Southern Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
Championship Show - 7th April 2007

Best In Show - Timsar Mister Moonlighter
Reserve Best In Show - Tamyse Delecia JW
Best Opposite Sex - Tamyse Delecia JW
Best Puppy - Toshini Martino

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Dogs. Mrs D Searle
I would like to thank the officers and committee for a super day at such a well run show and for the lovely gift. Thanks also to my two most capable stewards and a very big thank you to all the exhibitors for their sportsmanship and bringing such lovely dogs for me to go over.
Jones' Timsar Mister Moonlighter
Bubb's Ch Wandris Entertainer
Best Puppy
Barnard’s Toshini Martino
Minor Puppy (20 Entries, 3 Absent)  
1 Hughes, Loranka's Aramis
Blenheim, 6 months old just right in development for his age. Heavier marked handsome baby with gentle expression, large lustrous eyes and darkest of pigment. Compact body with good spring of rib, level topline. Well balanced. Just needs a little more confidence.
2 Champion’s Hillrows Rumour Has It at Lankcombe
Mature, up to size Blenheim who need not grow any more, he will look more in keeping with others when he goes into junior. He has a good head shape, large lustrous round eyes, soft gentle expression with well set ears. Not as compact in body as 1, carrying a wealth of coat. Correct tail set and carriage. Sound mover.
3 Thomas & Bartlett’s Korolevsky Ludovic
Res Pack-Davison’s Deranmar Caerleon at Verileas
VHC Flynn’s Linjato Northern Soul
HC Renaud’s Ellenaud Just William
Puppy (14, 2)  
1 Barnard’s Toshini Martino
I loved this well marked Blenheim. Attractive but masculine head with large dark eyes, super soft melting expression, with good pigment. A compact shapely puppy with well sprung ribs and good depth of brisket, level topline and good tail carriage. Lovely size. Showed himself off well both standing and on the move. Immaculate presentation. I was pleased to award him BPD and upon the referee’s decision Best Puppy in Show.
2 Boardman’s Volney Bonanza
Lovely headed B/T, excellent spring of rib, good topline, sound hindquarters, raven black straight coat , bright rich tans in excellent condition, moved with drive, happy temperament.
3 Allerton’s Deeriem Dandi Man
Res Crozier’s Korraines Rebus
VHC Armitage-Walker’s Nyleve Playboy at Wirewood
HC Li’s Avalcier Nicholas
Junior (18, 3)  
1 Allerton’s Cazarrah Tennyson for Deeriem
Blenheim who is so well balanced, appealing head with well feathered ears, large dark eye, good neck and shoulders. Just the right amount of bone for his size, good spring of rib and topline, well turned stifles. In good coat.
2 Wiggins’ Whyteplace Alonso
Quality Blenheim of super type, dark eyes, well set ears, making for an attractive expression. Good neck, shoulders and topline, moved and showed well.
3 Pagan’s Sorata Bob Marley
Res Inglis’ Craigowl Battenburg
VHC Rix & Berry’s Ricksbury Royal Valour
HC Williams’ Johnasta Anton Du Beke
Yearling (8, 2)  
1 Hawes’ Kersmere Rhapsody
Very pretty but masculine Blenheim with large dark eyes and dense pigment, good neck and shoulders, short deep body and well let down quarters. Well marked with silky soft textured coat.
2 North & Box’s Jalesto Now I'm Here
Richly coloured Ruby. Softest expression with large dark eyes and well set ears. Short coupled, good front, level topline and a good turn of stifle. Nice straight quality coat.
3 Hubbard’s Popolulu Dazzling Dempster
Res Hall’s Tasset Royal Playboy
VHC Lister’s Cachevell Dance In My Shadow
HC Lunam’s Malanis Mystic Moment
1 Inglis’ Craigowl Wylam
Super little Blenheim dog. Very pretty head with expressive dark eyes. So soundly constructed with good spring of ribs. Stood four square and moved positively both coming and going
2 Towse’s Miletree Jambo
Another nice Blenheim with good head, nice overall shape, moved and showed well.
