City of Birmingham
Championship Show - 29th August 2008

Best of Breed - Ch Pascavale Jamie JW
Best Opposite Sex - Charnell Mimic
Best Puppy - Crystaldawn Entertaining Wandris

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Dogs. Mr T Mather
It was a real pleasure to judge this lovely breed. There was a lot of quality present & there were a number of dogs I would happily have signed a CC for.
CC Levy & Sedgwick’s Ch Pascavale Jamie JW
RCC Hughes’ Ch Loranka's Enchanting JW
Best Puppy Bubb & Gadsby’s Crystaldawn Entertaining Wandris
Veteran (2 Entries, 0 Absent)  
1 Bloomfield’s Oaklake One More Tri
It’s hard to believe that this lovely dog is nearly 13 years of age. Good head, still has a most pleasing expression with expressive, good sized, dark eyes, short coupled & well ribbed, moved well with some drive from the rear, in good coat & condition, great credit to his owner who has obviously lavished lots of love & care on him.
2 Jackson’s Frondil Foenix
Mere youngster at just over 7 but he is of good type & quality, pleasing head & good eye. Shapely & merry on the move but not quite the precise hind action of 1. In good condition.
Minor Puppy (12, 1)  
1 Coaker’s Homerbrent Wellington
Attractive & well marked Blen, good head, nice eye, excellent pigmentation, good body & short coupled with firm topline, best mover in this class with lovely free, driving action.
2 Eustace’s Salegreen Edwin
Lovely head & expression, large, dark eyes & well carried ears, good neck & shoulders, silky, well marked coat, moved soundly & with some style.
3 Koster’s Loranka's Spellbinding Harana
Res Li’s Avalcier Oberon
VHC Bubb’s Wandris That's Entertainment
Puppy (17, 1)  
1 Bubb & Gadsby’s Crystaldawn Entertaining Wandris
Masculine well grown puppy with impressive head & eye, excellent forehand, well laid shoulder & some forechest, strong, well ribbed body, moved soundly, in good coat. BP on the decision of the referee.
2 Skinner’s Rahmzi Augustus
Soundly made & very pleasing on the move, Tri, short coupled & well ribbed, good skull & pleasing expression although not quite the large dark eye of 1. Good coat & markings.
3 Boyd’s Drumhaye Celebrity at Airlie
Res Fox-Shone’s Miskhill Miami avec Pamedna
VHC Dunhill’s Fantasa Itz Charles
Junior (15, 2)  
1 Vella’s Cinderlace Cromwell
Sound & masculine Blen youngster, lovely head & eye with soft, gentle expression, nicely balanced & shows to best advantage, strong, well muscled hindquarters enabled him to move with some drive from the rear.
2 Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Phoenix
Very shapely & well balanced, good head & expression, short coupled & well ribbed, moved soundly, in lovely condition. Not quite the exuberance of 1.
3 Tarabad’s Khatibi Juan For The Road
Res Skinner’s Rahmzi Augustus
VHC Finney’s Anberan Pumpkin Spice at Sylklands
Yearling (11, 1)  
1 Biggs’ Kellorian Head Over Heels JW
Glamorous & most attractive Blen, grand head & eye, nicely arched neck, strong, well ribbed body. On the move he was a shade untidy coming back towards me but his nicely angulated & well muscled hindquarters give him plenty of drive & in profile he has a free, flowing action. Presented & schooled to best advantage, should finish at the top.
2 Coaker’s Homerbrent Branscombe
Beautifully balanced & with lots of quality, pleasing head with soft, gentle expression, short coupled & well ribbed, moved soundly.
3 Blackburn’s Purpleborn Persuasion of Bekenveldt
Res Pack-Davison’s Deranmar Caerleon at Verileas
VHC Knight’s Carolus Tommy Atkins JW
Under Graduate (9, 1)  
1 Coaker’s Homerbrent Marshall
Rich Blen with the best of pigment, grand head with pleasing expression, good forehand, nicely arched neck, well ribbed & short coupled, very pleasing on the move, in good coat & muscle-tone.
