Three Counties
Championship Show - 10th June 2008

Best of Breed - Ch Pamedna Touch Of Fan-TC JW
Best Opposite Sex - Loranka's Enchanting JW

Best Puppy - Crystaldawn Entertaining Wandris
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Dogs. Mrs A Jones
My sincere thanks to the Committee for inviting me to judge as this show has very happy memories for me. My thanks also to my two very efficient stewards who kept things running very smoothly for me. Praise be the sun was shining but there was a pleasant breeze which kept it comfortable for the dog most importantly as well as the exhibitors and judge!
I was concerned to find many small “tight” eyes and several with light eyes. This needs to be addressed as it alters the whole expression. There were a couple of dogs with undershot bites in the adult classes which surprised me.
On the plus side all the dogs were well presented and looked lovely with the sun shining on their backs.
Loranka's Enchanting JW
Hill & Weber's
Montcolly Bowie
Best Puppy
Bubb & Gadsby's
Crystaldawn Entertaining Wandris
Minor Puppy (16 Entries, 1 Absent)  
1 Bubb & Gadsby's Crystaldawn Entertaining Wandris
Exuberant 7 month old Blenheim. Dark round eye giving a pleasing expression. Good length of neck leading into well laid shoulders, sufficient spring of rib for his age and well angulated front and rear which he used to good effect. Moved well once he had settled and strode round the ring with his tail carried correctly. Has the promise of a good coat to come. BP and Puppy Group 3.
2 Name Withheld Name Withheld
Ruby similar age as 1 but not quite as mature but similar remarks apply. Correct dark round eyes, well set ears framing his face. Good neck and front and rear angulation. Short coupled moved well keeping a level topline.
3 Dunhill's Fantasa It's Charles
Res Parker's Jordanic Torrino
VHC 5. Nightingale’s Jongeo The Kings Ransom
Puppy (12, 0)  
1 Smith's Beaudale Hearts On Fire
11month old ruby, pretty but masculine head, dark eyes and correct length of muzzle giving a pleasing expression. Good bone for his size, short coupled and good angulation throughout. Moved freely keeping a level topline.
2 Boyd's Drumhaye Celebrity at Airlie
9 month old well broken Blenheim in good coat of good quality. Dark round eye giving a gentle expression. Well made throughout and moved well using his well angulated rear.
3 Coaker's Homerbrent Branscombe
Res Parker's Jordanic Karlin
VHC 5. Finney’s Anberan Pumpkin Spice at Sylklands
Junior (12, 5)  
1 Hill & Webber's Montcolly Bowie
Impressive ruby, straight coat of the richest colour and the correct silky texture – immaculately presented as always by his handler. Beautiful head with wonderful large dark eyes just the right amount of cushioning and with nicely tapered muzzle and jet black nose pigment all framed by correctly set ears. Good length of neck, good spring of rib and short loin. Well angulated front with the right amount of forechest and well angulated rear which he used to good effect. Created a balanced picture both standing and on the move with the right length of leg to depth of body. Pushed very hard for top honours and it was a close decision between him and my eventual CC winner. RES CC and I am sure better is still to come.
2 Vella's Cinderlace Cromwell
Another quality exhibit. Ideal size richly marked Blenheim in good coat. Generous head with dark round eye giving a lovely soft expression. Good neck and shoulders, correct spring of rib and short coupled. Good front and well turned stifle Moved very well with plenty of drive keeping a level topline.
3 Biggs' Kellorian Head Over Heels JW
Res Inglis' Craigowl Santana
VHC 5. Letham’s Blairburn Bits and Bobs
Yearling (10, 2)  
1 Hughes' Loranka’s Just Like Heaven
A toy spaniel but with plenty of substance for his size and perfectly balanced. Lovely dark round eyes and good nose pigment giving an appealing expression. Richly marked Blenheim well broken silky coat beautifully presented as always from this kennel. Moved very well.
2 Coaker's Homerbrent Marshall
Richly marked Blenheim in good coat. Good dark round eye and well tapered muzzle. Well angulated throughout but a little longer cast than 1. Had his mind on other things today so was not so steady on the move.