3 Stark’s Tayfern Tribute
Res Crozier’s Korraines Rebus
VHC Coaker’s Homerbrent Beckham
HC Hawes’ Kersmere Chaos
Special Graduate Blenheim (11, 2)  
1 Jones’ Timsar Mister Moonlighter
Very promising, lovely head, fully pigmented large dark eyes, jet black nose pigment. Correct ear placement framing his soft sweet expression. Clear markings, rich colour on a pearly white coat, lovely front, well placed shoulders, neat compact body, with a wealth of coat. Moved with such purpose, driving around the ring with ease. Could not resist him. One who surely has a very bright future. His first CC and on the referee’s decision Best in Show.
2 Vella & Li’s Avalcier Olivier at Cinderlace
This young man is quite different in type to 1 but nevertheless a lovely typy dog. Super head, smaller made throughout but in balance with his frame. Very well marked with excellent coat and so very well presented.
3 Hawes’ Kersmere Rhapsody
Res Hurley’s Ready For Love at Hurleaze
VHC Bull’s Ladash Bramble JW
HC Hubbard’s Popolulu Dazzling Dempster
Special Graduate Tricolour (7, 1)  
1 Cooper’s Dandermel Je Ne Sais Quoi
A well marked pretty headed Tri boy with rich tan markings large dark eye, good pigment. Good reach of neck, well placed shoulders, and well angulated hindquarters. In good coat.
2 Inglis’ Craigowl Kid Black
A heavier marked tri boy who was a little shorter in leg than 1. Very pretty head with the softest of expressions.
3 Beney’s Lavehnke's Pinot Noir
Res Crouch’s Lahere Loki Discovery
VHC Latteck’s Pascavale Mikie
HC Hughes’ Loranka's Bilbo Baggins
Special Graduate Black/Tan (8, 1)  
1 Shone’s Cobalatino Candyman
Larger in size than dog placed 2nd . This boy stood foursquare. Quite relaxed but alert. Super long straight raven black silky coat covering his shapely body. Animated and free in movement.
2 Salisbury’s Clopsville Jimmy Bean
This lovely toy spaniel of excellent breed type was not at all happy with his surroundings. On the move and standing he appeared uncomfortable and tucked up. A pity.
3 Pearce’s Apollos Star
Res Smith’s Beaudale Fall From The Stars
VHC Tarabad’s Jax The Lad at Khatibi
HC Lunam’s Flossybrook Total Eclipse
Special Graduate Ruby (12, 4)  
1 Koster’s Harana Manilow
Well coated Ruby of good colour. Good head, nice expression, level topline held on the move, straight front, strong hindquarters, moved and showed well.
2 Pagan’s Kimark Coming Home to Sorata
Masculine, good head and expression, compact Ruby, nice level topline. Moved well. Presented in lovely coat and condition. Just preferred the richness of coat colour on 1.
3 Thomson’s Ailcres Seventh Heaven
Res Boardman’s Volney Gazpacho
VHC Smith’s Beaudale Fields of Gold
HC North & Box’s Jalesto Now I'm Here
Veteran (6, 1)  
1 Hughes' Ch Loranka's Celebration
An old favourite of mine, now in his twilight years but still has that sparkle of his youth. A very worthy champion who was and still is admired by many. A shame he was not present to challenge for best veteran in show.
2 Lewis’ Ch Daraste Reflection of Love
Very showy, beautifully presented Blenheim, who has great ring presence. Good topline and tailset, nice round bone and the most glamorous head and soft melting expression.
3 Bloomfield’s Oaklake One More Tri
Res Sharman’s Volney By Jove Jeeves
VHC Harvey’s Rivermoor Charley Boy
Post Graduate (16, 4)  
1 Gilbert’s Toshini Benito at Charverale
Ideal size, well marked Blenheim who excelled in breed type, shape and quality. Good round, straight bone, well put together. Moved strongly both ways, holding a good topline and tailset.
