UK Toy Dog Show Society
Championship Show - 29th March 2008

Best of Breed - Sanickro Knight of Honour
Best Opposite Sex - Rubyfield Fiddlesticks

Best Puppy - Brymarden Moon Magic
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Dogs. Miss S Smith
My thanks to the officers and committee of the United Kingdom Toydog Society for inviting me to judge at the 36th renewal of their championship show, a real ‘Must’ for toy dog breeding enthusiasts. Also my thanks to my two efficient stewards Malcolm and Paula and the exhibitors for the entry of 177 dogs making 200 entries.
My general impressions of the breed are that the quality of the males is coming back up compared to when I last judged them a few years ago and there were good ones in all the four colours.
However it is still very much the case of ‘any variety Cavalier’ as it was when I first took an interest in the breed in the early seventies. There are still too many different shapes and sizes from the too small, effeminate ones to the real whoppers. The head type varying from the too short, blunt almost King Charles look to the coarse and alien.
This might always be the case as there are not and have never been many ‘stockmen and women‘ in the breed. Therefore for many it is very difficult to have an eye and grasp what constitutes the classical head type and shape of a Cavalier. There is lot more to this breed than the sweetness and pretty colours and they are one of the most challenging breeds to come into. This was one of Amice Pitt’s concerns and one of her quotes written in 1978 is still very pertinent today. She wrote: “Now we have one of the highest registrations, are we doing any better? I doubt it. We suffered then, and still do, from the complete ignorance of many interested people.”
A show dog is a show dog, and after commenting before, there were still lots of dogs with filthy teeth and signs of forbidden trimming, plus a few bad mouths. But on the positive side lots of lovely large, dark eyes and good nose pigment, and every dog an entire.
It was heartening to see some successful exhibitors from the past coming back into the picture with some quality dogs, and for me the choice of the day was something fresh and startling.
Sanickro Knight of Honour
Pamedna Washington
Best Puppy
Pamedna Washington
Veteran (8 Entries 1 Absent)  
1 Lewis’ Ch Daraste Refection of Love
Awarded this richly marked Blenheim his first C.C. and great to see him again as an 8 year old carrying his years so well. Appeals as ever with his lovely head, large dark eyes all framed by enormous, full ears. Of the evergreen, classical breed type, he is showy and glamorous and retains his wonderful topline, shape and deportment as he stepped lightly around the ring.
2 Koster’s Ch Harana Starman
7 year old compact B/T with excellent colours, dark round eyes, good front, topline and hind quarters Moved and showed well. His more positive outline and style going around earned his place over 3rd.
3 Oakley’s Brasingamen The Celt
Res Tarlton’s Tomnil Cream of The Glen
VHC Bloice’s Scotlass Tippecano
Minor Puppy (25, 3)  
1 Fox-Shone’s Pamedna Washington
Such a super sound glamorous show puppy with everything to make up into a top dog, and despite his youth grew in confidence as the proceedings went on. I did admire his breeder/handler on this point, for her sympathetic, unflustered approach in a competitive atmosphere, and for first class presentation, so he is in good hands and the risk is minimal to me for taking a chance with a top win. Of great breed type and quality, he has the correct head and sweetest expression with the highly desirable round, dark eyes and black nose pigment. Just right for size he has correct length of neck into laid in shoulders, hard topline, level tailset and super well turned quarters all covered by a silky coat of rich chestnut markings, well broken up on a pearly white ground. Plus that magical quality .. balance! Res.C.C.
2 Sedgbeer’s Russmic Jack Junior
Flashy, rich red ruby no way as forward as winner but eye catching none the less with his flowing, balanced outline going around. Just needs to develop into his correct frame to make up into a really nice adult, very good eyes, nose pigment and head pattern, showy and sound, a puppy with serious credentials for the future and a good return for this kennel.
3 Jones’ Jongeo The Performer at Droleus
Res Hannam’s Poundroll Somer Harvest
VHC Brooks’ Moonvale Fancy That
Puppy (17, 3)  
1 Macalpine’s Blairburn Bracken with Annatika
Another promising and proper show puppy with lovely, dark eyes and nose pigment, again not as forward as previous winner but he is a glamorous well marked Blenheim of lovely size and bone, good conformation and balanced outline that moved and showed really well. Will be heard of again.
