Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
Championship Show – 5th March 2016
Best In Show – Riverdale Of An Excellent Choice
Reserve Best In Show – Aus Ch Pascavale Declan
Best Opposite Sex – Sorata Miss Emily Salsara JW
Best Puppy – Craigowl Touche
Best Veteran – Ch Kaidee Kiss Me Kate Khatibi JW ShCM

Best In Show 2016

Best Veteran 2016
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Dogs Mrs V Hull (Telvara)
I felt very honoured to be invited by the CKCS Club to judge at this particular show, an event that I have for many years loved attending as either an exhibitor or spectator. The hospitality and attention to detail was second to none, and my thanks to you all who made this happen. Thanks also to my very efficient Ring Stewards who kept the ring flowing, and my photographers who did a sterling job recording visual memories of the lovely International entry of Cavaliers for me to treasure. I set out with the Breed Standard firmly in my head, and was delighted to find what I was looking for in most classes, in fact, being spoiled for choice in several classes throughout the day. Since my last assignment tail carriage and hind quarters have greatly improved, and my only re-occurring slight concern was the lack of showmanship in some otherwise charming exhibits. I feel some were so focused on their handler they forgot to show, and this should be kept in mind because one of our captivating breed characteristics is the carefree sense of joie de vivre and love of life displayed by these naturally happy outgoing Toy dogs, who with their ever wagging tails are always eager to please. Thanks to every exhibitor for giving me the honour of judging your Cavaliers, and for accepting all class placings with generous applause. I was thrilled with all my winners, and feel the breed is in very safe hands.
Dog CC Moonen’s Riverdale Of An Excellent Choice
Reserve CC Stahl’s Aus Ch Pascavale Declan
Best Puppy Dog Inglis’ Craigowl Out Of Touch
Veteran (14 Entries, 5 Absent)  
1st Hughes’ Ch Kaishmar Kavanagh Loranka
Attractive Blenheim who moved well in both direction and showed happily throughout the class. He is correctly balanced with good hind angulation and has admirable breed type with very pleasing head qualities, pretty eyes and coal black pigment. His coat was well presented and classically marked as were all from this dedicated exhibiter.
2nd Claydon’s Ch Brymarden Montana JW
Impressive 12 year old who covers the ground so well. This exhibit is a different shape from the class winner, but he has pleasing head qualities with excellent pigment, dark eyes, and a kindly expression.
3rd Biggs’ Kellorian Head Over Heels JW
Res Novakova’s Cz Ch Zippy Prokopska Hvezda
VHC Latteck’s Pascavale Mikie
HC Kilcoyne’s Granasil Dr Pepper
Minor Puppy (16, 2)  
1st Lister’s Roll Of The Dice
So much potential here waiting to be guided in the right direction. His well marked coat is silky and has good clarity, and his head is very appealing. The breed type of this 7 month old catches the eye, and when settled he move very well keeping a good outline and correct tail carriage. He has good bone, is a sensible size, and has the bonus of a happy outgoing attitude.
2nd Li’s Avalcier Rojo
7 month old Ruby who is well schooled to the job in hand. He’s a very neat overall package with a quality coat of the correct rich colouring, and is well bodied for his tender age. He sports good angles both front and rear, and I loved his happy show temperament which was evident both when on the move and when standing. His nose pigment and eye colour are both good, but his head is just a little raw at this point of his development.
3rd Edwards’ Delhaze Skyfall
Res Drewett’s Brymarden Honeycombe at Judyland
VHC Engel’s Angel’s Pride Zakkary
HC Norris’ Cinderaic Are You Kidding Criscan
Puppy (12, 0)  
1st Inglis’ Craigowl Out Of Touch
This endearing 11 month old topped a quality class of promising puppies. He is stylish when on the move, using his well angulated hind quarters while keeping a lovely outline. This exciting youngster has a beautiful head framed by well set ears that are nicely feathered, and his facial features with a sweet expression and clear, well defined white muzzle emphasise his large dark eyes, and pitch black nose leather. He has a quality coat which is well marked silky, and expertly presented, and I was pleased to award this outstanding puppy BPD. In the final challenge for BPIS he was only beaten by his very attractive litter sister. What an achievement for his clever breeders.
2nd Waddington’s Spindlepoint President
Just 9 months and looking as he should for his age. It’s all there and he shows real promise. Very sound and steady mover, good front and rear angulations and a level topline which flows into a correctly carried tail. His head pleased for type, and he has a lovely richly coloured silky coat which was presented in good order.
