Bournmouth Canine Association
Championship Show - 9th August 2007

Best of Breed - Cinderlace Cromwell
Best Opposite Sex - Ch Campanards Triple Rose at Sorata

Best Puppy -
Fyrnrose Mrs Tiggy Winkle
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Dogs. Mrs M A Moffat
Vella's Cinderlace Cromwell
Wiggins' Whyteplace Alonso
Best Puppy
Coaker's Homerbrent Wellington
Minor Puppy (18 Entries, 3 Absent)  
1 Coaker’s Homerbrent Wellington
Just a baby at 6months old, well balanced, good head and eyes, and appealing expression. Scored in top line and outline, moved nicely around the ring. Most promising Best Puppy Dog.
2 Bubb & Gadsby’s Crystaldawn Entertaining Wandris
A very mature puppy for his age. Well broken blen markings, with nice head. Expressive eyes, soft expression, good construction, moved well around the ring, just needed to settle today.
3 Forrester’s Salbrie Serfontaine
Res Jarvie & Stewart’s Haylouja Armani Attitude
VHC Mowatt’s Asmena Slip Anchor
Puppy (11, 0)  
1 Tarabad’s Clockpelters Crown Jules for Khatibi
Rich Ruby, Short coupled, level top line, correct shaped head, dark eye and pigment, Standing foursquare looked a picture.
2 Dunhill’s Fantasa Itz Charles
Well marked blen. With rich tan markings. Very nicely put together, good ear set framing a lovely head, sound on the move.
3 Ford’s Hiscli Carlyle
Res Parker’s Jordanic Karlin
VHC Boyd’s Drumhaye Celebrity at Airlie
Junior (9, 2)  
1 Vella’s Cinderlace Cromwell
Super young dog of immense quality, appealed to me as soon as he walked into the ring. Well balanced, immaculately presented, strong masculine head with clear head markings, lustrous dark eyes, well set a part. High set ears, giving him that true cavalier expression, good arch of neck. Flowing into well placed shoulders, Strong bone, nice angulations, keeping a level top line, he moved with real drive and grace around the ring. Never stopped showing. Had know hesitation awarding him the CC. and with my co Judge awarding him Best Of Breed.
2 Rayner’s Trirayne Jalapa
Nice dog just needs time to mature, well broken blen. Short coupled, well angulated, good head type, moved well going and coming.
3 Tarabad’s Khatibi Juan For The Road
Res Rumble’s Vinvaldi Dark And Delicious
VHC Hedger’s Arnie Adorable At Alrewic
Yearling (9, 2)  
1 Lock’s Kellorian One Step Beyond
Well broken Blen. Strong masculine head, high set ears, and nice eyes, giving a gentle expression, good firm body, with plenty of bone, lovely spring of rib, level top line, showed and moved well. All boy.
2 Knight’s Carolus Tommy Atkins JW
I liked this dog a lot, though he is a bit small for me, everything fits into place, small and compact good reach of neck, well laid shoulder placements, level top line, his head is well proportioned with the size of his body, nice dark eyes good scissor bite, moved well.
3 Fisk Rebhann Bo Diddley
Res Beney’s Whyteplace Jack The Lad at Lavehnke
VHC Rumble’s Vinvaldi Dark And Delicious
Novice (11, 1)  
1 Rhodes’ Cinderlace Monte for Calonlan
A young dog with a future for me. A handsome dog, lovely dark eyes, super pigment, and the softest of expression, coming from his well placed ears, moderate neck flowing into well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, nice turn of stifle, standing foursquare he looked a picture, just let himself down in the challenge.
2 Cunningham’s Verheyen Tweed
A bit smaller then one , but nicely put together, short coupled body, with good spring of rib, moderate bone, well marked, nice head, lovely ear placement, showed a bit white of eye which spoils the expression, moved to advantage.
3 Parker’s Jordanic Torrino
Res Blackburn’s Bekenveldt Serge Diaghilev
VHC Hazeltine’s Juzandia Puff Daddy
Graduate (6, 1)  
1 Wiggins’ Whyteplace Alonso
I have admired this dog from a far, superb dog of immense quality, nicely balanced head, correctly proportioned, lovely ear set, giving him that little extra in expression, good reach of neck, flowing into well laid shoulders, well balanced body with good spring of rib, nice coat in excellent condition, just let himself down by being a bit cock a hoop with his tail. Awarded him the Res. CC
2 Hughes’ Loranka's Just Like Heaven
Well broken Blen, markings, very typical head, dark eyes and pigment, small and compact, good spring of rib, level top line, just a shame he met one on the day.
