Southern Counties Canine Association
Championship Show - 2nd June 2007

Best of Breed - Beauella Radzinski JW
Best Opposite Sex - Ch Leogem Minuet JW

Best Puppy - Deranmar Francesca
Dog Results Bitch Results

Dogs. Mrs K Sloan
C.C. Costello’s Beauella Radzinski JW
R.C.C. Baker & Parks' Ch Keyingham Branwell
Best Puppy Boardman's Volney Bonanza
Minor Puppy (15 Entries, 5 Absent)  
1 Hughes’ Loranka's Aramis
Handsome clean cut blen., dark expressive eyes and excellent pigment. Ample neck and good lay of shoulders, well bodied for age. Moved well keeping a level topline.
2 Vella’s Cinderlace Rodrigo
Well broken blen. only six months old with such an appealing head and gentle expression. Good reach of neck, well proportioned body and excellent rear movement.
3 Bull’s Craigowl Boss
Res Chapman & Wheeler’s Royalston Kingsley
VHC Allerton & Brewer’s Bowfort Rouge avec Deeriem TAF
Puppy (11, 0)  
1 Boardman’s Volney Bonanza
Mature b/t in gleaming condition. Well proportioned head, nicely cushioned muzzle giving a lovely soft expression sometimes difficult to find in a wholecolour. Well boned and good ribcage. Correct size and in wonderful coat of correct texture. Moved with purpose. BPD
2 Barnard’s Toshini Martino
Well broken attractive blen. Lovely head, with excellent pigment. Ample neck and well laid shoulders giving a pleasing outline. Very stylish on the move and attentive to his handler.
3 Waters’ Maibee Sydney NAF
Res Fry & Jackson’s Amantra Stagehand
VHC Maxey’s Minelda Q The Music
Junior (13, 1)  
1 Rix & Berry’s Ricksbury Royal Valour JW
Most eye-catching, well proportioned blen. Long well set ears framing an attractive head with such an endearing expression. Good neck and shoulder placement. Well ribbed and compact. Strides out keeping a correct topline. On his toes at all times - such a real showman - his day will come.
2 Fry & Jackson’s Amantra Vaudeville
Well broken blen. just out of puppy but can hold his own with ease Balanced head with dark eyes and pigment. Well bodied. Excellent front and rear movement and good tail carriage. Showed well for his handler
3 Rogerson’s Rabymar Courageous Heart
Res Pagan’s Sorata Bob Marley
VHC Wiggins’ Whyteplace Alonso
Yearling (13, 1)  
1 Inglis’ Craigowl Ryton JW
Most stylish well coated tricolour with rich tan markings. Clear muzzle and excellent pigment. Dark eyes giving a soft gentle expression. Liked his overall size and shape. Covered the ground with ease and panache despite the heat. Well presented and handled
2 Bull’s Ladash Bramble
Heavily coated blen. whom I judged as a puppy and pleased to see how well he has matured. Masculine head, good spring of rib well proportioned body. Good front and rear movement and correct topline. Showed well.
3 Hall’s Tasset Royal Playboy
Res Leach’s Ouzlewell Lord Chamberlain
VHC Hawes’ Kersmere Rhapsody
Maiden (6, 0)  
1 Name Withheld Name Withheld
Beautifully proportioned blen. Slightly larger than I like but could not deny him his place. Most expressive head, good neck, shoulders and topline. Well angulated hind quarters giving such good drive from the rear. Another quality exhibit in "tip top" condition.
2 Pagan’s Sorata Bob Marley
Richly coloured ruby not as mature as 1. 4th in Junior class. My notes say "neat package just needs time." Gentle expression, short coupled, good topline and steady mover.
3 Allerton’s Deeriem Dandi Man
Res Tarabad’s Jax The Lad at Khatibi
VHC Royce’s Leelyn Harvey at Rucazan
Graduate (8, 0)  
1 Shone’s Cobalatino Candyman
Neat b/t in wonderful condition. So smart and attentive to his handler. Deep chest, arched neck and good shoulder placement. Positive rear movement and level topline both standing and on the move. Understandably feeling the heat towards the end.
