Championship Show - 7th September 2007

Best of Breed - Ch Wandris Entertainer
Best Opposite Sex - Ch Leogem Minuet JW
Best Puppy - Daraste Amazing Grace

Dog Results Bitch Results
Dogs. Mrs C Jenkins
CC Bubb's Ch Wandris Entertainer JW
RCC Vella & Li's Avalcier Olivier of Cinderlace
Best Puppy Bank's Duty Bound For Choya
Veteran No Entries  
Minor Puppy (16 Entries 4 Absent)  
1 Blackburn’s Bekenveldt Serge Diaghilev
7 months well broken Blen in good coat, well developed for age, good head with soft expression, large round dark eyes, well cushioned foreface, ears well set & well feathered, good lay of shoulder, straight front & level topline, well angulated rear, moved with confidence for one so young.
2 Jones & Rance’s Droleus In It To Win It
6 months Blen, well broken coat, just a shade lighter than 1, nice head, large dark expressive eyes, good front & reach of neck, level topline, correct tail carriage, moved well.
3 Armitage-Walker’s Nyleve South Sea Star of Wirewood
Res Hughes’ Loranka's Just Like Heaven
VHC Fry & Jackson’s Amantra Prince Of Thieves
Puppy (16, 1)  
1 Banks’ Duty Bound For Choya
Well broken 9 months Tri, well broken with rich tan markings, very mature & confident young man, nicely shaped head with soft typical expression, large dark eyes with ample cushioning underneath, good dentition, flat skull with well placed ears, good neck & shoulders flowing into short coupled body, correct tailset held well on the move, moved happily. BPD.
2 Hughes’ Loranka's Aramis
11 months heavier marked Blen, pleasing head, large dark eyes, nice expression, good earset with plenty of feathering, good neck & shoulders, level topline held standing & on the move.
3 Vella’s Cinderlace Rodrigo
Res Steel’s Behabre Sheer Obsession
VHC Craig’s Aldachell The Traveller
Junior (13, 2)  
1 Jones & Rance’s Tomnil Cream Of The Stars at Droleus JW
Eye-catching well broken Blen, such an appealing expression with large round dark eyes, well placed ears, correct length of neck, good front & shoulders, compact body level topline with good rear angulation giving flowing movement, beautifully presented.
2 Boardman’s Volney Bonanza
Lovely long silky coat with clear rich tan, such an appealing expression, large dark eyes, well set ears with plenty of feathering, good dentition, very well constructed compact young man. Behaving badly for his owner. On a good day I am sure he will trouble the best.
3 Fry & Jackson’s Amantra Vaudeville
Res Name Withheld Name Withheld
VHC Bull’s Craigowl Boss
Yearling (9, 1)  
1 Smith’s Beaudale Fields Of Gold
Small compact well coated Ruby with excellent pigment, masculine head, lovely large dark eyes giving soft expression, well cushioned under eyes, full high well set ears framing his face, well placed shoulders, good neck fitting into short coupled body neat well angulated hindquarters, moved well with good tail carriage.
2 Lowe’s Alawago Diamond Remy
Smart B/T with typical gentle expression, dark well shaped eyes, good length muzzle, good ears set well framing his face, rich tan markings, good front, neck & shoulders, moved with confidence holding level topline & correct tail carriage.
3 Hubbard’s Popolulu Dazzling Dempster
Res Champion’s Hillrows Rumour Has It at Lankcombe
VHC Lunam’s Malanis Mystic Moment
Graduate (11, 2)  
1 Allerton’s Cazarrah Tennyson for Deeriem JW
Very glamorous well broken Blen in good coat, large dark eyes giving soft classic expression, excellent pigment, well set ears with plenty of feathering, arched neck fitting into well made body, sound construction throughout, good topline & tailset, steady movement covering ground.
2 Name Withheld Name Withheld
Flashy well broken Tri with such an appealing head, gentle expression, lovely dark eyes, long well feathered ears framing well cushioned face, lovely neck, clean outline, moved smoothly with good drive when settled.
3 Bull’s Ladash Bramble JW ShCM
Res Craig’s Milkeyn Sheer Star of Aldachell
VHC Joyce’s Tanmerack Na'then Lad for Myotabad
Post Graduate (13, 2)  
1 Vella & Li’s Avalcier Olivier of Cinderlace
This well broken glamorous Blen caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring, commanding attention, lovely head type with well set ears, large round dark eyes & ample cushioning giving that melting expression, excellent reach of neck flowing into well angulated shoulders, firm muscular body with nicely sprung ribs, level topline, good tailset & tail carried correctly, very stylish on the move covering ground with reach in front & drive at rear, presented to perfection, let’s hope this is the start of a bright future. RCC.