3 Hawes’ Kersmere Rhapsody
Res Tarabad’s Khatibi Juan For The Road
VHC Thomas & Bartlett’s Korolevsky Ludovic with Pepyswood
Post Graduate (11, 3)  
1 Smith’s Beaudale Fields Of Gold
A very nice ruby boy, rich in colour, typical head, good ear and eye placements, dark pigment, softest expression, good firm body shape, well angulated, short coupled, with level top line, stood and showed well for his handler.
2 Mowatt’s Asmena The Minstrel
A beautiful marked blen, with rich markings, a handsome head, and ears set high on his head, with lovely fringes, nice eyes and black pigment, short coupled body; good angulations moved well, it was close between 1st and second.
3 Dix’s Beewye Millies Red Robin
Res Willey & Siddle’s Penemma Pick Pocket
VHC Kowalski’s Trevricia Black Mischief
Mid Limit (8, 0)  
1 Hedger’s Khatibi Tiger Tim at Alrewic ShCM
Nice to see a well broken Tri, with rich tan markings all in the right places, handsome striking head, with expressive eyes, good pigment, and ears set right on the head, good reach of neck, short coupled body, nice angulations, moved with confidence around the ring.
2 Boardman’s Volney Bonanza
Another nice dog I like, lets himself down badly, standing foursquare in the ring, he will not animate. A beautiful B/ T. dog, with rich tan in the right places, softness of expression, lovely ear and eye placements, a nice firm body. Excellent top line, good bone. And angulations, moves well with his tail stretched out.
3 Crane’s Cranvarl Royal Star Struck
Res Fry & Jackson’s Amantra Stagehand
VHC Tomlinson’s Sanickro Knight Of Honour
Limit (7, 1)  
1 Vella & Li’s Avalcier Olivier of Cinderlace
This dog I thought was my ticket winner on the table, I could not fault him, his masculine head and impressive eyes, black pigment, just melted me, Well broken, with rich chestnut markings, showed of his excellent reach of neck, flowing into his well laid shoulders, strong firm body, good turn of stifles, level top line, presentation was impeccable, a credit to his owner. On the floor he let himself down, I have seen him many times out in the out side rings, and he can show and move really well, but today the weather conditions and in a confined place, he was just not on his toes.
2 Bull’s Ladash Bramble JW ShCM
Two lovely dogs. This dog pushed hard for 1st place, but he lost it on the table, his owner knows why. Nice breed type, very stylish, well broken markings in good condition, super head, nice expression, good ears eye placements a lovely firm body, well coated, so well constructed, covered the ground really well on the move.
3 Newnes’ Penquite Cinnamon
Res Williams’ Johnasta Anton-Du-Beke
VHC Lunam’s Malanis Mystic Moment
Open (8, 2)  
1 Bubb’s Ch Wandris Entertainer JW
It was a wonderful pleasure to go over this great Ch. With 35 CCs to his credit, what can I say that so many judges have said before? I know his followers were disappointed that I did not award him his 36CC but I am not going to give my reasons why. In my opinion he is still a great Ch. And on the day he was the best moving dog in the ring.
2 Hughes’ Ch Loranka's Enchanting JW
Another nice Ch. Dog. A beautiful Tri dog with rich tan markings, nicely balanced head correctly proportioned, lovely ear set giving him that little extra in expression, good lay of shoulders, body shape just right, good coat in excellent condition, moved out well.
3 Matsumoto’s JKC Ch Volney Magic CD
Res Bloice’s Scotlass The Fiscal NAF
VHC Goguelin’s Ashtelle Corbierre

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Bitches Miss M Morrison
I was looking forward to my judging appointment at the Bournemouth Championship Show, and hoped the weather would look kindly on us, but it dictated that we used the wet weather tent, not ideal, but everyone had the same facilities and opportunity to make the most of the ring, and that was where a lot of placings were lost and won.
I was highly honored to have as an exhibitor Mrs Jane Bowdler who I believe had not been in the ring showing for many a year, I hope Mrs Bowdler enjoyed herself.