2 Stanley’s Stanhome Lord Of The Rings
Well presented, masculine blen with good bone. Another with good neck and shoulders. Well angulated and in good coat and condition. Moved freely.
3 Inglis’ Craigowl Battenburg
Res Boyd & Carter’s Kinvaar Addict
VHC Allerton’s Cazarrah Tennyson for Deeriem
Post Graduate (16, 2)  
1 Dix’s Beewye Millies Red Robin
Two rubies headed this strong class, both rich in colour out of a similar mould. This very well bodied exuberant boy has a lovely expressive head with dark eyes and plenty cushioning. Correct shoulder placement, good angulation and coat of correct texture. A little more concentration is required from him.
2 Boardman’s Volney Gazpacho
Loved this boy’s sweet expression, his long ear leathers framing a well proportioned head. Well boned and nicely balanced. Good spring of rib and level topline. Well let down hocks. Good all round conformation. Pleasing picture on the move.
3 Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Jamie JW
Res Mynott’s Honeybet My Way
VHC Barwell’s Charlottetown Motivator
Limit (22, 5)  
1 Costello’s Beauella Radzinski JW
Such a glamorous blen boy and one of the few who did not succumb to the heat. His long ear leathers framing his most gorgeous head. Lovely neck flowing into well laid shoulders and level topline. So well balanced and angulated, he moved effortlessly around the ring oozing quality. In first class condition he is a credit to his handler and a worthy breed ambassador. Delighted to award him the CC
2 Pagan’s Kimark Coming Home to Sorata
Loved this short coupled ruby boy ‘s head and overall balance. Good front and shoulder placement. Neat hocks, excellent movement both coming and going. In gleaming condition - more coat would just "finish" the picture.
3 Jones’ Timsar Mister Moonlighter
Res Storar’s Kayjay Edmund Spenser at Ewecote
VHC Koster’s Dortmund Take A Chance Harana
Open (8, 2)  
1 Baker & Park’s Ch Keyingham Branwell
Such a well presented showman, out of the top drawer. Handsome blen with excellent topline and tailset. Melting expression so typical of his breeding. Short coupled body and excellent angulation allowing free movement at all times. Well coated and of good texture. Felt the heat was taking its toll in the challenge. RCC
2 Hughes’ Loranka's Enchanting JW
And he most certainly is. Tri dog in excellent coat and he has the most attractive head. Dark eyes, pigment and plenty cushioning giving a gentle expression. Good bone and well bodied. Covered the ground with ease displaying correct tail carriage.
3 Smith & Aldous’ Ch Aranel Cosmic
Res Allerton’s Kavacay Magic Dream at Deeriem
VHC Royce’s Stonepit Teddys Boy at Rucazan
Veteran (1, 1)  

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Bitches Mr A Wight
What a lovely entry & I was blessed with a number of really top quality Cavaliers, as a result of which the line-up of unbeaten bitches was. I thought, very even in type & hopefully could show the ringside what I was looking for. Interestingly, I see that quite a number of winners are descended through various sires (& possibly dams) to Maibee Montrose. In fact, in the OB class, the first 4 were all daughters of him so he clearly seems to throw stock of the type in which I see quality.
C.C. Homes' Ch Leogem Minuet JW
R.C.C. Waters' Ch Maibee Gentle Touch
Best Puppy Rennard's Deranmar Francesca
Minor Puppy (24 Entries, 5 Absent) What a good start to the day & any of the first 5 would have been a worthy class winner.
1 Rennard’s Deranmar Francesca
Found her to be totally disarming & I feel she is such a promising baby, totally feminine, beautifully headed with well spaced, very dark eyes, the skull fairly flat (a lot are quite apple headed), good fill up & excellent pigmentation, lovely size, well boned, super neck & straight backline which is so firm for one so young, fairly compact, good turn of stifle, deep chestnut colour well broken up against a dazzling white background, did everything just right, wagged her tail happily & quite won me over. BP
2 Smith’s Miskhill Moet Et Chandon
See is a Branwell daughter & thereby a Montrose grand-daughter. Just 6 months but even in this class of delightful puppies, I felt she had to be placed highly, loved her eyes & expression quite irresistible, lovely size, so well constructed, shapely in stance, level backline, beautiful tail set & carriage, in the sunlight she positively gleamed as she moved around the ring with such assurance & an even rhythmic stride, shall watch her career with interest.