2 Li’s Avalcier Manhattan JW
Blenheim, nice head and eye, good neck and shoulders, straight front, level topline on the move and standing, well presented.
3 Hedger’s Khatibi Tiger Tim at Alrewic
Res Mynott’s Honeybet My Way
VHC Pack-Davison’s Gwentons Finlay with Verileas
HC Cooper’s Dandermel Je Ne Sais Quoi
Limit (16, 4)  
1 Inglis’ Craigowl Ryton JW
This Tri boy won his place above his sire on personality plus. Full of himself yet gentle and responsive to his owner. A well marked boy with the most beautiful soft expression given from his wonderful round limpid eyes. Bright tans, lovely straight coat. Very similar to his sire in many ways.
2 Costello’s Beauella Radzinsky JW
Blenheim, superb head, correct earset giving lovely soft expression, good reach of neck, well angulated shoulders, level topline, soundest of movers. Quality well presented coat. A dog I have long admired but on the day just lacked sparkle and any animation. A great pity.
3 Hughes’ Loranka's Enchanting JW
Res Angell’s Charwelton Tate JW
VHC Koster’s Dortmund Take A Chance Harana
HC Rogerson’s Rabymar Apollo
Special Open Bred by Exhibitor (6, 0)  
1 Bubb’s Ch Wandris Entertainer JW
Blenheim, lovely to go over, beautiful head with dark expressive eyes, good pigmentation, nicely arched neck, well sprung ribs, good outline, excellent tail carriage. Such an elegant and free mover. Res CC.
2 Korn’s Sandusk Monterey JW Sh CM
Heavier marked richly coloured Blenheim, lovely head and expression, cobby body, excellent topline and tail carriage, moved well.
3 Crane’s Cranvarl Royal Clansman
Res Pagan’s Sorata Bob Marley
VHC Crouch’s Lahere Loki Discovery
HC Hollamby’s Tamcinia Midnight Folly
Open (14, 4)  
1 Baker & Park’s Ch Keyingham Branwell
Most glamorous Blenheim boy put down in wonderful condition. Lovely size, excels in breed type and has that all important flowing movement.
2 Allerton’s Kavacay Magic Dream at Deeriem
A very richly marked Blenheim of excellent type. Good reach of neck, correct shoulder placement with level topline and well-turned stifle. Beautifully presented.
3 Coaker’s Ttitian Puppeteer of Homerbrent JW Sh CM
Res Lymer & Scheidt’s Lymrey Hi Command JW
VHC Pagan’s Campanards Tribute to Sorata
HC Hedger’s Khatibi Tiger Tim at Alrewic

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Bitches Mrs O Emery
I am very grateful to the Southern CKCS Club Committee for giving me this judging opportunity. My thanks to all the exhibitors for their support with such a large entry and also to my two able stewards who kept everything flowing smoothly. I really enjoyed my day and it was a great privilege to have my hands on some lovely dogs.
I was very pleased to find some quality exhibits for my class winners and proud of my final line up. I was however very disappointed in the overall depth of quality of bitches with some serious bad mouths (in adults) and many with upright shoulders, straight stifles, narrow hind quarters, low set tails or poor movement all of which are a serious concern for the future legacy of our lovely breed.
I had hoped in my absence from showing that the fashion for over size/weight cavaliers with heavy overdone heads would have passed but sadly it appears to have continued and with the predominant use of a limited number of these show winning stud dogs we are in danger of losing the very essence of the small graceful gentle toy spaniel as described in the standard. The pressure for puppies to look mature in order to win is the wrong motivator and many that are already up to size/weight then have nowhere to go but over the top. Owners/breeders need to be more patient and choose puppies with the potential to mature to the correct size and weight in the fullness of time not want them already there at 6 months.
