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Championship Show - 7th June 2008

Best of Breed - Ch Chantismere Cha Cha
Best Opposite Sex - Ch Moorfields Le Tombeau

Best Puppy - Moorfields My Hero
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Dogs. Mrs M Newton
I would firstly like to thank everyone for their fantastic hospitality, we were lucky to enjoy the fine weather with the ring outside. My stewards kept everything under control and I enjoyed the chance to see some new dogs. This is a hard working committee and I know only too well how important this is for the future of the Breed and the Club.
Junior Handling: I thought the standard excellent, all were attentive to their charges and kept a careful eye on the judges position to make sure their exhibits were in full view at all times. They were all smartly presented and should be proud of their achievements
Green Star
Ch Moorfields Le Tombeau
Reserve Green Star
Conlon & Kotani's
Ch Rathbrist Just an Illusion
Baby Puppy    
1 Morelli's Hillcave Marco
Blenheim of correct size for age, pleasing expression, good pigment, best mover in the class.
2 Conlon & Kotani's Rathbrist Rhydian
Tri with good outline, large eye & dark nose, would prefer tan to be darker, just needs to perfect the walk.
Minor Puppy    
1 Kearney's Rachra Royal Glory
Sound blenheim, nicely marked, good pigment and appealing expression. Moved steadily but not always happy to show off.
2 Naulty's Marbrot Akahata of Trenaul
This black and tan showed well, compact shape and good pigment but just lifted tail a bit too high on the move.
3 Pack-Davison's ** Le Gitan at Verialeas
1 Lamont's Moorfields My Hero
Very appealing Blenheim, perfect expression for age with good earset, large dark eye & nose. Good bone & reach of neck. Moved true in both directions with drive and level topline and tail. Bright future for this young lad pleased to award Best Puppy in Show.
2 Brennan's Champneys Sorted at Brenhora
Very pretty Blenheim who still needs to fill out more, good front movement but not as settle behind.
1 Doherty's Lahume Pot Black Lad
Up to size Black & Tan in good coat with nice expression and dark pigment. Good reach of neck, bone and turn of stifle, moved steadily keeping topline.
2 Doyle's Mr Bob Doyle
Blenheim of good size, dark pigment and correct earset. Today did not perform so difficult to access movement.
3 Rudden's Lyneka Bright Star
1 Pack-Davison's Deranmar Caerleon at Verileas
Rich chestnut markings with this Blenheim lad, kindly expression, good neck and well turned stifle. When settled held a good outline but he was quite a handful for his owner.
2 Deddis' Emro One and Only
Pretty Tri with rich tan markings. Straight front and strong hind action keeping topline on the move. Just too much coat which spoilt the overall outline.
1 Blair's Ollarbrook Mr Bo Jangles
Nicely balanced Blenheim, good front, neck and shoulders. Dark eye and nose, correct earset with pleasant expression. Very sound on the move although a little excitable at times.
2 Lamont's Moorfields Apollon
This black & tan was correct size, rich tan with good bone and front, did not keep is ears up today. In good coat and moved steadily but tail up a bit too high for me.
3 Kearney's Gold Firelander at Laniata
1 Conlon & Kotani's Ch Rathbrist Just an Illusion
Stylish Tri of correct size with rich tan markings, lovely large dark eyes and pigment. Good reach of neck, front and stifle, moved true with drive keeping level topline and tail.
2 Carthy's Ch Corduke Ko-Ko at Ardgrove
Appealing Blenheim who was well balanced but at the top of the size range. Lovely expression, good pigment and eye, flat skull, nice neck. In full bloom he moved steadily around the ring with presence.
1 Lamont's Ch Moorfields Le Tombeau
This richly marked Blenheim still had great command of the ring for age with large dark eyes and very good pigment, flat skull and great expression. Straight front and strong hind action, moved very well showing his well arched neck and level topline. Well deserved the Green Star and Reserve Best of Breed.