2 Rhodes’ Cinderlace Monte for Calonlan
Well marked Blen, lovely head, large dark eye & good pigmentation, good forequarters, well laid shoulder & decent body, sound both ways but lacked the drive of 1. Pleasing silky coat.
3 Jones’ Jongeo The Outrider at Droleus
Res Allerton’s Deeriem Trumpet Man
VHC Hedger’s Arnie Adorable at Alrewic
Graduate (7, 0)  
1 Hughes’ Loranka's Just Like Heaven
Smart, well marked Blen, was a contender for top honours, beautiful head & expression, excellent forehand & well laid shoulder, short coupled & well ribbed, moved soundly & with drive & this hind action gave him the advantage here, soft, silky coat expertly presented.
2 Hill & Webber’s Montcolly Bowie
Ruby, most lovely head & expression enhanced by his large dark eyes & good pigmentation, great showman who carries himself well & uses his neck & shoulders to advantage, short coupled & well ribbed, straight silky coat was gleaming, moved with some style.
3 Blackburn’s Bekenveldt Serge Diaghilev
Res Royce’s Leelyn Harvey at Rucazan
VHC Lister’s Cachevell Dance In My Shadow
Post Graduate (10, 1)  
1 Mynott’s Honeybet My Way
Ruby, pleasing head & expression, good neck & shoulders, well ribbed body, well coated, moved well in profile with a free flowing action.
2 Wiggins’ Whyteplace Alonso
Glamorous & attractive Blen, lovely head & expression, well balanced & very typical all through Lost his outline a little on the move & couldn’t quite match the flowing action of 1.
3 Hedger’s Khatibi Tiger Tim at Alrewic ShCM
Res Surman’s Allrena About Turn to Vallender
VHC Renaud’s Ellenaud Harry Potter
Limit (22, 3) Lovely class with many quality dogs unplaced.
1 Li’s Avalcier Nemesis JW
Beautifully marked Blen, gorgeous head & expression, large dark eyes & first class pigmentation, good forehand, well laid shoulder, strong, well ribbed body, moved out well with a smooth flowing action & plenty of drive, soft, silky coat was spotless & gleaming.
2 Hubbard’s Popolulu Dazzling Dempster JW ShCM
Really splitting hairs here as this is another well marked Blen with super head & expression, compact & well balanced, moved soundly & with some style.
3 Fry & Jackson’s Amantra Stagehand
Res Barraclough’s Juette New Tricks
VHC Angell’s Charwelton Tate JW
Open (12, 1)  
1 Levy & Sedgwick’s Ch Pascavale Jamie JW
A toy spaniel who is well balanced & oozing with quality, large dark, limpid eyes give him a lovely soft & gentle expression, excellent forehand, good body, well ribbed a short coupled, moved well with a free driving action, silky coat presented to best advantage. CC, & BOB, on the referee’s decision.
2 Hughes’ Ch Loranka's Enchanting JW
Well marked Tri, pushed 1 hard. Grand head with melting expression, pleasing to handle & soundly made throughout, in lovely coat & good muscular condition, moves well, & was beautifully presented. RCC.
3 Claydon’s Ch Brymarden Montana JW
Res Matsumoto’s JKC Ch Volney Magic CD
VHC Barwell’s Charlottetown Motivator
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Bitches  Mrs A Horan
CC Ireland’s Charnell Mimic
RCC Hull’s Telvara Kreme D'Menthe
Best Puppy    
Veteran (2 Entries, 0 Absent)  
1 Underwood’s Vanmarlen Cherry Blossom for Neddaow
Tri bitch, carries her 11½ years lightly, pretty head, compact body, still has a level topline, well presented & coated.
2 Jackson & Vout’s Frondil Katie at Kaidee
Feminine blen, showy & outgoing, nice size & type.
Minor Puppy (21, 6)  
1 Hughes’ Loranka's Sherrie Baby
Well marked feminine tri, beautifully constructed in body, excellent front & hind angulation, sound on the move.
2 Barwell’s Charlottetown Elle On Legs
Pleasing blen, balanced & symmetrical, moves sound both ways. Just needs time to mature.