When we have the dogs on the judging table there is nothing more pleasing than seeing a relaxed affectionate and happy dog standing to be admired with minimum handler intervention – this is the closest we get to being able to gauge good temperament when judging and is an important moment for the dog to be able to make its impact and connect with the judge. Sadly there were several very apprehensive & uptight bitches who let themselves down on temperament and were clearly not enjoying their showing experience at all.
My final general point is the lack of attention paid to the grooming of feet (NO I don’t mean trimming) and it is clearly more noticeable at an indoor show. Some otherwise attractive bitches had the look of their movement really spoilt by “dishmop” feet which can even make them appear to be down on their pasterns and is most distracting. Regular hard brushing should remove all the excess dead hair and would so improve their appearance on the move.
Butler's Tamyse Delecia JW
Inglis' Craigowl Norah Batty
Best Puppy
Koster's Harana Sarah Vaughan
Minor Puppy (23 Entries, 8 Absent)  
1 Attwood’s Clentview Paris
Pretty Blenheim with attractive head and spot - well broken rich tan markings. Absolutely four square standing with good arched neck and shoulders and level topline on the move – has quite a presence for such a youngster.
2 Martin’s Ttitian Summerberry
Compact Ruby with gentle expression and the darkest of pigment good overall outline and angulation moved with great confidence - a promising puppy.
3 Lymer & Scheidt’s Lymrey Hi Society
Res Hogan’s Ricksbury Royal Promise for Stavonga
VHC Korn’s Lorphil Lillie
HC Rennard’s Deranmar Francesca
Puppy (27, 2)  
1 Koster’s Harana Sarah Vaughan
Very pretty compact Black/tan with dark expressive eyes . Well laid back shoulders and good head carriage and a lovely flowing outline on the move. A stylish happy showgirl presented in excellent condition as always from this kennel.
2 Angell’s Charwelton Yvette
Smart well marked blenheim – well balanced body with good turn of stifle and level topline. Gentle expression with good dark eyes - a responsive puppy with great confidence.
3 Stark’s Tayfern Song Bird (NAF)
Res Towse’s Miletree Odette
VHC Tarabad’s Rosie Rhubarb for Khatibi
HC Lewis’ Tomnil Crème Evita with Daraste
Junior (30, 8)  
1 Boundy’s Rubyfield Fiddlesticks
Attractive B/Tan youngster, short coupled with good bone, expressive gentle head with the darkest appealing eyes and ears to die for. Good spring of rib and angulation. Gleaming coat with just the right amount of feathering and the richest of tan - a real picture on the move.
2 Goodwin’s Lanola Move Over Darling
Well marked short coupled blenheim needs more coat for finish Good shoulders and level topline standing and on the move. Excellent expressive head and glorious eyes - always a nice size and type from this kennel.
3 Vout’s Touvas Sunsilk
Res Lymer & Scheidt’s Volney Chardonnay
VHC Coole’s Jolainey Miss Millie
HC Richens’ Kersmere Bluebell at Emarik
Yearling (27, 2)  
1 Hogan’s Stavonga Soft As Silk
Very pretty blenheim took my eye as soon as she entered the ring. Short coupled with good angulation and so elegant on the move. Lovely well broken silky coat with dark eyes and the sweetest expression a really happy showgirl should have a good future as she matures.
2 Surman’s Vallender Marley
Compact well bodied flashily marked youngster with a slightly heavier head and wide blaze - straight front well laid back shoulders and lovely head carriage when moving.
3 Barnard’s Toshini Louisa
Res Rhodes’ Miletree Touch of Love in Calonlan
VHC Godwin’s Craigowl Lolita
HC Goodgame’s Glynco Candy Girl
Novice (18, 3)  
1 Maclaine’s Lochbuie Geordie
Well broken rich blenheim with lovely silky coat. soft head with gentle expression dark melting eyes and great pigmentation. Short backed well ribbed with a good level topline and strong hindquarters, very elegant outline on the move. A quality typy bitch who just needs a more confident hand to bring out her best performance for top honours.