3 Royce's Leelyn Harvey at Rucazan
Res Letham’s Blairburn Bits and Bobs
VHC Gardiner & Dansage’s Edonhill Oakey Doekee
Post Graduate (13, 4)  
1 Davies' Larrcraig Celtic Challenge
Well broken Blenheim who was very full of himself (his handler has my sympathies!) Large dark round eye giving a pleasing expression. Good neck and lay of shouders, well angulated throughout and moved well once he had settled.
2 Hawes' Kersmere Rhapsody
Well broken Blenheim presented in first class condition. Well made throughout and in consequence moved well. Just preferred the eye of 1.
3 Jones' Tomnil Cream Of The Stars at Droleus JW ShCM
Res Harding’s Korraines Buckeye Boy
VHC Smith's Beaudale Fields of Gold
Mid Limit (12, 2)  
1 Inglis' Craigowl Battenburg
Richly marked Blenheim in full coat. Dark round eye and tapered muzzle framed by long ear feathering giving the softest of expression. Well laid shoulders and well angulated throughout. Moved well with plenty of drive from the rear, very much at one with his handler.
2 Wiggins' Whyteplace Alonso
Another quality exhibit Rich Blenheim with not quite the amount of coat and finish of 1 today. Ideal size, pleasing head and expression, good neck and shoulders, short coupled. Crisp balanced outline when standing and moving. Moved out well using his quarters to good effect keeping a level topline.
3 Crane's Cranvarl Royal Star Struck
Res Gardiner & Dansage’s Edonhill Blaze Away JW
VHC Hubbard’s PopluluDazzling Dempster JW ShCM
Limit (11, 3) Two quality exhibits of different types headed this class
1 Vella & Li's Avalcier Olivier of Cinderlace
Lightly but richly marked Blenheim. Clean facial markings with dark round eyes giving a lovely expression. Good front, neck and shoulders, compact body and well turned stifle. Silky coat which was presented in immaculate order. Moved out well keeping a level topline and correct tail carriage.
2 Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Jamie JW
Out of a different mould being a real toy spaniel. Perfectly balanced with moderate bone. Dark round eye giving an appealing expression. Nice crest of neck leading into well laid shoulders, correct spring of rib and short loin. Good front and rear angulation and moved well. Coat of the correct silky texture was beautifully presented as always. Would just prefer a little more length to his muzzle to complete the picture nevertheless a quality dog.
3 Conneally's Coedgwylum Hot Or What
Res Gardiner & Dansage’s Edonhill Fiddlesticks
VHC Champion’s Hillrows Rumour Has It at Lancombe
Open (5, 1)  
1 Hughes' Loranka’s Enchanting JW
Tricolour with lovely crisp clear markings. Generous head with dark round eyes and good tan. Ideal sized dog, good neck and shoulders, good spring of rib and short strong loin. Well angulated front and good turn of stifle all went to present a balanced outline with just the right amount of coat and feathering, which positively gleamed in the sunshine, to complete the picture of a mature little dog at his best. He moved out using his rear quarters well keeping a level topline and when standing was attentive of his handler gently wagging his tail. Today was his day and it was with pleasure that I awarded him the CC to complete his Championship.
2 Korn's Sandusk Monterey JW ShCM
An old favourite of mine whose coat was a bit on the blow today but nevertheless still has much about him that appealed. Rich chestnut markings. Pleasing head with dark round eyes, correct length of muzzle framed by well set ears. Good spring of rib and short coupled loin, well angulated front and rear and moved positively. Enjoying his day out.
3 Matsumoto's Volney Magic
Res Royce’s Leelyn Harvey at Rucazan

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Bitches Mr T Mather
As always with this lovely breed, temperaments were excellent. A number of exhibits lacked muscletone & I did penalise this. On the plus side all were clean & well presented.
Ch Pamedna Touch Of Fan-TC JW
Levy & Sedgwick's
Pascavale Clarissa
Best Puppy
Pamedna Virginia
Minor Puppy (19 Entries)  
1 Inglis' Craigowl Blueberry
Really classy, well marked tri of lovely type & balance, good skull & nice eye, excellent mouth, well ribbed for one so young & short in loin, very sound & steady on the move.
2 Waddington's Spindlepoint Chelsea
Glamorous blen, lovely head & expression, good neck & shoulders, very good in profile as she moves with great freedom & has some drive from the rear. Good coat texture.
