Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
Championship Show – 4th March 2017
Best In Show – Leogem Renaissance JW
Reserve Best In Show – Hot Tansey Of An Excellent Choice
Best Puppy – Leogem Ginestra
Best Veteran – Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale JW

BIS Photo by Tracy Morgan

BVIS by Tracy Morgan
Dog Results Bitch Results
Dogs Mrs L Hughes (Loranka)
Thank you firstly to the club for giving me the honour to judge this prestigious show. And for their hospitality. Thanks to the exhibitors for this fabulous entry of quality dogs. I was spoilt for choice and not disappointed.
Dog CC Homes’ Leogem Renaissance JW
Reserve CC Towse & Cortes’ Am Ch Miletree Joshua
Best Puppy Dog Chapman & Ireland’s Ellemich The Sinner
Veteran (9 Entries, 2 Absent)  
1st Mangham’s Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale JW
At nearly nine years old. This boy just gets better. He stood out for his overall perfect outline. Soft but masculine head, not overdone in any way. Dark eyes lovely expression. Ample neck leading into well laid back shoulders, short level top line, good angulation. Quality coat. Moving and showing really well for his owner. Pleased to award him BVIS.
2nd Engel’s Ch/Int/Dut/Ger/Fr Ch Angel’s Pride Gentleman
Richly coloured blen. Masculine head, huge dark eyes. Nice outline and bone. Showed well.
3rd Levy, Sedgwick & Cline’s Ch/Am Ch Pascavale Nathan
Res Biggs’ Kellorian Head Over Heels JW
VHC Nichol’s Homerbrent Merry Maestro
HC Evans’ Svena Painted Black
Minor Puppy (22, 4)  
1st Coole’s Jolainey Frederick
Gorgeous blen baby who caught my eye on entering the ring, and did not disappoint. Richly marked short coupled blen sweet masculine head large dark eyes, lovely expression. Compact body with good outline. At one with handler, moving well, and showing happily.
2nd Wightman’s Ellemich Kouros at Kailyflee
Very close to one and of similar type. Rich markings compact, lovely outline. Sweet head dark eyes and pigment. Moved and showed happily.
3rd Latteck’s Lovetrac Fernando
Res Koster’s Harana Louis Prima
VHC Goodwin’s Lanola Santos
HC Engel’s Angel’s Pride For Pleasure
Puppy (9, 2)  
1st Chapman & Ireland’s Ellemich The Sinner
Masculine boy with the richest chestnut markings. Stunning head, and expression. dark eyes and pigment, framed by well feathered ears. Short level back, good reach of neck. Well laid back shoulders, well turned stifles and short hocks. Moving with drive. And showed well. Well presented soft silky coat. Best puppy dog.
2nd McInally’s Braemarra Ruben
Adorable, everything nice, so happy he was spoiling his topline. But loved him.
3rd Cullen & Parker’s Chlojade Shooting Star
Res Hutchin’s Frondil’s Office Ed
VHC Kolb’s Melrose Woodstock
HC Stahl’s Unbreak My Heart vom Kaninchengarten
Junior (10, 1)  
1st Davies’ Salegreen Brecon
Beautiful blenheim dog, anyone should be proud to own, small and compact but masculine. LoveLy eyes and expression, short coupled lovely over all outline. Silky coat, very well handled and shown.
2nd Tarabad’s Khatibi Bark Obama
Smart B/T male showing his socks off, lovely head and eyes, great shape, lovely shiny silky coat. Impressed on side gate. Moved well all ways.
3rd Ireland’s Charnell Hogan JW
Res Fox-Shone’s Tamyse Theo avec Pamedna
VHC Stahl’s One N Only Junior
HC Ford’s Salegreen Periwinkle
Yearling (9, 0)  
1st Homes’ Leogem Renaissance JW
My star of the show. First met this boy last year as the most gorgeous puppy, outside the ring, and thought wow! My ideal cavalier. I have watched his career with interest. At 18 mths he has matured into the most handsome young man, full of quality, from his jet black nose to the end of his perfectly carried tail. Stunning. Blen male with ideal richly coloured markings, large white collar emphasising his well arched neck. Leading into well laid back shoulders, good rib cage, ample heart room and spirit level topline, well turned stifles and short cheeky hocks, giving great drive on the move. Fabulous head with huge dark eyes and black pigment, correct plushy muzzle, with that oh, look at me melting expression, showing his socks off for his mum and placing his legs and feet so correctly four square. Well set long ears. Moving with great style, reach and drive. Not stop wagging tail, Just fabulous. I see a great future ahead.
