm topline with good tail carriage, well coated of a good rich colour.
3 Sparrow's Tashmit The Next Generation
Although 3rd still a worthy winner, lovely size and balance to this bitch, correct bone, good neck and well laid back shoulders.
Res Fisk's Rebhann Argento
VHC Knapper's Leelyn Divine at Regensian
HC Gow & Workman's Ttitian Puppetry for Costara
Veteran (21, 6)  
1 Conneally's Ch Droleus That's M'Libbii at Coedgwylum
I judged this blen bitch as a youngster, but did not recognise her today, what a quality bitch she is, remarkable for her 10 years, still with good mouth, she has a glorious head with most soft gentle expression, so well cushioned, her large dark eyes still bright and sparkling. Showed happily, with a spring in her step, a very worthy winner of the Best Veteran award. Congratulations to her owners for keeping her in such excellent condition.
2 Ford's Tuppenlil Pizzicato
B&T of 8 years, not the thickness of coat of winner, which shows her outline better, well angulated all through with good neck and shoulders, super movement for age, delightful head, good width to skull and soft gentle expression.
3 Wheeler's Sharonaz Melody for Drumhaye
An old favourite, well broken blen with soft gentle expression to head, firm body with well sprung rib, just lost topline a little when standing, but still a lovely bitch.
Res Conneally's Coedgwylum Cola
VHC Sparrow's Simpatico Genesis for Tashmit
HC Rollins & Poundford's Poundroll Ffatal Charm
Post Grad (20, 6)  
1 Smith & Aldous' Aranel Electra
Well broken blen bitch of lovely size and shape, good coat, soft and silky. Soft expression to head with large dark round eyes, well cushioned, not too deep in stop, framed with long full ears. Moved and showed well.
2 Powell's Cloudcroft Cherokee
A close decision here, lovely outline standing, elegant neck and well laid back shoulders, firm well sprung body and good angulation all through. Classic head, with good width to flat skull, and full ears framing the face. Quality coat, well broken markings and plenty of feathering.
3 Li's Avalcier Liberty JW
Another quality bitch soundly made, who excels on the move, well broken coat of good rich colour, one who will always be in the cards.
Res Drewett's Rossbonny Serena Judyland
VHC Hogan's Stavonga Soft As Silk
HC Salisbury's Clopsville Gin Fizz
Mid Limit (17, 4) Heading a lovely class of quality bitches, any of the six placed here were worthy of winning.
1 Waters' Maibee Gentle Touch
I just loved this bitch from the moment she came into the ring, her size for me is ideal, with just the right amount of bone, She has a glorious head, so soft and gentle, dense pigmentation, large dark expressive eyes, so well cushioned, complete with long silky ears which frame her face. She is a super colour, richly marked, with contrasting pearly white markings. She is so well named, sporting in appearance, she shows with verve, yet has just that “touch of gentleness” about her so that there is no doubt she is a “Toy Spaniel” I was more than happy to award her the CC and proud to see her take Best in Show later in the day.
2 Pagan's Campanards Triple Rose
Super richly marked ruby, dense pigmentation to nose, correct width to skull, high ear set. Firm well constructed body with well sprung rib, she is a lovely size yet still with good bone, moved steadily with good tail carriage.
3 Hill & Webber's Montcolly Liccy
Glorious tri. Well broken with long silky coat, immaculately presented, although perhaps just too much length as this tends to hide her outline when standing. She has a beautiful head, not overdone, flat skull with good ear set, gorgeous melting expression to dark eyes, rich even tan markings.
Res Whitfield's Beauelle Kasino at Bevelmount
VHC Shail's Rossbonny Molly Malone
HC McFarlane's Merryorth Maeve
Limit (14, 3)  
1 Moulden's Forever Romance of Whitecroft
Surprisingly not such a strong class, but never the less I was more than happy with my winners. 5 year old tri bitch who belies her years, has the classic well broken markings with rich tan, feminine head, large dark eyes, well cushioned, good width to skull, lovely size with good bone, moved and showed well.
2 Martins, Jones & Player's Rhybank Billie Jo
A close decision again between these two bitches, well broken blen good head with broad flat skull, well cushioned muzzle, large dark eyes, lovely neck and shoulders, level in topline, moved and showed well.
3 Blackburn's Bekenveldt Waltzin Matilda
Loved her pretty head so gentle in expression with her large dark round eyes, good neck, laid back shoulders, well angulated all through, with good topline, moved soundly.
Res Williams' Kinvaar Knowing Johnasta
VHC Jones' Droleus That's M'Evii between Wightisle
HC Salisbury's Clopsville Missoula
Sp Open Under 18lb (11, 2)  
1 Taylor's Rosscrea Yours Truly
Another feminine bitch, type I have come to expect from this kennel. Lovely size, so pretty in the head, dark round eyes, not too deep in stop, just the right amount of muzzle and dark nose pigmentation., elegant neck and well laid back shoulders, moves and shows well.
2 Butler's Tamyse Delecia JW
Love this little bitch, one that cannot be overlooked, balanced in outline, with well sprung rib, compactly made, with prettiest of heads, appears to have a totally laid back attitude, standing four square, using her neck to show off her virtues to advantage.
3 Scott's Toscam Monte Lucia
Little blen bitch of 4 years, slightly longer cast than winners and not so strong in rear quarters, nevertheless she excels in head with melting expression, so soft and gentle, glorious eyes and correct balance, not too deep in stop.
Res Hughes' Ch Loranka's Star Surprise
VHC Richardson's Kringleholme Applause
HC Bull's Ladash Bryony
Sp Open Bred By Exhibitor (6, 3)  
1 Barker's Ch Kaismar Cara Mia Mine
I have watched this bitch from ringside many times and was delighted to be given the opportunity to handle her. As expected I wasn’t disappointed she excels in coat and finish, full ears with long feathering, a well broken blen, with classic head, so gentle, broad skull, large dark expressive eyes, so well cushioned. She has a firm, well sprung body with elegant neck, well laid back shoulders, correct angulation, moves with drive, a very worthy Ch.
2 Hurley's Lahume Montana Rose
Quality ruby bitch with good pigmentation, neat head, with flat skull, high ear set, loved her rich colour, firm well sprung body, with good angulation to rear quarters.
3 Bent's Pollybent Nancy Sinatra
At 6 years this black and tan b&t belies her years, firm body with good rib, well coated, moved steadily, unlucky to meet winners, should have a good career in veteran.
Open (9, 1)  
1 Fox-Shone's Ch Pamedna Touch of Fan-TC JW
Heading a wonderful class, quality tri, shown in perfect condition, her well broken long silky coat was gleaming, highlighted by rich tan markings. Soft gentle expression to head, not overdone in any way. I remember seeing her gaining a CC as a youngster and thinking “she’s not ready yet”, but today she was spot on. I short listed her into the last 4 for the CC, had I been able to award more CC’s she certainly would have been included. A worthy Champion and one to be proud of.
2 Homes' Ch Leogem Minuet
Blen I have admired from ringside many times, she is a lovely size, with soft gentle expression to head, large dark eyes, framed by gorgeous full quality ears.
3 Claydon's Ch Brymarden Moon River JW
Another worthy Ch, she has the most mouth -watering expression to her head, large dark round eyes, so well cushioned, and dense pigmentation which enhances the expression. Firm well sprung body, she moves soundly with driving rear action.
Res Levy & Sedwick's Ch Pascavale Krystle JW
VHC Sansom's Byermoor Queens English
HC Jones' Wightisle Moonbeam Between Droleus

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