3 Li’s Avalcier Amber
Res Shinnick & Collins’ Korolevsky Snezhinka
VHC Hull’s ** La Boheme
Puppy (17, 5)  
1 Coles’ Twyforde Zeta Aquilae
Cobby tri, nice balance of head, good muzzle & cushioning, well laid shoulder, good ribs & topline, well coated, confident showgirl.
2 Maxey’s Minelda Melita
Outgoing & feminine, nice size & overall type, pleasing head, dark eye & pigment.
3 Baillie’s Fyrnrose Mrs Tiggy Winkle
Res Long’s Arroline's Ulyses
VHC Green’s Tingamar Elegance
Junior (10, 5)  
1 Claydon’s Brymarden Moon Magic
Feminine blen, a little heavily marked. Compact in body, good ribs & topline, sound front & shoulders, well angulated rear, good coat & presentation.
2 Long’s Ronmal Sweet Serenity at Arroline
Sweet head & expression, good reach of neck, firm well made body, moves out well.
3 Bayliss’ Castlewytch In Dreams
Res Chapman’s Leelyn Goody Two Shoes
VHC Kitteridge’s Smulask Sweet Babee
Yearling (12, 1)  
1 Ireland’s Charnell Frolic
Eye-catching young well marked blen, soft expression, darkest of eyes & pigment, shapely soundly constructed body, moves well. Just needs to grow her coat.
2 Gray’s Spindlepoint Sophia Loren for Evarclasi
Balanced in head & body, typical expression, good topline & tailset, moves out well.
3 Koster’s Dortmund Delyla Harana
Res Richardson’s Kringleholme Evelina
VHC Bayliss’ Castlewytch Babycham
Under Graduate (10, 0)  
1 Long’s Ronmal Sweet Serenity at Arroline
See Junior.
2 Goodwin’s Lanola Sabrosa JW
Nice size, well marked blen, well made body, well sprung ribs, good topline & tail carriage, well presented.
3 Russell’s Braymill Georgia O'Keeffe
Res Richens’ Emarik Honeysuckle Gem
VHC O'Connor’s Abercree Jasmine
Graduate (7, 2)  
1 Ireland’s Charnell Mimic
Beautiful head, darkest of eye & soft expression, good mouth & muzzle, good cushioning, clean neck & shoulders, excellent ribs & topline, very sound quarters, moves free & true, in excellent condition. CC.
2 Attwood’s Clentview Paris JW
Feminine head, large dark eyes, good overall balance & substance, covers ground with ease. Just needs more coat.
3 Gaskell’s Jeilohn Lucinda
Res Williams’ Johnasta Dance'N Doll
VHC Knapper’s Leelyn Divine Diva at Regensian
Post Graduate (12, 3)  
1 Conneally’s Coedgwylum Hot Flame
Feminine head, dark eye, nicely shaped body, sound ribs & topline, good front & rear angulation, moves sound.
2 Li’s Avalcier Sakura JW
Pleasing head & expression, good neck & shoulders, compact in body, excellent showgirl, moves out well.
3 Goodwin’s Lanola Move Over Darling
Res Walton’s Belstonbelle Jessica with Underknoll
VHC Phillips’ Scotlass Hermosa at Tillymist
Limit (11, 3)  
1 Hull’s Telvara Kreme D'Menthe
Classy well marked & presented blen, lovely body shape, nice bone & substance, good chest & quarters, feminine head, soft expression, moves four square & true. RCC.
2 Tarabad’s Khatibi Edie Does It
Pretty tri, gentle expression, pleasing shape of body, nice size & overall type, well coated & presented.
3 Boardman’s Volney Daisy Belle
Res Powell’s Keyingham Little Gem at Margareith
VHC Skinner’s Khatibi Anna Prentice for Rahmzi
Open (8, 6)  
1 Li’s Avalcier Liberty JW
Substantial blen, well broken markings, dark eye & pigment, good front, ribs, topline & rear angulation, moves with drive, presented in top order.
2 Skinner’s Khatibi Anna Prentice for Rahmzi
Nice size & type, pretty feminine head. A little less weight would be to her advantage.
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