3rd Koster’s Harana Errol Brown
Res Knapp & Blackie’s Cridensa Coltrane
VHC Conneally’s Coedgwylum Hot Addition
HC McMurray’s Harana Jack Jones
Junior (12, 2)  
1st Moonen’s Riverdale Of An Excellent Choice
This truly stunning young male was the soundly structured, joyful ‘Toy Spaniel’ I was looking for, and he ticks so many boxes our Breed Standard asks for. His head is perfection, balanced in proportions, with copybook features, and his sound conformation with good front angulation, level topline held at all times, and his perfectly carried, ever wagging tail flowing straight off his spine. He uses his strong hind quarters to cover the ground with an effortless driving gait, and his silky textured coat was presented in gleaming condition. In such a quality International entry I wasn’t quite prepared to find my CC winner so early in the classes, but I could find nothing to beat him. He stole my heart completely to win the CC, and with my co-judges approval he took BIS over the delightful Black & Tan bitch CC winner.
2nd Aldous & Smith’s Aranel Hadley
There’s a lot to like about this 12 month old youngster. His balanced outline, overall size and pleasing type are immediately obvious, and on the move his topline is held firm at all times. He has beautiful eyes, black nose leather an endearing expression, and his tail is carried at the correct angle. Today he was unlucky to meet the class winner in such stunning form.
3rd Lovel’s Jolainey Moonlight at Lovetrac
Res Fox-Shone’s Pamedna Renaissance JW
VHC Hughes’ Loranka’s Cupid
HC Leach’s Ouzlewell’s Leonardo
Yearling (13, 0)  
1st Hansen’s Am Ch You’re My Sunshine vom Kaninchengarten
This young male just keeps getting better. Today he was presented in full coat which is classically marked and perfectly presented. His size, head qualities, breed type and balance all please the eye, and he covered the ground well. His tail is correctly set and carried, and his quarters are well angulated. He was very focused on his owner/handler, and in the challenge today he was ‘just a wag’ away from top honours.
2nd Searle’s Stonepit Sunnie Jym
What a happy, well marked boy this is. He’s a different type from the winner, but very attractive from all angles and shows nonstop displaying his true carefree Cavalier spirit. His conformation is good, and he moves well in both directions giving a good account of himself.
3rd Golebiewska’s Unica Soluzione Uriel
Res Mangham’s Castlewytch Perfection of Charnavale JW
VHC Crozier’s Timsar Master Joker Is Wild
HC Chapman & Ireland’s Ellemich Invictus
Special Graduate Blenheim (11, 1) Very mixed class for both type and age range.
1st Sedgbeer’s Castlewytch Rave On with Russmic JW
Well made richly coloured Blenheim who puts in a good performance. He’s a sensible size with a smart outline showing a good neck and well laid back shoulders. His head is masculine and his glossy attractively marked coat is coming in as he matures. He moved well in both directions and with a little more finish to his under body coat length I’m sure he will trouble the best.
2nd Coole’s Jolainey Touch Of Evan
Another soundly made dog who moved with drive and purpose. He has an attractive head with beautiful eyes, a nicely filled muzzle, and good pigment.
Not an easy choice between these 3 vastly different males with 3rd place going to a beautiful 11 month old puppy.
3rd Inglis’ Craigowl Out Of Reach
Res Long’s Arroline Infinity JW
VHC Biggs’ Kellorian Beyond A Dream
HC Underwood’s Neddaow Ratatouille
Special Graduate Tricolour (6, 1)  
1st Campbell’s Bentwood Carlos
This boy looked a picture today. His coat was presented in sparkling condition and his lovely carefree attitude toward showing is very evident. I like his balance, his short firm topline, and well made hind quarters which he uses to advantage when on the move. This head is a tad stronger than my ideal, but his eyes are dark, his ear set good, and overall he put in a very polished performance.
2nd Biddle’s Hearthfriend Bah Humbug JW
Loved the head type of this 2½ year old boy. He has lovely eyes, a good finish to his nicely filled muzzle, and well set ears. Not quite the topline or croup of the class winner, but his size is correct and his well marked coat nicely presented.