2 Godwin’s Cavaliegh Chime
Elegant well marked blenheim just needs more furnishing to complete the picture lovely expressive head with large dark eyes - well balanced body with good hindquarters and easy flowing movement.
3 Vout’s Touvas Sunsilk
Res Boundy’s Rubyfield Fidget
VHC Vass’ Gwentons Sweet Jasmin at Clauberry
HC Richens’ Kersmere Bluebell at Emarik
Special Graduate Blenheim (11, 5)  
1 Towse’s Miletree Kiss And Tell
Compact evenly broken blenheim with spot – nicely made with a pleasing outline and good topline on the move – good head carriage with attentive expression - a happy showgirl.
2 Hunter’s Spennithorne Just A Rose
Pretty blenheim with attractive head and expression with lovely long ears – good angulation and level topline standing - at the wrong pace can roll on the move.
3 Walton’s Underknoll J'Adore JW
Res Evans’ Juzandia Enchantment
VHC Vout’s Touvas Magic Charm
HC Telfer’s Korolevsky Tsarevna
Special Graduate Tricolour (8, 2)  
1 Inglis’ Craigowl Norah Batty
One I could have really brought home with me – such a compact and well balanced tricolour bitch with good neck and shoulders. Lovely dark expressive eyes and a gentle well marked head and face with good pigment. Well ribbed short coupled body and great hind quarters displayed effectively on the move. Plenty of confidence and spirit – certainly cannot be passed by in the line. Has time on her side and was pleased to give her the Res CC.
2 Goodwin’s Lanola Serafina
Another smart well broken tri slightly larger overall than 1 but well constructed and very elegant on the move. Pretty expressive head and darkest of eyes – most attentive.
3 Butler’s Tamyse Trilby
Res Bartlett’s Korolevsky Anna Akhmatova
VHC Godwin’s Craigowl Lolita
HC Lovel’s Craigowl Vivienne at Lovetrac
Special Graduate Black/Tan (13, 3)  
1 Crozier’s Korraines Amelia
Lovely b/tan with great ring presence - silky black coat with the brightest of tan and dark soulful eyes. Short coupled and standing four square with good level topline – plenty of drive and a great outline on the move.
2 Boardman’s Volney Daisy Belle
Pretty b/tan who needs time to mature in head but has most expressive eyes – slightly longer than 1 with good turn of stifle and well bodied - confident on the move.
3 Toby-White’s Ebony Ellarosa for Regaldeni
Res Flower’s Anberan Tazoberry
VHC Rogerson’s Rabymar Sixpence
HC Withheld  
Special Graduate Ruby (10, 2)  
1 Flower’s Anberan Ginger Truffle
Elegant ruby with lovely hind quarters who owns the ring when on the move despite being a little lively. Soft expressive head with large eyes - full rich coat and furnishings just completes the picture.
2 Vout’s Touvas Sunsilk
Ruby from an earlier class but still not wanting to settle – good construction overall and well balanced shape with a pleasing outline and flowing movement. Very pretty head and dark expressive eyes.
3 North & Box’s Jalesto Don't Stop Me Now
Res Cragg’s Sallcott Crescendo with Aureus
VHC Tarabad’s Rosie Rhubarb for Khatibi
HC Tubby’s Lanning Star Gazer of Tubaron
Veteran (7, 1)  
1 Wheeler’s Sharonaz Melody for Drumhaye
I have always had a soft spot for this glamorous blenheim bitch. Lovely head with a kind expression and large lustrous eyes, pigment still good and well feathered ears and with super silky coat. Moved with great spirit and absolutely loving her outing.
2 Evans’ Homebrood Peggy Pipkin of Purpleborn
Deep rich ruby with the darkest of eyes and ears to die for . Well balanced outline with good spring of rib and level topline. Strong rear quarters and driving movement – a real credit to her owner.