Now to a few comments, a number of exhibits were let down by their handlers due to their handling skills or lack of them. What are they learning at their ringcraft classes? The number of exhibitors who failed in doing a basic tri-angle was disheartening. I had all shapes and sizes and some just didn’t seem to take much pride in showing their exhibits, they were just going through the motions.
Also when has cavaliers joined the Terrier and Gundog groups? To see Cavaliers being strung up and tails pulled out like setters, when on the table, is unsightly. Simply use your hand to hold the head, it’s that simple. Another bad habit some exhibitors had was waving their hands holding titbits between their exhibit’s face and me, some others stood behind me almost pinning me to the table attracting the attention of their exhibit over my shoulder. The object of the exercise is to show your exhibit, but keep out of the way of the Judge as they go over the exhibit and not get in their way.
Presentation in some cases left a lot to be desired, they looked as if they had not been brushed or combed, but a number of exhibitors did put their exhibits into the ring in a lovely clean condition and well groomed, for which I thank them for all their hard work.
Finally the cavalier eyes are one of their main attractions, but there was a number mainly in the blenheims, who were showing white in both eyes, or just one eye which gave a lopsided appearance. White in the eyes is an unattractive feature, and needs to be watched carefully in future breeding.
Pagan's Ch Campanards Triple Rose at Sorata
Attwood's Clentview Paris JW
Best Puppy
Baillie's Fyrnrose Mrs Tiggy Winkle
Minor Puppy (21 Entries, 3 Absent)  
1 Hughes’ Loranka's Sherrie Baby
Stylish upright tri-coloured baby, good head carriage, lovely expression, flat skull, high set leathers framing face, clear blaze, large dark eyes, and good length to muzzle. Clean line to neck, firm level topline, and nicely developed body for age, covered in a well presented clean silky broken coat, pearly white background, with clear defined black markings, and tan markings in all the right places. Lovely temperament, handler getting the most out of her exhibit, moved freely and steadily around the ring.
2 Cunningham’s Verheyen Ladybird
Pretty little Blenheim bitch, soft expression, good dark pigmentation to nose and eyes, flat skull, nicely placed leathers framing face, good blaze between eyes. Good clean textured broken up coat, well defined rich chestnut markings. Level topline leading to a well placed tail set. Plenty depth to chest, good spring to ribcage. Again handler getting the best out of her exhibit, showing all the time, and enjoying it.
3 Walton’s Underknoll Tiamo
Res Flower’s Anberan La Vie En Rose
VHC Williams’ Clentview Cariad Sancana
Puppy (14, 2)  
1 Baillie’s Fyrnrose Mrs Tiggy Winkle
Elegant young Blenheim bitch caught my eye right from the start. Charming, appealing expression, lovely dark eyes, good length to muzzle, well proportioned head framed with high set leathers. Well constructed shapely body frame, covered in a clean soft silky coat. On the move she showed all her virtues, graceful, steady movement, and good drive to rear, happy temperament, and lovely breed type. Please to award her BP Bitch, and went onto BPIB. Lovely to see her been awarded 3rd placing in the Toy Puppy Group.
2 Vella’s Cinderlace Scarlet
Richly coloured ruby bitch, dark pigmentation to nose and eyes, pretty head, flat skull, good length to leathers, well cushioned muzzle. Good length to neck well placed shoulders, level topline, and pleasing development to a well ribbed body. Firm hindquarters with correctly placed tail set, good bend to stifle. Soft silky coat and has plenty of fringing overall. Handler made the best of the ring giving her the best chance to show of her lovely free moving actions.
3 Coles’ Twyforde Zeta Aquilae
Res Waddington’s Spindlepoint Chelsea
VHC Coole’s Jolainey Sugar Babe
Junior (16, 6)  
1 Hughes’ Loranka's Star So Bright
Proud 13 month old B/T bitch, gleaming coal black coat of good length. Appealing head, delightful expression, darkest of eyes, rich tan markings, and full leathers framing the face. Good arch to neck, plenty of substance to body for age, level topline, well balanced outline, correct front angulation’s, good spring of ribs, shapely hindquarters. Sympathetically handled, getting the best from a free flowing steady sound mover.