3rd Royce’s Stonepit Jubilation at Rucazan
Res Connor’s Gadeslain Perfect Gent
VHC Hedger’s Khatibi Hedger Bets On Alrewic
Special Graduate Black & Tan (4, 0)  
1st O’Grady’s Culverhill Carte Noire
18 month old male with a wealth of beautifully presented straight silky coat. I liked his size and substance, with good bone, well sprung ribs, and carrying the correct weight for his frame. He moved soundly in both directions keeping a firm topline and a good tail carriage.
2nd Boardman’s Volney Blackberry
This fully mature male has a slightly larger frame than the winner, and a different textured coat. He moved with verve keeping his firm level topline, and showed happily throughout the class.
3rd Earl’s Earlrae Little Wizard
Res Potter’s Toyswood Paperback Writer
Special Graduate Ruby (4, 1)  
1st Tarabad’s Khatibi One In Vermilion JW
Neat overall package who fell into his stride and gained confidence as the class progressed. He held his tail a touch low today when gaiting, but his breed type is good with an attractive head, and on the move his topline is held firm. His well groomed rich Ruby coat was presented in good order.
2nd Hamill’s Craebeck Scrumpy Jack
A fully mature male who has good angulation to his front and rear quarters. His size, and leg to length of back balance are good, as is his coat colour. His head is a little refined for me, but he showed happily for his handler.
3rd Richen’s Rabymar Moon Tiger for Emarik
Post Graduate (14, 5)  
1st Smith’s Beaudale Little Ted
One of my favourite Ruby boys who looked so good today. His size fits the Standard well, he’s beautifully balanced, and has good angulations in both his front and hind quarters. This is a typey 3 year old with an attractive head who looks very eye catching in profile with his firm topline, and sound movement. He lost out in the challenge for top honours to males who were showing their hearts out and giving their all.
2nd Wightman’s Ellemich Kenzo at Kailyflee JW
This beautifully headed Blenheim put in such a good performance today. His head properties are outstanding, with large dark expressive eyes, just the right amount of cushioning, and a shapely finish to his lipline. The clarity of his well marked, immaculately presented coat is so eye catching, and he showed happily for his owner/handler throughout the class.
3rd Biggs’ Kellorian Beyond A Dream
Res Edwards’ Delhaze Take A Chance
VHC Rizzi Vanna’s Unica Soluzione Srcretariat
HC Hamill’s Craebeck Scrumpy Jack
Mid Limit (9, 0) This was an interesting class.
1st Renaud’s Ellenaud Freddie Mercury
I’ve admired the breed type of this Blenheim since he was a puppy. Today he really looked the part and put in a good solid performance. He’s soundly made with well angulated front and rear quarters, a good reach of neck flowing into well laid back shoulders, and strong hindquarters. His head qualities are classic, and he pulled out all stops today to beat his lovely Sire who stood 2nd in this class of quality exhibits.
2nd Ackroyd-Gibson’s Toraylac Denton
Sire to the above, and what a smart looking Cavalier he is. His size, shape and angles are good, and his head properties are very pleasing with a soft expression, excellent pigment, pretty eyes and a nice finish to his well filled muzzle. He moved soundly and never stopped showing.
3rd Whitfield’s Bevelmount Red Beaujolais JW
Res Hughes’ Loranka’s Edge Of Heaven
VHC Hindle’s Ellisiana Adonis
HC Carr-Tomlinson’s Ledesham Jack Flash
Limit (9, 0)  
1st Engel’s Angel’s Pride Kasanova
This 2¼ year old Blenheim male was is lovely condition and his happy outgoing personality really appealed. Correct for size and balance, he looked impressive going round with his well set tail constantly wagging. His prettily marked coat shone with good health, and his head is attractive with good pigment and kind expressive eyes.
2nd Lewis’ Leelyn Michael Buble for Carleeto JW ShCM
Very attractive B&T who moved well in both directions. He has a pleasing head with large dark eyes, bright clear tans and a good ear set. Slightly longer cast in the loin than my ideal, but a top quality boy nevertheless with a great attitude toward showing.
3rd Rhodes’ Calonlan Corona
Res Hughes’ Loranka’s Moonshine JW
VHC Tyler & Willinghanz’s Little Shamrock
HC Mackenzie’s Carsan Danza
Special Open Bred By Exhibitor (9, 1) A strongly contested class full of Champions.
1st Smith’s Ch Beaudale Georgie Porgy
This is one of my favourite B&T boys who I’ve always admired from the ringside. A Toy Spaniel in every way but with good substance and strong, rounded bone. His head is both sweet, and masculine, his flat skull, ear set and feathering all please the eye. He was presented in pristine condition, and with a wag or two from that well set on and carried tail the picture could have been complete.