2 Hedger’s Khatibi Tiger Tim at Alrewic
Well broken Tri with rich tan markings, very pleasing head, lovely dark eyes giving soft expression, well feathered nicely set ears, good front, neck & shoulders, well sprung ribs, good topline & tailset held standing & on the move.
3 Godwin’s Cavaleigh Christian
Res Boyd & Carter’s Kinvaar Addict
VHC Lister’s Cachevell Dance In My Shadow
Mid Limit (13, 2)  
1 Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Bruce
Small compact well bodied young Tri, clean white blaze highlighting large round dark eyes giving lovely masculine expression, straight front, good reach of neck, well angulated shoulders & short coupled back, moved well with good tailset, well presented as always from this kennel.
2 Rix & Berry’s Ricksbury Royal Valour
Heavier marked Blen full of quality, lovely head, large dark eyes giving correct expression, compact well made body, topline & tailset held correctly at all times, free movement.
3 Shone’s Cobalatino Candy Man
Res Hunter’s Spennithorne Justin Thyme ShCM
VHC Steel’s Behabre Burberry Touch
Limit (13, 5)  
1 Hughes’ Loranka's Enchanting JW
Handsome headed all male Tri, lovely head with melting expression, proud head carriage, well arched neck, good shoulder placement, well sprung ribcage, sound well made hindquarters used to advantage on the move, long soft gleaming coat of good length with rich tan markings.
2 Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Jamie JW
Another lovely dog from this kennel, very eye-catching young man with lovely soft expression, very large dark eyes, well shaped flat skull with well set ears, excellent pigmentation, good neck flowing Into cobby body, well constructed throughout hence his excellent movement.
3 Banks’ Pamedna Cotton Sox at Choya
Res Li’s Avalcier Manhattan JW
VHC Joyce’s Tanmerack Na'then Lad for Myotabad
Open (4, 1)  
1 Bubb’s Ch Wandris Entertainer JW
Exemplifies all I was looking for in a Cavalier, masculine head, large dark expressive eyes, high set ears with ample feathering, head carried proudly on good reach of neck flowing into well laid shoulders, nicely sprung ribs, good angulation on hindquarters, in full well broken long silky coat of excellent condition, moved confidently with style, did not put a foot wrong. CC & with the agreement of my co-judge BOB, G4.
2 Costello’s Ch Beauella Radzinski JW
Very similar type to 1, lovely headed Blen in good coat, masculine head with large dark eyes giving lovely expression, soundly made throughout, level topline & correct tail carriage, moved well.
3 Lymer & Scheidt’s Lymrey Hi Command JW
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Bitches Mrs K Sandlan
CC Homes' Ch Leogem Minuet JW
RCC Rix & Berry's Ricksbury Royal Empress
Best Puppy Lewis' Daraste Amazing Grace
Veteran (6 Entries 2 Absent)  
1 Glen’s Sandbrae Atomic Blue
9 years B/T, large eye, soft expression, reachy neck, nicely angulated shoulder, level topline, moved soundly, in lovely condition, sporting a well presented coat with good tan.
2 Underwood’s Vanmarlen Cherry Blossom for Neddaow
11 years, wealth of coat, in excellent condition, moved out well, though as one may expect not quite as positive as 1, showed well.
3 Hankey’s Whyteplace Feather Duster
Res Hollamby’s Leelyn Peggy Sue at Tamcinia
Minor Puppy (18, 3)  
1 Taylor’s Rosscrea Graceland
6 months well marked blen of rich colour with a stamp of quality, lovely head with dreamy expression & stunning pigmentation, super neck, good rib & topline. Would prefer to see her move on a slightly looser lead. Beautifully presented, stood & showed like a veteran.
2 Ireland-Cooke’s Charnell Mimic
Many of the previous remarks apply, extremely pretty puppy, lovely expression & pigment, though not the finish of 1. Good neck & shoulder, another youngster who showed well.
3 Stevens & Moffat’s Milkeyn Minnie Pearl
Res Knight’s Carolus Little Madam
VHC Robertson’s Barenton Masquerade
Puppy (16, 3)  
1 Lewis’ Daraste Amazing Grace
Feminine blen, of good type, pretty head, good earset, large dark eye, jet pigment, built on flowing lines with first rate neck & shoulder, well made & balanced throughout which was reflected in her elegant & positive movement. Just right for size, classically marked coat, in tip-top condition. BP.