3 Lewis’ Daraste Amazing Grace
Res Attwood’s Clentview Paris
VHC Hogan’s Ricksbury Royal Promise for Stavonga
Puppy (16, 4)  
1 Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Clarissa
Believe also closely related to Montrose, top class youngster with heaps of promise, blen, well marked, so compact with excellent ribbing, lovely legs & feet, excellent profile action, head is a joy, soft expression, beautiful fill up & muzzle, good length to her ears, shining in condition. Just lost out for BPB as in the run off she came towards a fraction less true in front.
2 Hilliker’s Gadeslain Mystic Sapphire for Hillrows
B/T in the most glistening of coat conditions, thought her head, eye & expression were a delight, the eyes especially noteworthy, well angulated, has such good ribbing, tail carriage is exemplary, did everything right on the move, in splitting these two delightful youngsters I thought 1 was that tad more compact, having the shorter loin.
3 Cunningham’s Rivermoor Lady Lauretta
Res Bacon’s Rabymar Athina at Timbric
VHC Long’s Kilvey Sweet Pea at Arroline
Junior (22, 3)  
1 Hindle’s Ricksbury Venus to Ellisiana
Blen, ultra feminine in head with eyes & an expression which are hard to resist, lovely size & well weighted bone, fairly compact, nice reach of neck, level backline, well set tail, hindquarters have a decent stifle & the hocks are firm, sparkling coat, moved well.
2 Taylor’s Rosscrea Summertime
Another Branwell daughter & she was so close up. Blen, again that look of real quality from a delightful head, stunning eyes & long, well set ears, wagged her tail non stop on the table & I found her totally engaging as a personality. Sound on the move but just tends to over stretch a bit when on the stand & can make herself appear a little less compact than others & this should be watched. Lots of good wins in this one I’m sure.
3 Evans’ Salsara Sweet Senorita at Evansly
Res Allitt’s Rosscrea Heaven Sent to Tillashby
VHC Evans’ Purpleborn Parity
Maiden (8, 3)  
1 Cragg’s Volney Halloween with Aureus
Surprised to see a 2½ years bitch as good as this in Maiden, has lots to admire, excellent head, large, dark eyes, so well constructed & this is confirmed when she moves out with a degree of power aft & real balance when profile viewed.
2 Bacon’s Timbric National Velvet
Not yet a year old so giving lots away. Very stylish, good head of excellent proportions, nice dark eyes, long ears high set, good angles when you go over her & well ribbed. Just needs to firm up in front & doesn’t want to be any happier with her tail.
3 Richens’ Kersmere Bluebell at Emarik
Res Armitt’s Brasingamen Out For A Stroll
VHC Stark’s Tayfern Songbird
Yearling (18, 3)  
1 Sansom’s Byermoor Queens Maid JW
By Montrose, blen whose body colour could perhaps be a little more broken up with white but has a beautiful body shape, so balanced & quite compact. Size good, lovely spring of rib, the tail well set & carried, so stylish on the move, her head is a delight, oozing Cavalier charm in her expression, the eyes definitely have it & she must have a bright future.
2 Barnard’s Toshini Louisa JW
Ran 1 so close, brightly coloured blen, sparkling in condition, really lovely head, large, dark & well placed eyes, softly cushioned muzzle & jet black pigmentation all combining to give that hard to resist look. Although well put together in construction with good shoulders & hindquarters, felt that Queen was that little bit more compact overall when they were on the stand.
3 Dunhill-Hall’s Fantasa Itz Betty
Res Boundy’s Rubyfield Fiddlesticks
VHC Costello’s Beauella Nine To Five
Graduate (13, 3)  
1 Rix & Berry’s Ricksbury Royal Empress
Another blen, would prefer a less solid body colour. However that is more cosmetic as she is a top class bitch with a really stunning head, especially scoring in eyes & expression, lovely for size, so compact in shape with good couplings, well set tail, shone with well being, moved up & down so very soundly, never takes her eyes of her handler for a minute & uses her neck to best advantage.