2nd Price’s Ch Almonroyd Minstrel
Another very worthy Champion who was in tip top order today. This is a soundly constructed, well marked Blenheim who meets the Standard we aspire to emulate. His size and outline are good, his neck flowing seamlessly into a level topline, and his tail is well set & carried. He looked lovely.
3rd Maclaine’s Ch Lochbuie Cappuccino
Res Godwin’s Cavaliegh Ice Man JW
VHC Searle's Stonepit Franco I Believe
HC Biddle’s Hearthfriend Bah Humbug JW
Open (11, 1) Another nine stunning Champions here, all at the top of their career.
1st Stahl’s Aus Ch Pascavale Declan
This almost 4 year old Blenheim looked outstanding today. His classic head is masculine, with large dark expressive eyes, dense nose pigment and just the right amount of fill to his muzzle. He has substance, and excellent conformation which shows in his sound steady movement, and his coat was presented in sparkling condition. This lovely exhibit showed non-stop to claim the award of Res. CC, and Res Best in Show.
2nd Engel & Greenall’s Dutch Ch Charalier Dress To The Nines for Charlesworth JW
Another who I’ve greatly admired from the ringside, and he didn’t disappoint in this class full of top quality Cavaliers. His head piece is very beautiful, with an endearing soft expression, and he moved very soundly in both direction holding a good outline at all times. Today he needed a little more weight for perfection, but his overall quality is plain to see.
3rd Hughes’ Ch Loranka’s Heavenly Moment
Res Kasanova’s Sk/Cz/Hu/Pl/At Ch Etar Prokopska Hvezda
VHC Hunter & Martin’s Aus Ch Spennithorne Dream Thyme
HC Rejfkova’s Cz/Sk/Hu Ch Faranel Prokopska Hvizda

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Bitches Mr M Levy (Pascavale)
Thank you to the committee for the honour of this prestigious appointment and for your gracious hospitality. Thanks for the ease of working with professional stewards. And of course to the sporting exhibitors who brought some beautiful well-conditioned bitches. I know it’s said often but there were some classes where even six places weren’t enough! I was looking for a small well-made bitch with a wonderful expression and that all-important cavalier temperament. I’m glad to report they were there in their abundance, well done and thank you.
Bitch CC Barrett’s Sorata Miss Emily Salsara JW
Reserve CC Lovel’s Ch Lovetrac Scrumdiddly JW
Best Puppy Bitch Inglis’ Craigowl Touche
Veteran (15 Entries, 2 Absent)  
1st Tarabad’s Ch Kaidee Kiss Me Kate Khatibi JW ShCM
What a quality neat blen. Good overall balance in an ideal size. Shapely well angled profile. Beautifully marked from her even face markings to her well broken jacket. Pretty head with endearing expression from round dark eyes. What a show off charging round the ring head held high and tail constantly wagging, quite the eye catcher. Best Veteran in Show.
2nd Coole’s Jolainey Sugar Babe
I have been an admirer of this bitch for many years. Just love the head type; clean face with ample cushioning throughout and the most adorable large soulful eyes which you fall into. Good for size and bone. Glamourous example who should in my opinion been crowned in her glory days.
3rd Homes’ Leogem Musetta
Res Schumann’s Ger Ch Savanna Rose du Chateau Noblesse
VHC Bloomfield’s Oaklake Debbie Harry
HC Ward’s Charalier Fancy Dress
Minor Puppy (18, 4)  
1st Chapman & Ireland’s Ellemich Im A Celebrity
Clean cut baby oozing potential. Very appealing type with gentle sweet expression. Attractive outline. Moved from good driving rear. Very clear markings. Presented in spotless order.
2nd Smith’s Crimbledale Jemima at Beaudale
Another top draw black and tan from this consistent breeder. Super outline set off in her raven black silhouette. Pretty feminine head with plenty of rich tan. Kind expression from dark eyes. Moved with poise and elegance.
3rd Claydon’s Brymarden Honeysuckle
Res Homes’ Leogem Aliona
VHC McMurray’s Cinderaic Are You For Me
HC Salisbury’s Clopsville Santa Suzana
Puppy (22, 3)  
1st Inglis’ Craigowl Touche
There’s no doubt this blen is a head turner and will be more so as she matures. Although looking a little upright to today’s class she’ll settle well into her frame. Lovely headpiece, well cushioned throughout, expressive dark eyes giving gentlest of expressions. I was particularly impressed by her ear placement which was held high framing her pretty face. A steady fluent mover holding a level topline. Best Puppy in Show.