2nd Inglis’ Ch Craigowl Out Of Touch JW
Handsome masculine blen boy. Rich markings, lovely head and expression, nice outline. Moving well.
3rd Aldous & Smith’s Bluemooncavaliers Renaissance for Aranel
Res Norris’ Cinderaic Are You Kidding Criscan
VHC Drewett’s Brymarden Honeycombe at Judyland
HC Knapp & Blackie’s Cridensa Coltrane
Novice (11, 2)  
1st Aldous & Smith’s Aranel Cassius
Another beautiful blen boy who is just my type, short coupled, well marked blen boy, with a lovely head, huge dark eyes and a cheeky expression. Good neck, shoulders and topline, well angulated, in full beautiful silky coat, moved and showed well. Will soon trouble the best.
2nd Fox-Shone’s Tamyse Theo avec Pamedna
Smart blen boy, giving his handler a hard time. Well marked. Nice allover outline, masculine head, moved well.
3rd Bayliss’ Castlewytch Party Time
Res Bloomfield & Edwards’ Delhaze Skyfall with Oaklake
VHC Latteck’s Clopsville Mario of Pascavale
HC Lee’s Kelrick Flapjack
Special Graduate Blenheim (10, 1)  
1st Cunningham’s Verheyen Anton
Blen boy who caught my eye on the move, rich markings, still some maturing to do. Lovely head and eyes, nice shape and top-line, moved and showed well.
2nd Hobbs’ Beaconsfylde Catch The Kiss JW
Richly coloured and well coated blen boy, very smart. Lovely head and dark eyes. Moved well.
3rd Lister’s Role The Dice to Cachevell
Res Forrester’s Salbrie Parker
VHC Renaud’s Ellenaud Freddie Mercury
HC Hawes’ Miletree Centauri for Kersmere
Special Graduate Tricolour (7, 1)  
1st Rhodes’ Calonlan Lunar Eclipse
Masculine well presented tri boy, with the most appelaing head and eyes. Nice outline, overall moved and showed well.
2nd Fox-Shone’s Pamedna Renaissance JW
Well broken handsome boy who is very correct, but didn’t want to be here.
3rd Biddle’s Hearthfriend Hocus Pocus
Res Conlan & Kotani’s Rathbrist Starman
VHC Lee’s Kelrick Flapjack
HC Hedger’s Khatibi Hedger Bets on Alrewic
Special Graduate Black & Tan (5, 0)  
1st Tarabad’s Khatibi Bark Obama
See Junior
2nd Evans’ Regaldeni Romeo
Masculine B/T boy lovely head, tan eyes overall shape, welll handled by young handler.
3rd Boardman’s Volney Blackberry
Res Webster’s Featherfalls Secret Sunset
VHC Earl’s Earlrae Little Wizard
Special Graduate Ruby (5, 1)  
1st Koster’s Harana Huey Lewis
Lovely type ruby, richly coloured, masculine head, nice outline, well handled.
2nd Lewis’ Carleeto I’m A BelieveRichly coloured ruby nice over all shape, nice head. Well shown.
3rd Mochrie’s Bonitos Companeros Zenit
Res Knapp & Blackie’s Cridensa Coltrane
Post Graduate (14, 1)  
1st Nichol’s Chantismere Chamberlin
Perfectly presented, small richly marked blen, compact shape, good angulation, lovely head and dark eyes. Showed his socks off and moved well.
2nd Lovel’s Jolainey Moonlight at Lovetrac
Very similar type, correct classic head. Huge eyes, lovely shape, moved and showed well.
3rd McMurray’s Harana Jack Jones at Merryoth
Res Biddle’s Hearthfriend Bah Humbug JW
VHC Kowalski’s Harelledream Warrior
HC Biggs’ Kellorian Beyond A Dream
Mid Limit (10, 1)  
1st Towse’s Miletree Solo
Richly marked masculine blen dog, lovely head and eyes, lovely profile movement, short coupled, level top line, showed well.