2 Inglis’ Craigowl Norah Batty
Believe a Montrose daughter. Tri, so appealing & my notes say it all. Ran 1 close, totally delightful tri, so sound on the move, ultra feminine in head & expression, in spanking bloom, fills the eye on the stack with her lovely body shape. Just not quite the eye size of Empress.
3 Armitt’s Brasingamen Margot Fonteyn
Res Waterman’s Rexeven Velvet Rose of Buffski
VHC Perry’s Rosemonde Shuai
Post Graduate (16, 1)  
1 Smith & Aldous’ Aranel Starbrite
Another daughter of himself. Small, ultra feminine blen in sparkling bloom & lovely body, so compact, well bodied, level backline, can really stride out side on, head is lovely. Skull could perhaps be that tad flatter but the muzzle finish & eyes won the day.
2 Toby-White’s Ebony Ellarosa for Regaldeni
B/T who caught my eye & just would not go away! Such a lovely shape, uses her neck well, the angles are complimentary, the backline straight, tail well set, stand foursquare & shows off constantly, demanding to be noticed, head is a good shape, eyes are large enough & very expressive, the ears high set & have a good length, light actioned.
3 King-Smith’s Tameline Attraction cum Ispahan
Res Evans’ Winsudor Gemma of Purpleborn
VHC O’Connor’s Abercree Dusky Maiden
Limit (16, 1)  
1 Taylor’s Rosscrea Yours Truly
Like 2 is a blen, such a smart package, correct for size, unquestionably feminine in head which is fairly flat in skull, moderate stop, large, well spaced eyes & all framed with good ears, neck so good, the ribcage well developed & her couplings quite short. Like all the winners, sparkled In the sunlight & on the move she showed a real, even stride.
2 Butler’s Tamyse Delecia JW
Another ever so smart blen who has so much to admire that it made this decision quite hard. Loved her eyes & expression, matched 1 for soundness & style on the move. Perhaps it was the heat but in the final analysis I felt that in stance, her neck lacked the arch & head carriage of 1 & she is that fraction longer in loin. Nonetheless a lovely example of the breed.
3 Smith & Aldous’ Aranel Electra
Res Hogan’s Stavonga Soft As Silk
VHC Powell’s Cloudcroft Cherokee
Open (10, 1) What a class, I think I took as long over this one as many of the others. Little did I realise just how closely related the leading contenders were but these half sisters were not easy to separate!
1 Homes’ Ch Leogem Minuet JW
Sparkling little star, the ultimate in femininity with the most beguiling of heads, classical in shape, eyes that could melt the hardest of hearts, long, high set ears framing this delightful picture, such a show off & in stance; she really fills the eye totally, shapely, compact, every foot perfectly placed & eyes never leaving her owner for a second. On the move she is gay, happy, tail wagging & really drives from behind, holding her shape & looking the part. My co-judge & I deliberated on which to send through to the group & we opted for the dog in a desperately close finish. CC.
2 Waters’ Ch Maibee Gentle Touch
Another blen, another heart stealer, head, eyes, ears & expression with enormous appeal, with all the attributes you hope to find at the start of the day & sound as a bell into the bargain, really is a most worthy titleholder & on another day I am sure this leading trio will swap places depending on performance, delight to judge. RCC.
3 Fox-Shone’s Ch Pamedna Touch Of Fan-TC JW
Res Hilliker’s Hillrows Maybe Baby
VHC Hughes’ Loranka's Lillie
Veteran (5, 0)  
1 Turner’s Shalot Morgan Le Fay
Hard to believe her age, this b/t simply waltzed in, coat gleaming, eyes wide open & alert, moved around the ring with a lightness of action that many much younger would have envied, she deservedly earned the top spot, quite a character.
2 Robertson’s Barenton Morgan Le Fay
Must be something in the name! I have checked & it is correct by the catalogue. Another oldie still full of beans, has kept her figure & her shape, lovely neck, very good head, so bright eyed & happy to please.
3 Hollamby’s Leelyn Peggy Sue at Tamcinia
Res House’s Triciaville Beattie Boo
VHC Hollamby’s Penquite Burgandy
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