Midland Counties Canine Society
Championship Show - 28th October 2007

Best of Breed - Ch Brymarden Montana JW
Best Opposite Sex - Campanards Triple Rose at Sorata
Best Puppy - Duty Free of Choya

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Dogs.  Mr P Follows
Having not been to a show for about eighteen months it was refreshing not to have seen the vast majority of the dogs under me. I mentioned last time the increasing practice of walking the dogs on a tight terrier like lead. It does nothing for a Cavalier’s flowing free movement and often upsets the dogs front action, some exhibitors may want to hide the front action, forget it a trained eye can see or feel it anyway. It was not so evident today but it still happens. Please train your dogs on a loose lead.
Heavy shoulders, short necks and lightish eyes were my observations today. The first two do not allow the graceful flowing action that is so lovely to watch and stands out in the ring above all others when all moving together. The lighter eyes also spoil the soft expression our breed is loved for among other attributes so don’t ruin it show goers and breeders. Nearly all my full line up’s were able to demonstrate what I consider is true type and also be able to move correctly. Thank you for the sporting way you received my decisions. In the final challenge for Best of breed I loved the Ruby girl she was so sweet, feminine and soundness in abundance with stunning colouring. My co judge Mrs.Virginia Barwell who found such a lovely worthy bitch winner agreed the dog had the edge today.
Claydon's Ch Brymarden Montana JW
Bubb's Ch Wandris Entertainer JW
Best Puppy
Banks' Duty Free of Choya
Minor Puppy (13 Entries 1 Absent)  
1 Gillhespy’s Lorphil Last Dancer
Just six months this tri with his bright tan markings, he had a lovely solid little body, nice neck, well ribbed, compact and cobby. Lovely large dark eyes with a head of great potential. Moved so very well with a nice topline and really drove from his hocks. He should give his owner a lot of pleasure.
2 Rhodes’ Cinderlace Monte for Calonlan
Blen of 7½ months with spot. Well formed body, good angulation and construction. Good neck shape. Nice eyes and head shape but needs to use his expression more to show his attributes off to advantage, moved well with level topline.
3 Inglis’ Craigowl Santana
Tri, slightly longer in body shape, lovely eyes, superb neck and body qualities, moved and showed well.
Res Hughes’ Loranka's Just Like Heaven
VHC Waters’ Lanola Santana
Puppy (19, 4)  
1 Banks’ Duty Free of Choya
Stunning Tri with lovely head shape,superb large dark eyes of correct shape, blackest pigment giving the softest expression. So soundly put together, sound in bone, well muscled, plenty of angulation and so well balanced throughout. All this covered in the most striking clear markings for a tri. With these attributes he had to move well and he did with great panache. A joy to watch. Finally pipped 2nd on his balance and presence. He has a very bright future; I shall watch his progress with interest. BEST PUPPY DOG and with my co-judge’s full agreement BEST PUPPY
2 Knight’s Carolus Tommy Atkins
This Blen caught my eye with his lovely head and body shape. Darkest of eyes, well proportioned cushioned head with spot. Nicely balanced and ribbed up he moved beautifully sound and true. He needs to put on a bit more weight to finish the picture but here is another boy with a bright future.
3 Hill & Webber’s Montcolly Bowie
A bit of star dusting on this Ruby boy too, very charming lovely temperament, good head shape with plenty of cushioning, large dark eyes. So soundly put together, good angulation moved freely showing correct topline and tail carriage.
Res Inglis’ Craigowl Crusoe
VHC Vella’s Cinderlace Rodrigo
Junior (22, 3)  
1 Allerton’s Deeriem Dandi Man
A classic headed Blen boy of pleasing shape with good cushion, the loveliest of eyes, excellent pigment producing the softest expression in the class. Good body qualities, soundly constructed, good bone and really used his fore and aft quarters to move so feely around the ring with ease. Lighter in colouring coat was in superb condition. A happy lad who obviously loves to show himself off which he did today in abundance.
2 Boardman’s Volney Bonanza
The best black and tan here today, lovely head of attractive shape with darkest of eyes that are so important giving him a lovely expression. Good neck and shoulder placements, sound in bone, moved very well showing a level topline and correct tail carriage. His coat was in superb condition to complete the picture.
3 Hughes’ Loranka's Aramis
Lovely shaped head, nicely cushioned, good ear settings. Pleasing construction, had nothing to hide with a lovely outline, not quite as animated as above but a quality boy.
Res Fenton’s Bevelmount Schumacher
VHC Royce’s Leelyn Harvey at Rucazan
Yearling (14, 3)  
1 Gardiner & Dansage’s Edonhill Blaze Away JW
A classic striking Tri boy, beautifully shaped head, darkest liquid eyes, good ear set. He has a lovely soft expression. Excellent reach of neck. Well laid shoulders, firm in loin and good turn of stifle, Moved effortlessly around the ring with his bright clear markings completing the picture.
2 Hubbard’s Popolulu Dazzling Dempster JW
Another lovely boy, Blen this time with spot. Nicely shaped head but would prefer a shade darker eye but with his other qualities he deserved his placing. So sound in body which showed in his movement which was free and flowing holding a lovely topline and tail carriage.