2nd Knight’s Carolus Don Santino JW ShCM
Well broken, handsome blen, all correct here plus moved and showed well.
3rd McInally’s Dalvreck Starshine
Res Hawes’ Kersmere Minstrel
VHC Wilkinson’s Narayden The Bruse in Poppywood
Limit (7, 1)  
1st Long’s Arroline Infinity JW ShCM
Lovely size blen boy, short coupled level top line, good angulation, overall outline. Sweetest head, eyes and expression, framed by huge ears, great presentation, moves like a dream.
2nd Rhodes’ Calonlan Corona
Heavier built blen boy with a great outline. Expression, And angulation. Moved and showed well.
3rd Holbrook’s Vonnyisle Life Of Riley
Res Tarabad’s Khatibi One In Vermillion JW
VHC Mangham’s Castlewytch Perfection of Charnavale JW
HC Lewis’ Leelyn Michael Buble for Carleeto JW ShCM
Special Open Bred By Exhibitor (15, 2)  
1st Moonen’s Riverdale Of An Excellent Choice
Small but masculine lovely blen dog, compact, level top line, lovely classic head, dark eyes and pigment, good angulations.moved well and showed well.
2nd Koster’s Harana Errol Brown JW
My favourite ruby, lovely rich colour, short coupled, good neck and shoulders good angulations, gleaming coat, lovely head and expression. Moved well. Showed happily.
3rd Maclaine’s Ch Lochbuie Cappuccino
Res Inglis’ Craigowl Out Of Reach
VHC Hunter’s Aust Ch Spennithorne Dream Thyme
HC Knight’s Carolus Don Ricco JW ShCM
Open (9, 2)  
1st Towse & Cortes’ Am Ch Miletree Joshua
Very glamorous blen, with the look at me factor, especially moving in profile, with great reach and drive. Gorgeous head with huge dark eyes, short level topline, and tailset, good angulation, and outline. Beautifully presented and shown to advantage. Res CC.
2nd Sedgbeer’s Ch Castlewytch Rave On with Russmic
Lovely outline, rich markings, nice top line, neck and angulation. Handsome face. Moved and showed well, a worthy champion.
3rd Engle & Greenall’s Ch/Int/Dut/Ger/Am/Fr Ch Charalier Dress To The Nines for Charlesworth JW
Res Gibb-Stuart’s Chantismere Push My Button JW
VHC Cunningham & Sterling’s Am Ch Verheyen Dustin JW
HC Hansen’s Am GCh You’re My Sunshine vom Kaninchengarten

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Bitches Mrs G Baker (Nevhill)
Bitch CC Moonen’s Hot Tansy Of An Excellent Choice
Reserve CC Conlon & Kotani’s Ch/Ir Ch Rathbrist Whispering Hope
Best Puppy Bitch Homes’ Leogem Ginestra
Veteran (15 Entries, 1 Absent)  
1st Holbrook’s Marlhouse Natasha
Very smart veteran of 10½ years. A real credit to her owner/breeder. A free moving blen of pleasing size & overall shape. Pretty head with an appealing, soft expression & lovely dark eyes. Good neck & lay of shoulder, good body, topline & tailset. Carried herself really well on the move keeping a good head carriage. Coat in lovely soft condition. A privilege to judge this lovely class of oldies.
2nd Tarabad’s Ch Kaidee Kiss Me Kate Khatibi JW ShCM
8 years blen of pleasing marking & looking good, certainly on form. Liked her overall construction. Pleasing, attractive head, eye & pigment. Full muzzle, good neck & lay of shoulder, good body, topline & hindquarters. Not in as much coat as my 1st but in good condition. Moved really well & had that get up & go I like to see. Two very pleasing bitches out of a good class of veterans.
3rd Pearce’s Am Ch Mingchen Pacific Breeze
Res Hobbs’ Wyncliff Lady Karly of Beaconsfylde
VHC Knight’s Carolus Little Madam JW
HC Williams’ Sorata Barley Wine Sancana JW ShCM
Minor Puppy (18, 4)  
1st Goodwin’s Lanola Santuzza
6 months so very much the baby here! Hopefully she should have a good future. Rich blen markings, pretty head & expression. Lovely dark eyes & black rims. Short compact body, coat of good soft texture. Enough bone & I liked the way she moved from the rear. Just had that cheekiness about her & at her first show too!