2 Hogan’s Ricksbury Royal Promise for Stavonga
Nice for type, lovely expression, large round eye, soundly made, level topline, moved & showed well. Just a size up from 1.
3 Rennard’s Deranmar Francesca
Res Costello’s Beauella Fizz
VHC Hull’s Telvara Kreme D'Menthe
Junior (22, 3) Spoilt for choice in this lovely class, the first five all deserving of a red card.
1 Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Clarissa
Quality bitch, dreamy head & expression, super pigment, lovely size & shape, beautifully balanced, short coupled, good stifle, driving from well let down hocks, commanded attention on entering the ring & presented in pristine condition, well marked coat of rich colour, sound, good neck & topline, pulled out in my final four but unfortunately was somewhat distracted.
2 Lewis’ Daraste Bethany
Litter sister to BP & it showed, quality feminine puppy. Not as positive in movement.
3 Waddington’s Spindlepoint Babich
Res Attwood’s Clentview Paris
VHC Godwin’s Cavaliegh Melody
Yearling (15, 6)  
1 Boundy’s Rubyfield Fiddlesticks
Eyecatching B/T, lovely head, large dark eye, beautifully made, moved soundly, excellent coat, extrovert showgirl, pulled out in the final four but not as careful with her topline in the challenge.
2 Williams’ Clentview Miss Dior Sancana JW ShCM
Daintier in build, lovely head with well set ear & dark eye giving a soft expression, very feminine, good balance. Not the finish or positive in rear movement of 1.
3 Steel’s Behabre Burberry Brit
Res Norris’ Criscan Inquisitive
VHC Allitt’s Rosscrea Heaven Sent to Tillashby
Graduate (11, 1)  
1 Taylor’s Rosscrea Summertime
Small feminine bitch, in excellent coat. compact body, level topline, moved well. A little reluctant to use her ears.
2 Shrimpton’s Cobbets Dizzy Doris
Pushed 1 hard, pretty bitch with lozenge, well made a sound in movement, clear cut markings. Richer chestnut than 1 but not the finish of coat. Beautifully presented.
3 Hunter’s Spennithorne Just A Rose
Res Mynott’s Honeybet Just Magic
VHC Cragg’s Volney Halloween with Aureus
Post Graduate (15, 6)  
1 Shrimpton’s Cobbets Honey Bee
Lovely size blen, not just a pretty face, soft expression, well set on ear, dark round eye, sound moving, never put a foot wrong, showed well.
2 Phillips’ Droleus Sheez Just Cruuzin at Tillymist
Ultra feminine blen with plenty of wag, super earset, wealth of well marked good quality coat, nicely presented, dark eye. Would have preferred darker tan.
3 Glen’s Sandbrae Rhapsody In Blue
Res Knight’s Carolus Lucretia
VHC Cragg’s Volney Halloween with Aureus
Mid Limit (8, 3) All differing types in this class.
1 Mynott’s Honeybet Hot Rosie Lee
Pretty blen, huge dark eyes, went well both ways, level topline, good rib, correct outlook, well marked & beautifully presented. Alert in outlook, used her ears to advantage.
2 Hogan’s Stavonga Soft As Silk
Blen with limpid dark eye & good earset, lovely neck, topline & rib, moved soundly, not giving her all.
3 Williams’ Ravenanne Dark Reflection of Sancana
Res Barraclough’s Juette Tigerlily
VHC Toby-White’s Ebony Ellarosa for Regaldeni
Limit (15, 5)  
1 Rix & Berry’s Ricksbury Royal Empress
Lovely type, classic head, good earset, gentlest of expressions, super pigment, well off for neck, good lay of shoulder, kept level topline, good stifle, short & compact. The type, size & shape I was looking for. RCC.
2 Butler’s Tamyse Delecia JW
Similar in type to 1 & many of the same remarks apply but not the depth of colour, Soft expression, well marked coat of good texture.
3 Glen’s Sandbrae Beyond The Blue
Res Li’s Avalcier Liberty JW
VHC Joyce’s Myotabad Red Spice
Open (9, 2)  
1 Homes’ Ch Leogem Minuet JW
Super elegant little bitch of just the right size, type & shape, balanced, so sound, liked her earset, eye & head shape, epitome of femininity, arched neck flowed into her level topline, went round the ring head held high & commanded attention. CC.
2 Fox-Shone’s Ch Pamedna Touch Of Fan-TC JW
Lovely tri, good coat, striking markings, moved very well round the ring, just a size up from 1.
3 Knight’s Carolus Lucretia
Res Davies’ Ashtelle Affinity at Larrcraig
VHC Hilliker’s Hillrows Maybe Baby

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