3 Conneally's Coedgwylum Hot Special
Res Costello's Beauella Roll The Dice
VHC Coole's Jolainey Sugar Babe
Puppy (11)  
1 Fox-Shone's Pamedna Virginia
Blen, I see that she is out of the same dam as the CC winner. Good head, eyes giving lovely soft gentle expression, well bodied, good rib, strong well angulated hindquarters, merry & sound on the move. BPB.
2 Mynott's Honeybet Hot N Snazzy
Tri, most attractive head & eye, very good forehand, well laid shoulder, good body & tailset, presented to advantage, moved well.
3 Smith & Aldous' Aranel Energie
Res Hamill's Raybymar Queen Boadicea of Craebeck
VHC Hughes' Loranka's Star So Bright
Junior (14)  
1 Stevens & Moffat's Milkeyn Minnie Pearl
Blen, attractive head, good sized dark round eye, good forehand, well laid shoulder, well bodied & well angulated, strongly muscled hindquarters, moved out really well, plenty of drive & this just gave her the edge here.
2 Claydon's Brynmarden Moon Magic
Lovely blen, very pleasing head & expression, well bodied & a shade more compact than 1. Presents lovely outline both standing & moving, good coat & gleaming condition.
3 Hamill's Craigowl Cuba
Res Ireland's Charnell Mimic
VHC Bayliss' Castlewytch In Dreams
Yearling (14)  
1 Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Clarissa
Exciting youngster, the most lovely head & gentle expression, soundly made, well laid shoulder, short coupled & well ribbed, in first class condition, moved out really well with free driving action. RCC.
2 Attwood's Clentview Paris JW
Well marked blen, close up to 1 & excels in head & expression, lovely eye & excellent pigmentation, very good forehand, well laid shoulder & well bodied. Just not quite as short coupled as 1. Moved well with free sound action & shows to best advantage.
3 Ireland's Charnell Frolic
Res Lewis' Daraste Amazing Grace
VHC William's Johnasta Dance'n Doll
Post Graduate (14)  
1 Bayliss' Brasingamen Ice Maiden
B/T, very pleasing to handle as she is well made, good forehand, well laid shoulders & compact well ribbed body, lovely eyes & good muzzle, really excels on the move, free driving action, delightful temperament.
2 Rennard's Deranmar Francesca JW
Most glamorous blen, lovely head & expression, good body & tailset, looks really super in profile, free driving action, first class coat & condition.
3 Lewis' Daraste Bethany
Res Davies' Larrcraig Celtic Star
VHC O'Connor's Abercree Dusky Maiden
Mid Limit (12)  
1 Hogan's Ricksbury Royal Promise for Stavonga JW
Blen, very free moving, sound & vivacious, well marked, good coat, lovely head & expression, large dark eyes, well bodied & short coupled.
2 Sansom's Byermoor Queens Maid JW
Blen of lovely type & quality, most pleasing head. Perhaps a shade shorter in loin than 1. Well presented & moved soundly but without the vivacity of 1.
3 Parker's Clentview Chanel at Jordanic
Res Hull's Telvara Kreme D'Menthe
VHC Levy & Sedgwick's Pascavale Sugar Babe
Limit (10)  
1 Maclaine's Lochbuie Geordie
Blen, moved really well, good driving action, lovely head & eye, excellent depth of pigment & this just gave her the edge here. Good body, shows to advantage.
2 Traversari & Greenwood's Ricksbury Royal Ruby at Altside
Striking blen, good skull & eye, excellent forehand & well bodied, strong well muscled hindquarters enabled her to move out freely & with plenty of drive.
3 Turner's Shalot Lady Bethan
Res Aldous & Smith's Aranel Scrumptious
VHC William's Clentview Miss Dior Sancana JW ShCM
Open (4)  
1 Fox-Shone's Ch Pamedna Touch Of Fan-TC JW
Tri in tip-top condition & form, most lovely head & gentle feminine expression, excellent forehand & strong well ribbed body, short loin, moved well & for balance & type, is hard to beat. CC & BOB.
2 Boundy's Ch Rubyfield Fiddlesticks
B/T, most feminine & pretty head & expression, short coupled, well bodied & ribbed, nicely angulated hindquarters & in good coat & condition.
3 Skinner's Khatibi Gladys All Over at Rahmzi
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