2nd Towse’s Miletree Savannah
Another very pleasing baby here of 9 months. Pretty head & eyes giving a soft expression. Compact body, good ribcage, enough bone. Pleasing tailset & another who moved really well. I’m sure these babies will change places at times.
3rd Callaghan& Todd’s Ellemich Parisienne at Callyspride
Res Parsons’ Emberlace Primrose
VHC Smith’s Beaudale Rose
HC Bloice’s Scotlass Paper Rainbow
Puppy (17, 0)  
1st Homes’ Leogem Ginestra
Mature puppy of super, sound overall make & shape. 11½ months, pleasing head & eye. Good pigment, dark eye & correct dentition. Good neck leading to good lay of shoulders. Good ribcage & hindquarters which enabled her to move with plenty of drive from the rear. Good tailset. Had no hesitation in awarding her the class & pleased to see her take BP. She is in lovely condition & I am sure she will have a great future.
2nd McInally’s Braemarra Edina
10 months blen puppy with pleasing markings. A very pretty head & dark eyes giving a sweet, soft expression. Good body, good bone, good ribcage & topline. A lot to like about her. Another who I’m sure will have a promising future. Very well presented.
3rd Conneally’s Coedgwylum Hot Sapphire
Res Yeates’ Underknoll Amelia
VHC Sansom’s Byermoor Beatrice
HC Levy & Sedgwick’s Pascavale Victoria
Junior (20, 2) Super class!
1st Kavelaars-Van Loenhoet’s Charnell Scarlet O’Hara
A real sweetie here. Well broken blen markings, very pretty head & eye. Good pigment. Although a little unsure of herself at first, she soon got the hang of it. Good mouth, good overall confirmation & tailset. Stood foursquare & once she got used to her surroundings picked her ears up & started to enjoy herself. Moved really well, looked good in profile. I’m sure she will do well. Presented in lovely condition.
2nd Coole’s Jolainey Rosabella
Blen with good head, dark eye & good pigment. A very sound exhibit. Good front, good bone & a well constructed body. Liked her size & tailset. Just not in full coat today but has nothing to hide. Moved really well keeping a good profile, unlucky to have met 1 today.
3rd Sidgwick’s Salegreen Peony for Paulian
Res Holbrook’s Vonnyisle Jezebel
VHC Sloan’s Melody Style Organdi
HC Conneally’s Coedgwylum Hot Crystal
Yearling (14, 1)  
1st Moonen’s Hot Tansy Of An Excellent Choice
Lovely blen of pleasing size. Lovely head with pleasing eye & expression. Good pigment. Super reach of neck leading to well laid shoulders. Good body & ribcage. Nice short hocks enabling her to move so effortlessly around the ring. Coat in lovely condition, presented beautifully & had a great attitude. My BB, RBIS.
2nd Chapman & Ireland’s Ellemich I’m A Celebrity JW
Another very pretty headed bitch. A well marked blen of pleasing size & head. Lovely dark eyes giving such an endearing expression. Good body & ribcage, good bone & tailset. Not in her full coat today but has nothing to hide. I’m sure we will hear more of her. Presented beautifully.
3rd Kolb’s Melrose Senta
Res Stahl’s Waelderschaetzle Baby Doll Bianca
VHC Gow’s Grajenco Macchiato at Lyncraeg
HC Barrowclough’s Almonroyd Catch A Wish at Barrowlain
Novice (16, 4)  
1st Nolan’s Castlewytch Jubilation at Jernito
Blen of pleasing compact size with a lovely head & large dark eyes. Good dentation, enough neck & lay of shoulder. Good ribcage & hind angulation. Lovely temperament & condition. Really enjoying her day out.
2nd Korn’s Evydal Soiree at Sandusk
Blen with an attractive head & good dark eye. Good neck & lay of shoulder. Plenty of ribcage & good topline. Sound hindquarters & such a happy youngster. She never stopped wagging her tail. Two very happy exhibits here.