2 Flower’s Anberan Dulce De Leche
Compact ruby bitch of good size, pretty little face, flat skull, soft dark eyes, good cushioning beneath, coal black nose. Good length to leathers moulded well to the shape of her head. Rich overall ruby colour, silky coat coming on, good feathering. Well put together body, good angles overall, lovely shape on the move. Grand little showgirl showing herself off at all times. Well groomed and presented as were all from this Exhibitor.
3 Smith’s Sallcott Gloriana
Res Hughes’ Wyredell Ray Of Hope for Pearldrift
VHC Long’s Ronmal Sweet Serenity at Arroline
Yearling (12, 2)  
1 Attwood’s Clentview Paris JW
Elegant Blenheim bitch looked a picture in profile, took my fancy from the start and did not disappoint me. Full of presence and beautifully presented which I appreciated. Lovely coat texture in good clean condition, well broken up rich tan markings. Long full feathered leathers framed a pretty face, liquid dark eyes, and soft feminine expression. Flat skull, good head carriage, firm level topline, good turn of stifle, full plumed tail well placed. Good compact body lovely spring to rib. Handler made good use of the ring and sympathetically handled her exhibit, who displayed sound movement in both directions. Pleased to award her the RCC.
2 Goodwin’s Lanola Sabrosa JW
Charming Blenheim bitch, well made throughout, lovely breed type with all the essentials. Handler got the best out of his exhibit, who showed a good outline on the move and when standing, displayed free sound effortless movement. Well bodied excellent angulations fore and aft, good coverage to hindquarters. Balanced headpiece, dark pigmentation to nose and eyes, good cushioning, bright expression, a happy showgirl.
3 Lewis’ Carleeto Dixie Belle
Res Lewis’ Daraste Amazing Grace
VHC Ireland’s Charnell Frolic
Novice (10, 1)  
1 Watts’ Brymarden Moondance to Jamesbonny
Pleasing Blenheim youngster, happy temperament with a tail which was non stop. Real little showgirl, attentive to handler at all times. In lovely coat, good length, plenty of feathering, clear rich tan markings, well presented in clean condition. Pretty headpiece, large dark eyes, well placed leathers, nose a touch off. Nice arched neck flowing into well laid shoulders, firm topline well off for bone, shapely body outline. Maintained a free action on the move, used the ring well.
2 Loades’ Mialeah Ericanna Rosirius
Dainty heavier marked Blenheim bitch, slightly less body coat than winner. Honest breed type bitch, compact body, attractive size and balance. Straight topline, good covering to hindquarters, good turn of stifle, really covered the ground when on the move, happy little soul. Soft typical expression, well shaped dark eyes, coal black nose, good cushioning, flat skull well hung leathers.
3 Toby-White’s Regaldeni Black Rose
Res Abernethy’s Korraines Moondream
VHC Allitt’s Lyndabelle Return to Beauella TAF
Graduate (13, 2)  
1 Pagan’s Sorata Sophie Tucker
Lovely rich ruby bitch, ultra feminine head, bright expression, soft dark eyes, dark pigmentation to nose. Well placed feathered leathers framing the face, flat skull. Sleek shapely body outline, clean neck and shoulders, firm topline, well angulated hindquarters. Moved with plenty of verve and showed continually, firm drive to the rear, tail always on the go. Soft silky coat in lovely condition, not a hair out of place, plenty of feathering, enjoys her showing.
2 Waddington’s Spindlepoint Babich
Pretty Blenheim bitch, full of presence, honest type with good balance overall sound construction, scored well in presentation and showmanship. Pleasing head shape, appealing expression, dark pigmentation to nose and eyes. Good crest to neck, level topline, and short coupled plenty of coverage to hindquarters, good spring to rib. Moved well and true around the ring, handled in a gentle manner.
3 Blackie & Knapp’s Cridensa Georgette
Res Elkin’s Triodan Tempting Tara
VHC Lewis’ Daraste Bethany
Post Graduate (19, 3)  
1 Rennard’s Deranmar Francesca JW
Eye-catching Blenheim bitch stood out in this class for me, and a close decision for the RCC. Richly marked Blenheim shown in pristine condition, coat of good length, plenty of feathering, good plumed tail, long full leathers. Gentle head and expression, soft well shaped dark eyes, plenty of cushioning beneath. Crested neck onto well laid shoulders, steady topline, good firm body, shapely hindquarters. Full of herself on the move, really covered the ground well with plenty of drive, handler getting the best out of her on the move and standing.