2 Sidgwick’s Paulian Kittihawk
 Just done again on forwardness but knowing the slow maturing nature of this kennel’s bloodlines this strikingly well marked Tri could well be like the story of the slow tortoise. On looks he reminded me a lot of Ch. Paulian Magpie who turned out to be his grandsire, another Tri with clearly defined markings, really jet black on a pearly white ground, he has a pretty head with tapered muzzle, good eyes and pigment, shapely and glamorous, and very showy on the move Should have a bright future.
3 Smith’s Beaudale Hearts On Fire
Res Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Phoenix
VHC Vella’s Cinderlace Cromwell
Junior (15, 2)  
1 Hill & Webber’s Montcolly Bowie
Really exciting young ruby with the most fabulous round, lustrous dark eyes and black nose pigment, complementing his great coat colour, rich and even red without shading which was gleaming with condition, correct head pattern with tapered muzzle, just right for leg bone and presents a square and balanced profile in outline, another few months continuing in this vein and he will become some very hot property indeed.
2 Biggs’ Kellorian Head Over Heels
Very glamorous richly marked blenheim with good bone and conformation, lovely large dark eyes and pigment, and a multi class winner in his own right, unlucky to meet the winner, super presentation and handling.
3 Blackburn’s Purpleborn Persuasion of Bekenveldt
Res Macalpine’s Phrenchy Nae Bovvered at Annatika
VHC Flynn’s Linjato Mr Bojangles
Maiden (11, 1)  
1 Hughes’ Loranka's Just Like Heaven
Typical of this kennel, at their best they are all cast very much in the same mould for shape and size, and always well turned out, this richly marked well broken Blenheim is good all round and unexaggerated, with the most lovely eyes, pigment, and appealing expression, moved and showed well Won this and the next class quite comfortably.
2 Tarabad’s Khatibi Juan For The Road
Another showy Blenheim with rich, well broken markings, sweet head and expression, and like all the winners and placed dogs he compares well against the template for the breed including the head which scored 50 points alone on the original Breed Standard drawn up by the pioneers of the breed, and 50 points awarded on the rest of the dog.
3 Rogerson’s Rabymar Untouchable
Res Koster’s Harana Hendrix
VHC Letham’s Blairburn Bits N Bobs
Novice (10, 1)  
1 Hughes’s Loranka's Just Like Heaven
See Maiden
2 Fenton’s Bevelmount Schumacher
Another well broken, rich Blenheim that fitted the picture I was looking for, with his good eyes and dark nose pigment, ideal size and conformation and presented that all important balanced profile.
3 Pack-Davison’s Deranmar Caerleon at Verileas
Res Blackburn’s Bekenveldt Serge Diaghilev
VHC Crozier’s Korraines Rebus
Graduate (18, 4)  
1 Boardman’s Volney Bonanza
At last a B/T in the money! With the lovely, gentle head and large, dark expressive eyes I like, he is a well made, neat and good sized dog of excellent colours, raven black on rich tan, with a long silky coat and full ears. Having been close to some of the ‘greats’ in the past I would have liked to have see him ‘strut his stuff’ a bit more for a B/T male, he was perhaps mesmerized by a change of handler, but he moved soundly enough.
2 Barnard’s Toshini Martino JW
Obviously and understandably this well broken richly marked Blenheim has done some winning already, for he is of good general make and shape with a good topline. Attractive head and expression with a clean, white muzzle, well presented, showy and a sound mover.
3 Wiggins’ Whyteplace Alonso
Res Bettany’s Hilton Mar Boy
VHC Keane & Thorn’s Clopsville Sazerac at Ouzlewell
Post Graduate (33, 2) The best class of the day both in numbers and quality, everybody who got into the last cuts had something really nice on the end of the lead.
1 Tomlinson’s Sanickro Knight Of Honour
Dashing and elegant young Tri full of breed type, quality and glamour, presented and shown in immaculate condition. Lovely head highlighted with rich mahogany tan markings, large, dark eyes and super nose pigment, all framed by full, silky ears. One of the best moving Cavaliers I have ever seen, he does not leave one in any doubt how well he is put together under the wealth of coat, and sure enough he was a treat to go over on the table. On the move, all that is visible is his beautiful straight front coming and his short, snowy white hocks driving away. Added to which his natural ring presence and lovely temperament will put him in good stead for a busy campaign. My pleasure to give him his first big win. C.C. & B.O.B.