3 Forsyth’s Keirlian Illusion of Madgewick
Res Hall’s Tasset Sweet Charity
VHC Tyler’s Crystaldawns Tansy at Janthow
HC Hollamby’s Leelyn Peggy Sue at Tamcinia
Post Graduate (18, 5)  
1 Bubb’s Wandris Matinee
Well broken blenheim of all round good type and shape under all that coat – a little less would improve the overall outline. Gentle head good pigment and dark appealing eyes. Well balanced with good shoulders and topline.
2 Li’s Avalcier Liberty JW
An attractive bitch soundly made with good reach of neck and shoulders - well broken rich coat lovely feminine head with spot gentle expression and dark eyes. Lovely outline on the move. Just lacked a little in finish & feathering on the day.
3 Bloomfield’s Oaklake Just Dreaming
Res King-Smith’s Tameline Attraction cum Ispahan
VHC Flower’s Anberan Ginger Truffle
HC Steel’s Behabre Mitsouku
Limit (21, 5)  
1 William's Kinvaar Knowing Johnasta
Appealing Blenheim with well broken markings. Her flowing coat has flyaway tendencies which must be hard work to tame. Compact and balanced well sprung body. Good turn of stifle showed in her elegant movement really covering the ground. Well presented and very attentive with great presence.
2 Boardman’s Volney April Love
Well broken blenheim of slightly heavier type – attractive head with a good blaze and long ears - standing 4 square with good front and strong hind quarters – kept her level topline on the move very happy and outgoing. A richer colour than 1 but not quite got the glamour on the day
3 Hilliker’s Hillrows Maybe Baby
Res Pagan’s Campanards Triple Rose at Sorata
VHC Armitt’s Brasingamen Margot Fonteyn
HC Wheeler's Homerbrent Bliss
Special Open Bred by Exhibitor (7, 2)  
1 Butler’s Tamyse Delecia JW
I loved this pretty blenheim from the moment I saw her – she ticks every box in the standard and cannot be overlooked for top honours. She has such a well balanced compact outline with good spring of rib and just the right amount of substance but still essentially feminine. Well laid back shoulders and good turn of stifle which reflected in her sound effortless movement together with an absolutely level topline and perfect tail carriage. Beautiful gentle head with good pigment lovely ears and large expressive dark eyes that melted my heart on the table. Rich well broken coat markings well feathered and in a lovely silky condition just completed the whole picture for me. A truly happy and natural showgirl who did everything asked of her – she so richly deserved the CC today and I hope she goes on to gain her title.
2 Mynott’s Honeybet Hot Rosie Lee
Smart well broken tricolour in lovely condition. Short coupled with good lay of shoulder and strong rear quarters, moved with great drive. A little deeper in stop but large dark eyes, expressive head with a wide blaze and well feathered ears.
3 Thirkell’s Geronsart Charity
Res Evans’ Svena Indian Dawn
VHC Bloomfield’s Oaklake Debbie Harry
Open (7, 2)  
1 Fox-Shone’s Ch Pamedna Touch of Fan-TC
An extremely flashily marked tricolour with long silky coat, attractive head and lustrous dark eyes with good clear face markings and lovely ears. Good neck, shoulders and level topline which she held well on the move. She had great ring presence and I could not deny her the class but she missed out on top honours being taller than I really prefer.
2 Taylor’s Florindale Touch of Black for Kemble
Smart black & tan I have judged and much admired before. Well balanced short coupled body with good spring of rib and strong hind quarters. Lovely gentle head with the most appealing dark eyes. Rich tan in a gleaming coat – well presented and handled. A better size for me than 1 but today just lacked the sparkle and presence to gain first place.
3 Homes’ Ch Leogem Minuet JW
Res Goodwin’s Lanola Sweet Wild Rose
VHC Hughes’ Ch Loranka's Star Surprise
Webmasters Note: Mrs Emery had submitted this report by email immediately following the show but it was not received. Mrs Emery has kindly re-submitted this report.

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