3 Koster’s Harana Manilow
An old fashioned Ruby head, lovely eyes, pigment was a tad off today but his compact body, soundness in construction, well ribbed, well balanced and his free sound movement won him his place.
Res Royce’s Leelyn Harvey at Rucazan
VHC Tarlton’s Tomnil Phantom Cream
Maiden (10, 2)  
1 Knight’s Carolus Tommy Atkins
See Puppy
2 Royce’s Leelyn Harvey at Rucazan
I liked this B&T boy a lot, lovely head, good dark eyes, sound in body, coat in very good condition. He moved well but needs to liven himself up to make the most of his qualities.
3 Grant’s Granasil Dr Pepper
Ruby, lovely head and eye, well cushioned. He has a compact cobby body and moved well but needs to concentrate on the job in hand. Beautiful coat colour and condition.
Res Thomas & Bartlett’s Korolevsky Ludovic
VHC Bull’s Craigowl Boss
Post Graduate (28, 5)  
1 Hawes’ Kersmere Rhapsody
Quality headed Blen of good shape, he has a head that’s striking and shouts look at me. Large correctly shaped darkest of eyes, good reach of neck and shoulders. Such a soundly put together dog displaying a great balanced shape. Well broken coat colouring, moved soundly around the ring displaying just how a balanced sound dog can move, it was superb. A quality dog through and through.
2 Godwin’s Cavaliegh Christian
Another lovely Blen which I see the winner came from this kennel’s breeding. Good head with spot, again lovely dark eyes. Flowing construction, lovely reach of neck nice arch let into well laid back shoulders. Good rear quarters with plenty of angulation in hard muscle condition. Solid driving movement a lesson for many here today.
3 Biggs’ Korolevsky Faberge Kellorian JW
Classy headed Blen of great shape and style. Dark eyes, good ear placement that he used to good effect. Sound in body with effortless movement and a lively showman as well.
Res Allerton’s Cazarrah Tennyson for Deeriem JW
VHC Gardiner & Dansage’s Edonhill Fiddlesticks
Limit (23, 4)  
1 Inglis’ Craigowl Ryton JW
Tri of great quality, lovely head nicely shaped and cushioned, superb dark eyes of correct shape, jet pigment giving soft expression. Table inspection just added to his attributes. Lovely arched neck shoulders and firm withers, plenty of muscle in nice hard condition. Movement was solid and effortless around the ring even though his coat was a bit on the wisp you could see a fine pair of hocks driving him. He was a little unsettled at times but his quality shone through.
2 Banks’ Pamedna Cotton Sox at Choya
Blen very attractive head, good shape, darkest liquid black eyes, his straight coat showed off clearly his construction to advantage which was sound throughout. So well balances and drove around the ring showing solid positive correct movement. The straight coat is not something that appeals to me I do like a little wave and maybe a few shades darker in colour but I could not deny him his place for his overall attributes. Quality.
3 Li’s Avalcier Manhattan JW
Another quality Blen with attractive head and lovely expression when he wants to use it. Soundly put together well proportioned and moved so well. A solid honest boy.
Res Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Jamie JW
VHC Egan’s Robrook Lewis Caroll ShCM
Open (12, 2)  
1 Claydon’s Ch Brymarden Montana JW
This Blen just oozes quality. He stands four square all the time yet has the attributes that draw your eyes to him. Classic shaped head with the darkest of eyes and correct ear placements. Lovely arched neck let into good shoulders, your hands just glide from neck to ribs and loin and you know you have a dog of soundness and quality under you, no need to look you can feel it, your have to stop yourself lingering to appreciate the few who have that quality. Movement was solid and driving and covered the ground with effortless ease. A very confident happy shower which seeing he is already a champion still imbues freshness in his persona. CC and with my co-judge who I was delighted to judge with, we agreed he should be BOB. The Ruby lady who was so feminine and pretty was also sheer quality and was a very worthy runner up, I enjoyed going over her.
2 Bubb’s Ch Wandris Entertainer JW
What can be said of this boy, I gave him a RCC more than three years ago at the start of his quest for greatness, having to give way to his father on the day. I have followed his career and he has given his owner so much deserved pleasure. His qualities are top draw throughout, classic stunning head and soundness? No question, Type to strive for? Certainly, Temperament? So giving, a sweet boy. Quality Quality Quality but today had to give way to a dog on fire! RCC
3 Baker & Park’s Ch Keyingham Branwell
Another classic Blen boy who needs no further comment from me. He epitomises what I look for in a Cavalier, he is as one with his handler. A truly great dog and a pleasure to go over.
Res Costello’s Ch Beauella Radzinski JW
VHC Lymer & Scheidt’s Lymrey Hi Command

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Bitches Mrs V Barwell
Lovely entry of quality stock which spells well for the future of our breed. In general presentation was excellent, however, a number of relatively young bitches needed their teeth cleaning, My co-judge & I were in complete agreement with BOB & BP
CC Pagan's Campanards Triple Rose at Sorata
RCC Rix & Berry's Ricksbury Royal Empress JW
Best Puppy Robertson's Barenton Masquerade
Minor Puppy (22 Entries, 2 Absent)  
1 Sedgbeer’s Russmic Scarlet Rose
Super ruby, young lady, pretty feminine head, excellent pigmentation, dark eyes. Seemed determined to leave the ring but eventually was prevailed upon to move which she did correctly in both directions. Good shoulder lay, nice spring of ribs & good hind angulation, early days but she looks very promising.