2nd Edwards’ Magic Charm’s Witchy Woman to Delhaze
Delightful feminine blen. I loved her breed type and overall quality. Scores tops for size, make and shape. Correct head properties with large dark eyes. Wasn’t quite on her toes as with the winner but still an exciting prospect.
3rd Stahl’s Waelderschaetzle Baby Doll Bianca
Res Searle’s Stonepit Jenny Wren
VHC Berwick’s Harana Well Hello Dolly at Merrylaine
HC Lewis’ Daraste Delicious
Junior (27, 6)  
1st Conlon & Kotani’s Rathbrist Whispering Hope
Exquisite exhibit, so correct in head qualities, large dark eyes, tapered muzzle but still well cushioned adding to the softness of her expression. Well angled body will ample bone. Moved with reach and ease. Very attractive bitch finished with quality silky coat.
2nd Diachok & Dyachok’s Maddje Salika Soul J Ch
Lovely endearing bitch, with pretty head with large dark kind eyes. So correctly angled. Moderate bone and good spring of rib. Impressive mover with drive from strong rear, holding excellent topline.
3rd Aldous & Smith’s Aranel Olivia
Res Fox-Shone’s Pamedna Nina Rickie
VHC Aldous & Smith’s Aranel Maddison
HC Quilter’s Karaime’s Magic Wish
Yearling (17, 2)  
1st Guvercin’s Charnell Jessica at Glebeheath JW
Elegant blen put together so well. Shapely outline with correct angles on all quarters. Most attractive on the move needing little effort. Well off for long silky coat. Put down in excellent condition.
2nd Hughes’ Loranka’s Moments Like This
Well balanced tri with pleasing head. Good ear placement framing pretty face. Nice rich tan in all the right places. Correct profile and topline on the move.
3rd Claydon’s Ellemich Infusion
Res Homes’ Leogem Glad News
VHC Salisbury’s Clopsville Brooklyn
HC Owen’s Hansowens Ebony Star
Special Graduate Blenheim (18, 3)  
1st Chambers’ Georgewade Mistletoe’n Wine
What an eye catcher this extrovert is. Pretty head with large kind eyes, long well set ears. Super outline and substance. Covered the ground on the go with ease, keeping good topline. Considered in last four.
2nd Aldous & Smith’s Aranel Eternal
Heavier marked blen so correct in shape which was proved when on the move. Pretty feminine head with gentlest of expressions from super dark eyes.
3rd Sedgbeer’s Tasset Freya with Russmic
Res Inglis’ Craigowl Keep In Touch
VHC Surman’s Pennygown Madly Deeply for Vallender
HC Ward’s Charalier Buttonesque
Special Graduate Tricolour (11, 2)  
1st Hegarty’s Chantismere Mary Lou
Such lovely breed type from this pretty bitch. Softest of expressions from round dark eyes. Well cushioned foreface. Generous rich tan markings. Moves with drive with good tail set.
2nd Ackroyd-Gibson’s Castlewytch Gentle Touch for Toraylac
Small sassy tri with fun personality. Coby neat body. Sweet face with kind dark eyes. Good topline on the move. Well-schooled and handled.
3rd Salisbury’s Clopsville Winnipeg
Res Rees’ Embeth Bonny Boat
VHC Brewer & Moody’s Charlottetown Silvee at Bowfort
HC Deans’ Kilbarchan Pina Colada for Clockpelters
Special Graduate Black & Tan (10, 1)  
1st Owen’s Hansowens Ebony Star
Gleaming and in fantastic condition. Pleasing head and correct gentle expression. Well-constructed with correct moderate bone. Carried herself very well when moving round the ring. Beautiful silky long coat.
2nd Quilter’s Sunrise Shooting Star for Karaime
Good for size in a neat package. Large round eyes giving kind expression. Moves with drive keeping a level topline and good tail carriage.
3rd Lewis’ Carleeto Midnight Dream JW
Res Loades’ Rosirius Jazmine
VHC Williams’ Sancana Moonlight
HC Bayliss’ Brasingamen Walk In The Park
Special Graduate Ruby (8, 1)  
1st Schumann’s Romantica du Chateau Noblesse J Ch
Quality ruby of good type. Holds your attention with her outgoing showy temperament. Open expression from large dark eyes. Well-schooled on the move and standing. Presented in good colour and condition.