2 Flower’s Anberan Tazoberry
Attentive B/T bitch obviously loves her handler, lots to like about her. Lovely feminine expression, bright tan markings, liquid dark eyes, long full leathers framing a shapely headpiece. Gleaming coal black coat covering a well proportioned sturdy body. Stood four square, lovely depth to chest, spirit level topline, neat well angulated hindquarters, correctly set on tail. Moved with precision and ease in a good straight action, happy temperament.
3 Goodwin’s Lanola Move Over Darling
Res Boardman’s Volney Daisy Belle
VHC Taylor’s Kemble Nikita
Mid Limit (9, 3)  
1 Williams’ Clentview Miss Dior Sancana JW ShCM
When judging last year, I gave this exhibit a Toy Group and she still impressed me this year. Mature Blenheim bitch in superb coat and clean presentation. Had a lovely graceful silhouette both standing and on the move. Pretty feminine head, expressive dark eyes, coal black nose. Good breed type in body, well sprung ribs, firm topline, well placed shoulders, balanced rear angulations well covered. Moved round the ring with a confident air about her, lovely showgirl.
2 Lewis’ Leelyn Dixie Boo With Carleeto
Another good B/T bitch, well bodied throughout, covered in a full coal black coat, deep rich tan markings overall. Proud head carriage, pleasing expression, large dark eyes, good cushioning, flat skull, long full leathers. Well arched neck, strong back, compact body well of for bone. Good fore chest and front, rear used well on the move. Moved soundly and true, had a gentle manner about her.
3 Bloomfield’s Oaklake Debbie Harry
Res Walton’s Underknoll J'Adore JW
VHC Webb & Schofield’s Tricianbri Atomic Kitten at Camelot
Limit (14, 1)  
1 Dunhill’s Fantasa Itz Betty
Classic Blenheim bitch with spot, well groomed and presented by handler, very much on her toes, non-stop wagging tail. Well coated, bright tan markings, pearly white background, good length to coat. Body had plenty of substance but not coarse, lovely body shape, good depth to chest, well formed hindquarters, good sweep to stifle. Shapely head, high set leathers, dark eyes and pigment. I would like to remind the handler, she was showing a Cavalier, not an American Cocker for example, as we walk with Cavaliers, and not run at full velocity round the ring, as she did on this occasion when I asked the exhibitors to move around the ring.
2 Flower’s Anberan Ginger Truffle
Mature ruby bitch, very upstanding, well proportioned exhibit, free from any exaggerations, good all round honest bitch. Showed all the time, very good movement, free flowing covering the ground well with plenty of drive, Pretty head with soft gentle expression, deep dark eyes, good arch to neck, well angulated conformation, liked her shape, nicely put together. Soft texture to coat.
3 Smith’s Sallcott Diminuendo
Res Hull’s Telvara Kreme D'Menthe
VHC Kerr’s Lymrey Hi Society in Kinvaar
Open (8, 2)  
1 Pagan’s Ch Campanards Triple Rose At Sorata
Ultra feminine ruby bitch really stood out in this class, total showgirl at one with her handler, tail always on the go. Sleek outline, deepest of ruby colour groomed to a pristine condition as were all from this kennel. Beautiful head, darkest of eyes, coal black nose, soft gentle expression, flat skull, long leathers framing face well. Good reach and arch of neck, well laid back shoulders, level topline. Exhibit scored on shape, make and soundness, good firm body, even proportions, moved purposely and with drive covering the ground well with ease. Please to award her the class and the CC.
2 Boundy’s Ch Rubyfield Fiddlesticks
Compact B/T bitch, petite in size, but big in personality. Elegant in appearance, soft gentle facial features, large dark eyes, rich tan markings, long full leathers well hung, framing the face. Deep ribcage, scored in topline, well angled shoulder placements, plenty of cover to hindquarters, good muscle, and fully plumed tail. Moved gracefully around the ring, but really started showing when I was doing the write ups. Lovely long silky coal black coat, put down in good order.
3 Turner’s Shalot Lady Bethan
Res Williams’ Ravenanne Dark Reflection of Sancana ShCM
VHC Knight’s Little Miss at Carolus
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