2 Jones’ Tomnil Cream of The Stars at Droleus JW
Quality well broken Blenheim at a difficult stage, too good for the earlier classes but not finished enough to take on the big boys in the top classes, His head and eyes made me gasp! I did not think there were eyes like this around anymore, they were like orbs. He had all the essentials added to which he was a lovely, balanced size and had an excellent temperament. Conditioned up and in time he would be good enough to go all the way.
The remainder of this line up were gorgeous dogs and a credit to their owners.
3 Dix’s Beewye Millies Red Robin
Res Hannam’s Cachevell Rock On Tommy
VHC Boardman’s Volney Gazpacho
Mid Limit (15, 4)  
1 Hunter’s Spennithorne Justin Thyme ShCM
Old fashioned type Blenheim, not that there is anything wrong with that, wish there were more of them in fact. Has the desired large, dark eyes, rich blanketed blenheim markings and very good pigment, overall the desired make and shape for the correct, balanced outline, moved and showed well.
2 Gardiner & Dansage’s Edonhill Blaze Away JW
Very glamorous Tri with excellent colours, raven black on a pearly white ground and highlighted with super mahogany tan markings, has an attractive head and good conformation, moved and showed well.
3 Crane’s Cranvarl Royal Star Struck
Res Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Jamie JW
VHC Godwin’s Stanhome Lord Of The Rings
Limit (20, 0)  
1 Hughes’ Kinvaar Cruise Control to Pearldrift
This class headed by two proper, glamorous Blenheim Cavalier males of which I wrote similar remarks, just splitting hairs in the end and I am sure they will change places on other occasions. Both had lovely eyes and dark nose pigment, well broken markings with the richest blenheim colour on a glinting, pearly white ground, both attentive showboys that moved accurately coming and going. The winner sporting a highly desirable blenheim feature that was a rare commodity today and that was the prized lozenge or thumb print on the skull. Miss Turle used to breed for this feature, I have seen complete blenheim litters at her house and every puppy with the spot.
2 Vella & Li’s Avalcier Olivier of Cinderlace
I have liked this kennel’s dogs before and this was a lovely, glamorous dog that will go on and do a lot more winning.
3 Biggs’ Korolevsky Faberge Kellorian JW
Res Angell’s Charwelton Tate JW
VHC Fisk’s Rebhann Bo Diddley
Special Limit (B/T or Ruby) (16, 2)  
1 Boardman’s Volney Gazpacho
See 2nd
2 Clark’s Dortmund Red Alert
Two quality rubies to which I wrote similar critiques, both of different breeding but could have been mistaken for brothers, as they matched each other point for point. They had pretty and typical heads, lovely classical shape in outline, being of lovely size make and shape, rich red colour, good sound movers and showy appearance.
3 Cooper & Dobson’s Facanamee Alfie of Malanis
Res Morgan’s Cleocath Carregddu at Sohanastar ShCM
VHC Rogerson’s Rabymar Apollo
Open (12, 3)  
1 Claydon’s Ch Brymarden Montana JW
Worthy Blenheim champion of great breed type and quality, gave him a first as a young dog, also a Best Puppy to his champion sister, a great pair to be proud of. He is also the sire of the Res.C.C. I see so not just a pretty face. Indeed he has the most scrumptious head and eyes, added to his type and outline, make and shape makes a very pleasing picture, all completed by his rich, blanketed blenheim markings and proud, stylish bearing going around the ring, showed all the time.
2 Hughes’ Loranka's Enchanting JW
Best Dog puppy last time I judged him and now sitting on 2 C.C.’s, sorry I could not go one better but I’m sure this quality Tri’s crown is just around the corner. Will always appeal with his beautiful markings and classical outline, presented to perfection, excellent colours of glossy jet black on a pearly white ground, highlighted with mahogany tan plus large, dark eyes. He moves and shows really well.
3 Jones’ Ch Timsar Mister Moonlighter
Res Schilizzi’s Fin Ch Chacombe Armani
VHC Lymer & Scheidt’s Lymrey Hi Command JW

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Bitches Miss L Rennard
Thank you very much to my stewards, Des and Carol Jenkins, who kindly agreed to steward for me again, and were so helpful, efficient and supportive. Thank you also to everyone for their good wishes on my pregnancy. (My husband & I are expecting our second child in May.)