2 Sharratt’s Dunadrob May Be This Time
Tri, prettily & correctly marked, good facial expression, quality tan in all the right places, nice size & type, moved well. Perhaps could be a touch more animated.
3 Taylor’s Rosscrea Gaceland
Res Goodwin’s Lanola Sabrosa
VHC Claydon’s Brymarden Moon Magic
Puppy (21, 5)  
1 Robertson’s Barenton Masquerade
Blen young lady full of promise, good head, earset, dark eyes, neck flowed into nice shoulder placement, tailset on correctly, good stylish mover with happy disposition & stands foursquare when required. BPB.
2 Elkin’s Triodan Tempting Tara
Blen not unsimiliar to 1, good head, dark eye, excellent neck flow to shoulder, nice hind angulation, movement positive & correct.
3 Koster’s Dortmund Delyla Harana
Res Ireland-Cooke’s Charnell Mimic
VHC Ireland-Cooke’s Charnell Frolic
Junior (20, 1)  
1 Town’s Barsac Catania
Blen, won this class really on outstanding movement, feminine head, dark eye, good shoulder lay, spring of rib, well coated for one so young. Would like her a touch richer in colour.
2 Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Clarissa JW
Very different type to 1 & lots to like about her, not least her richness of colour, sweet head, earset & pigment. Eyes seemed almost too big for her face. Nice short back & moved well.
3 Hindle’s Ricksbury Venus to Ellisiana
Res Rennard’s Deranmar Francesca
VHC Godwin’s Cavaliegh Melody
Yearling (22, 4)  
1 Inglis’ Craigowl Norah Batty
Tri, lucky to win her class, she was such a madam. Pretty head, dark eye, good depth of tan, nice cobby frame, moved truly when she gave her mind to the job.
2 Pagan’s Sorata Sophie Tucker
Ruby, pretty head & excellent pigment. Slightly between coats. Well made through her good shoulder placement, neat hocks & excellent movement.
3 Boundy’s Rubyfield Fiddlesticks
Res Hindle’s Ricksbury Venus to Ellisiana
VHC Antoniazzi’s Clentview J'Adore at Littlemeads
Maiden (19, 2) - Bitch  
1 Hogan’s Ricksbury Royal Promise for Stavonga
Blen, well mature for one so young, classical head & expression, dark eye, nice reach of neck, good depth throughout body, moved true & in good coat & condition.
2 Bayliss’ Brasingamen Ice Mountain TAF
B/T, lovely head & cushioned foreface, dark eyes & very gentle expression, plenty of coat & condition & moved with verve.
3 Barker’s Kaishmar Crazy Rythym
Res Lewis’ Daraste Amazing Grace
VHC Sedgbeer’s Sorata Ashleen
Post Graduate (20, 4)  
1 Sheilds’ Broganzor Dream On
Blen, sweet feminine head, good eye colour & set on ears, nice reach of neck, good spring of ribs & hind angulation, lovely type to show as she’s putting it all in for her handier, excellent coat & condition.
2 Eyre’s Newroyds Count On Me
Blen, lovely head shape, good eyes, coveted lozenge, excellent shoulder placement & turn of stifle, moved well.
3 Goodwin’s Lanola Move Over Darling
Res North & Box’s Jalesto Dont Stop Me Now
VHC Mynott’s Honeybet Just Magic
Limit (19, 3)  
1 Pagan’s Campanards Triple Rose at Sorata
Ruby, took my eye immediately, pretty head, darkest of eyes, correct under eye fill, arched neck flowing into laid back shoulders, good ribs, plenty of heart room, level back & tail extension carried to perfection on the move, which was effortless & correct, good rich colour & excellent condition, a real showstopper. CC, her 3rd.
2 Rix & Berry’s Ricksbury Royal Empress JW
Blen, lovely young lady, full of quality & type, pretty head, dark eye, framed by full ears, great pigment, moved really well in both directions, great head carriage on the move displaying dignity & elegance. RCC.
3 Mann’s Toshini Giovanna at Lyndabelle
Res Taylor’s Rosscrea Yours Truly
VHC Boardman’s Volney April Love
Open (7, 1)  
1 Claydon’s Ch Brymarden Moon River JW
Blen in great form, sweet head & expression, lovely lay of shoulder, moved like a dream. Just between coats, litter sister to BOB.
2 Fox-Shone’s Ch Pamedna Touch Of Fan-TC JW
Tri so strikingly marked, pretty shaped head, good depth of tan, nice compact body & turn of stifle, moved truly & effortlessly.
3 Goodwion’s Ch Lanola Salsa JW ShCM
Res Lymer & Scheidt’s Lymrey Sweet Memories
VHC Hill & Webber’s Ch Montcolly Liccy
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