2nd Whitfield’s Bevelmount Scarlet Ribbons
Well-proportioned body, elegant movement with head held high. Good quarters. Appealing feminine head with pretty face. Largest of eyes giving kind soft expression.
3rd Evans’ Svena Summer Eve
Res Fisk’s Simpatico Ginger Nut avec Rebhann
VHC Pipkin’s Ryanmil Queen Of The Night
HC Zalateo’s Liberty De La Geode
Post Graduate (13, 2)  
1st Barrett’s Sorata Miss Emily Salsara JW
What a fire cracker this little bitch is, she just never stops wagging! Super coby body, spot on for size, substance and balance. Well angled both front and rear. Charges round the ring on her toes holding her head held high, keeping a level topline and good tail carriage. Pretty head with ample cushioning extenuating kind expression from large dark eyes. I was looking for outstanding and this one did just that. CC.
2nd Ward’s Charalier Fancy Frock
Different type to one but still of high quality. Shapely outline with well-turned rear. Correct shaped head with probably largest eyes on the day. Moved with drive. Furnished in long silky coat.
3rd King-Smith’s Ispahan Blue Bunting
Res Taylor’s Trirayne Karrieanne
VHC Maddy’s Korraines Buttons N Bows at Gabmaddi
HC Zalateo’s Jamboree of Woodville
Mid Limit (15, 3)  
1st Godwin’s Cavaliegh Honesty
A look and type I like very much. A sweet expression from round dark eyes from well cushioned head with good ear placement. Well-constructed body with correct angles. Easy on the go holding a lovely level topline. Considered in my last four.
2nd Aldous & Smith’s Delores Vomkaninchengarten by Aranel
What a doll this little bitch is, she’s as cute as can be. Sweetest of faces with soft kind expression from large eyes. Small well balanced short coupled body. Moves with drive. Looking the picture in her well broken silky coat.
3rd Cunningham’s Verheyen Meryt
Res Smith’s Beaudale Bo Peep
VHC Lovel’s Lovetrac Eureka
HC Surman’s Cavaliegh Lillian
Limit (8, 0)  
1st King-Smith’s Ispahan Seabreeze
Won this class on her head properties, just love the balance of skull, brow and muzzle all flowing together. Has the softness of the expression, really melting from correct round dark eyes. She’s the sweetest of temperaments. Good well-proportioned body. Moved with plenty rear drive.
2nd Li’s Avalcier Rouge JW
Super ruby of the top draw variety. Fits well into her frame, very shapely in all the right places. Good bone and substance. Pretty head with gentle expression from large eyes. Fluent on the move making for a very appealing bitch.
3rd Taylor’s Taybar Stella ShCM
Res Conneally’s Coedgwylum Hot Passion
VHC Mancey’s Estrid Cleopatra
HC Dodds’ Itsadodal Silent Witness
Special Open Bred By Exhibitor (10, 1)  
1st Searle’s Ch Stonepit Believe In Angels
I’ve admired this bitch for some time but never examined up close and what a treat is was to see her on the table. She is such pretty tri with the most endearing sweet face. Also scoring tops for size make and shape. Steps out well when moving round the ring.
2nd Bubb’s Wandris Songbird
Super outline in motion as well as standing in profile. Quality bitch with large expressive eyes, well held long ears. Nicely shaped throughout. Very impressive. Will surely have her day soon.
3rd Hazeltine’s Juzandia Honey Bea
Res Rennard’s Deranmar Jocelyn JW
VHC Long’s Ch Arroline Honeysuckle JW ShCM
HC Stahl’s U For Me vom Kaninchengarten
Open (11, 7)  
1st Lovel’s Ch Lovetrac Scrumdiddly JW
Compact well marked bitch with rich chestnut markings. Super head, so correct, with open expression from large round dark eyes. Loved her busy outgoing temperament another not to be missed especially when travelling round the ring. It was so obvious to see how much she enjoyed it. Delighted to award the Res CC.
2nd William’s Sorata Barley Wine Sancana JW ShCM
Quality ruby of wonderful correct colour. Nice type with pretty headpiece, very sweet expression from dark round eyes. Moved elegantly holding a level topline. Handled very well.
3rd Johns’ Am G/Can Ch Pensrick Ace Of Spades
Res Golebiewska’s Ita Ch Unica Soluzione Snow On The Sahara Ita/Slo J Ch

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