Rubyfield Fiddlesticks
Brymarden Moon Magic
Best Puppy
Brymarden Moon Magic
Veteran (8 Entries, 1 Absent)  
1 Wheeler’s Sharonaz Melody for Drumhay
Lovely well marked Blenheim bitch who still has a good coat & was immaculately presented. Petite & as pretty as ever, with a lovely head and large dark eyes giving the classic “melting” expression. Showed well & enjoyed her day, she must be such a delight to her owner.
2 Underwood’s Vanmarlen Cherry Blossom for Neddaow
11½ year old tricolour who carried her years so well that she deserved her place here. Immaculate condition, dripping in straight silky coat, she was a small, cheerful type who looked so good for her age.
3 Turner’s Shalot Morgan Le Fay
Res Tee’s Kinglory Milligan Mist
VHC Hobbs’ Madaline Bealsam
Minor Puppy (29, 7)  
1 Baillie’s Fyrnrose Mrs Tiggy Winkle
Little well marked Blenheim of good type, small well balanced and well made. Showed and moved well, friendly and cheerful, in no way overawed at her first show at 6 months, enjoyed herself and meeting everyone enormously exactly as a Cavalier should!
2 Hughes’ Loranka's Starlite Shimmer
Small well marked Blenheim of excellent shape & make with good expression, nice puppy.
3 Turp’s Tingamar Tickled Pink
Res Flower’s Anberan Berrytini
VHC Barker’s Kaishmar Katarina
Puppy (16, 1)  
1 Claydon’s Brymarden Moon Magic
Stunning puppy who was exactly what I was looking for. Small, compact and well balanced, with excellent neck & shoulders & good turn of stifle, she moved round the ring accurately, with drive and style keeping her good topline and tailset. Very pretty head & expression, lots of straight silky coat which was immaculately presented. Delightful character, full of fun, and so friendly she kept rushing to say “hello” but still showed so well with confidence and style. Daughter of the lovely champion winner of Open, she pushed hard for the CC, beat her top winning dam for a well deserved Reserve CC, won Best Puppy in Breed & went on to Best Puppy in Show.
2 Watts’ Brymarden Moon Dance to Jamesbonny
Close decision between 2nd & 3rd, she won on her overall finish, well presented, straight silky coat, moved and showed well.
3 Ward’s Charalier Fancy Dress
Res Hughes’ Loranka's Star So Bright
VHC Lord’s Belbury Anna Jay
Junior (28, 7)  
1 Gray’s Spindlepoint Sophia Loren for Evarclasi
She kept catching my eye throughout the class. Very little, pretty Blenheim with a good shape, well balanced, with good spring of rib. Showed very well, very friendly and waggy. Very pretty head & expression, nice type.
2 Knight’s Carolus Little Madam
Small well made blenheim who had a lovely profile with excellent topline & tailset which she retained on the move; presented a poised and attractive overall picture. Full head & soft expression, showed well. Her outline & topline won her the next two classes.
3 Flynn’s Linjato Devil Wears Prada
Res Tarabad’s Khatibi Edie Does It
VHC Smith’s Castlewytch Peggy Sue for Miskhill
Maiden (16, 1) This was a difficult class to judge as the clear winner was very spooky & kept backing off; this is not Cavalier temperament & she was unplaced.
1 Knight’s Carolus Little Madam
See Junior
2 Powell’s Cloudcroft Dixie Chick
Very nice head & shape but did not present the profile of the winner on the move.
3 Powell’s Keyingham Little Gem at Margareith
Res Jones’ Timsar Miss B'Gotten
VHC Taylor’s Rosscrea Graceland
Novice (9, 1)  
1 Knight’s Carolus Little Madam
See Junior
2 Taylor’s Kemble Charisma
Very jolly black/tan with a nice shape who moved well. Pretty head, but the black encroached considerably on her tan face markings, rather like smuts from a bonfire, which meant the winner had the edge on expression & also on tailset.
3 Tarabad’s Khatibi Edie Does It
Res Goodwin’s Lanola Sabrosa
VHC Richens’ Emarik Honeysuckle Gem
Graduate (19, 1) Very strong class, any of the first 5 could have won.
1 Attwood’s Clentview Paris JW
Very well presented, well marked Blenheim who presented an excellent shape and profile. Very pretty head with soft expression & tapered muzzle without in any way being “snipey”. Good neck & shoulders with nice crest to her neck. Not quite as outgoing today as I like, but was in no way spooky.