Special Junior B/T or Ruby No Entry  
Special Open B/T or Ruby    
1 McKeon's Orinoco Jean Luc Picard
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Bitches Mrs M Newton
Green Star
Ch Chantismere Cha Cha
Reserve Green Star
Glencross Jayne Eyre
Baby Pupppy    
1 McKeon's Orinoco Tizzy Tazman
What a corker the first two in this class, both Rubies, preferred the expression with this one, good earset and more developed, moved extremely well for age, like a pro. Best Baby Puppy in Show.
2 McKeon's Orinoce Fragle Rock
Litter sister to one, similar shape and steady mover, well handled will watch their progress during the year.
3 Morelli's Hillcave Angelrose
Minor Puppy    
1 Brennan's Brenhora Peaches for Glanark
Liked this Tri lass, compact size, good bone, rich tan and dark pigment. Good neck & shoulders, well turned stifle, moved soundly in both directions keeping a good outline.
2 Vass' Aranel Deezyned for Clauberry
Very pretty Blenheim with soft expression and large dark eyes. Good front and stifle, nice overall shape and size just needs to body up to complete the picture.
3 Jackson's Mabrot Atamarie
1 Carthy's Ardgrove Showtime Annie
Attractive pretty Blenheim, rich chestnut colour and good eyes and nose, flat skull. Best mover in the class showing a great outline, more mature than two, just need to perfect the final stand.
2 Lamont's Moorfields La Marseillaise
Very nice Blenheim but a real baby, still some filling to do in both head and body, but potential is there. Moved steadily keeping a level back and tail.
3 Cooke's Emroco Buzy Bee
1 Fitzpatrick & Hegarty's Chantismere Casta Diva at Corduke
Although up to size this Blenheim had lovely large dark eyes and nose, good earset and soft expression. Moved the best in this class with nicely arched neck and good stifle.
2 Naulty's Lyneka Amara
Good overall shape to this Black & Tan who moved well eventually. Good expression, rich tan and plenty of feathering to complete the picture.
3 Morelli's Hillcave Chanel
1 Martin's Glencross Jayne Eyre
A very pretty Blenheim with flat skull, large dark eyes and nose, great neck & shoulders. A really sound mover with plenty of drive who kept her topline and tail level, in full bloom. Reserve Green Star.
2 Hilditch's Tusculana Tamsin at Kragfergus
Another lovely Blenheim with good headshape, eye & pigment. Nice neck, straight front, plenty of coat, moved well in all directions keeping outline.
3 Morelli's Hillcave Paris
1 Annesley's Leelyn Kiss-E
An attractive Black & Tan with dark pigment, great earset. Excelled in neck and shoulders, nicely rounded body, moved true at all times and showed a lovely outline when standing.
2 Conlon & Kotani's Rathbrist Madonna
Blenheim of ideal size, good expression dark eye and nose. Moved steadily with straight front and strong hind action but just lifted her tail too high for me.
3 Cooke's Menota Gipsy Ayre
1 Hegarty's Ch Chantismere Cha Cha
Richly marked Blenheim who appealed enormously. Beautiful soft expression, clear face with large dark eyes, black nose and flat skull, well feathered ears framing the face. Nicely arched neck, straight front, well turned stifle, keeping a great outline on the move, very sound. Showed to perfection, good rapport, very pleased to award the Green Star and Best in Show.
1 McKeon's Orinoco Jacko's Temptress
Really nice shape to this black & tan who moved well keeping topline, showing a good neck and shoulders. Good expression, flat skull and good pigment. Although she really enjoyed herself her coat was just not tiptop today.
2 Deddis' Corrichie Rosebud
Another sound mover for age with good topline and tailset. Appealing expression with rich tan markings. Didn't like the table today.
Special Junior B/T or Ruby    
1 Naulty's Lyneka Amara
Special Open B/T or Ruby    
1 Annesley's Leelyn Kiss-e
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