2 Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Clarissa JW
Very nice Blenheim who showed very well. Small & neatly made, good coat & type, pretty head with quite a short muzzle which was very well cushioned, nice expression, preferred the winner’s head, but a close decision.
3 Waddington’s Spindlepoint Babich
Res Pagan’s Sorata Sophie Tucker
VHC Conneally’s Coedgwylum Hot Flame
Post Graduate (35, 12)  
1 Lymer & Scheidt’s Volney Chardonnay JW
Well marked Blenheim with lots of coat who is a size larger than I like, but deserved this win. Pretty head, large dark eyes with soft gentle expression, framed by long ears with good earset. Well constructed with good angulation & lots of scope. Very friendly and cheerful temperament.
2 Goodwin’s Lanola Move Over Darling
Another nice Blenheim who was close up. Well marked & super presentation with lots of straight silky coat, she has a good spring of rib & is well constructed. A nice type, who showed well and was friendly. Nice head & expression, slightly preferred the winner’s, but a close decision.
3 Allitt’s Elliott's at Phrenchy
Res Taylor’s Rosscrea Summertime
VHC Mynott’s Honeybet Just Magic
Mid Limit (6, 1)  
1 Barnard’s Toshini Louisa JW
Moved and showed very well, with a good topline and tailset. Well marked blenheim, with rich colouring, and well constructed, with nice angulation at both ends. Attractive well cushioned head, with a lovely gentle expression in her large dark eyes. A little larger than I like, but a nice bitch.
2 Turner’s Shalot Beguiled
Dear little smaller blenheim of good type, small and compact. Very cheerful & endearing, sweet face. Preferred the winner’s neck & shoulders.
3 Waddington’s Spindlepoint Grace Darling
Res Dale’s Maratim Magic Ring
VHC Kitson’s Kadoogels Could It Be Magic
Limit (17, 3) Excellent class, any of the first 5 could have won.
1 Butler’s Tamyse Delecia JW
Little well marked compact Blenheim with good depth of body & lots of straight, silky coat which was well presented. Very pretty head, with soft, gentle expression in her large dark eyes. Showed well, nice and waggy, and looked at me whenever I went up to her, which was charming. She looked really good today but just lost out to the top winners on angulation.
2 Maclaine’s Lochbuie Geordie
I have always liked this small, compact Blenheim of excellent make and shape, with good angulation, moved well and has lots of exuberance and style. Just preferred the winner’s expression, but a very close decision.
3 Sansom’s Byermoor Queens Maid JW
Res McMurray’s Merryoth Maeve
VHC Eyre’s Newroyds Count On Me
Special Limit (B/T or Ruby) (15, 0)  
1 Boundy’s Rubyfield Fiddlesticks
Delightful little black/tan who epitomises Cavalier type – small, square and compact, nice neck & shoulders with good reach of neck & presented excellent overall balanced picture. Good spring of rib & depth of body. Very pretty head, soft and cushioned without being overdone in any way, framed by long ears with good earset, large dark eyes and very gentle expression. Lovely character, being very friendly, waggy and cheerful. Moved accurately and with lots of verve. She “shrieks” Cavalier & it was a pleasure to award her the CC, which makes her into a well deserved Champion.
2 Boardman’s Volney Daisy Belle
Sound well made black/tan of nice type who moved and showed well.
3 Turner’s Shalot Lady Bethan
Res Loynd’s Royalvale Rock Don't Stop
VHC Lunam’s Brasingamen Rough Quest
Open (11, 1)  
1 Claydon’s Ch Brymarden Moon River JW
This bitch is every inch a champion. A stunning mover (like her champion brother) she moves round the ring with flamboyance, presence and accuracy, presenting a lovely picture. Lots of straight silky coat, immaculately presented. I loved her demeanor – typical Cavalier, very friendly, waggy and full of beans. Not just a super champion, but a wonderful mother, as she is the dam of the Best Puppy & Res CC winner, who I think is even better, which we all try and achieve, congratulations to her breeders.
2 Pagan’s Campanards Triple Rose at Sorata
A lovely rich coloured ruby who has an excellent shape, well angulated at both ends, very pleasing, pretty head and excellent overall balance. Easy to see why she is a champion & liked her a lot, but preferred the movement of the winner.
3 Paterson’s Phrenchy Pollyanna
Res Colavecchia-Fish’s Carolus Lidia
VHC Lovel’s Craigowl Vivienne at Lovetrac

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