3rd Maclaine’s Pennygown Ticket To Ride
Res Watts’ Jamesbonny Samantha Sings
VHC Cunningham’s Verheyen Flavia
HC Fox-Shone’s Pamedna Cherie Amour
Special Graduate Blenheim (11, 2)  
1st Mcurray’s Cinderaic Are You For Me at Merryoth
A well marked blen with an appealing head & dark eye giving a real sweet expression. Good neck leading to well laid shoulder. Good bone & body. Good topline & sound hindquarters. Moved with plenty of drive & effortlessly keeping her head held high. A lovely bitch to own.
2nd Claydon’s Brymarden Honeybun
Another well marked youngster. Pleasing head & eye, good mouth, good pigment. Good shoulders & ribcage. Good bone. Lovely coat texture & in good condition. Another one from this kennel that has the good hind movement, I like to see it!
3rd Sidgwick’s Salegreen Peony for Paulian
Res Coole’s Jolainey Whizadora
VHC Gow’s Coralvalley Charm at Lyncraeg
HC Knight’s Carolus Little Miss Fantasy JW
Special Graduate Tricolour (11, 4)  
1st Eustace & Lovel’s Lovetrac Knickerbocker of Salegreen
A real sweetie here. Heavier marked tri with the most appealing head & expression. Nice full muzzle, lovely dark eyes, good ribcage & topline. Good tailset, good turn of stifle. Beautifully presented coat of lovely gleaming texture. Moved really well.
2nd Ackroyd-Gibson’s Castlewytch Gentle Touch for Toraylac
Well broken markings. A pleasing size & shape here. Pretty head & eye pigment. Good neck & shoulder. Good body. Liked her size & moved well but was rather naughty leading her handler a merry dance. Was it just today or needing a little more schooling?
3rd Deans’ Kilbarchan Pina Colada for Clockpelters
Res Newell’s Corbieanne Charlottes Girl
VHC Walton’s Gayhalo Pique with Underknoll
HC Webster’s Cofton Miss Dynamix
Special Graduate Black & Tan (7, 0)  
1st Owen’s Hansowens Ebony Star
Pleasing bitch of good size. Attractive head, good dark eye. Lovely long ear leathers. Rich tan. Good neck & topline. Good ribcage, body & bone. In plenty of coat. Moved really well.
2nd Tyler’s Gadeslain Margarita with Janthow
Good tan. Another attractive head, good mouth. Of good size, pleasing head & dark eye. Good body & ribcage. Decent bone, pleasing tailset. Happy on the move & presented in good condition.
3rd Kolb’s Melrose Senta
Res Bartlett & Hitcham’s Korolevsky Lilya
VHC Tarabad’s Frondil’s Bright Fuschia
HC Withheld  
Special Graduate Ruby (12, 4)  
1st Whitfield’s Aristor Pink Topaz for Bevelmount
Rich colour ruby with pleasing head & lovely expression. Good dark eye, good mouth, good neck & lay of shoulder. Good body & turn of stifle. Moved really well, keeping a good topline. In decent coat & good condition. I liked her!
2nd Gow’s Grajenco Macchiato at Lyncraeg
VHC in a strong Yearling class. Pleasing ruby of good size, good colour, pleasing head framed with large well feathered ears. Good shoulder, good ribcage & topline. Good turn of stifle & moved really well from the rear. Playing her owner up just a little. In good condition.
3rd Bailey’s Toyswood Fenellas Legacy for Aldoricka
Res Walton’s Underknoll Rudbeckia
VHC Evans Svena Love Song
HC Fox-Shone’s Pamedna Cherie Amour
Post Graduate (17, 6)  
1st Claydon’s Brymarden Honeysuckle
Blen of well broken markings. Good size & the sweetest head & expressions. Large dark eyes & good pigment. Good neck & well laid shoulder. Correct bone, neat compact body, good ribcage & tailset. Very good movement from the rear keeping a good topline. A well balanced exhibit who I’m sure will gain her Ch. Presented in tip-top condition & had plenty of confidence.
2nd Williams & Boardman’s Jonsville Crystella Sancana JW ShCM
Another well broken marked blen of pleasing size. Pretty head, good dark eyes & pigment. Good neck & shoulders. Good front with a well balanced body & good topline giving a good overall shape. Moved really well with plenty of get up & go. Unlucky to meet 1 today. Should do really well.
3rd Mynott’s Honeybet Just A Minute
Res Rees’ Embeth Bonny Boat JW
VHC Goodwin’s Lanola Sinitta JW ShCM
HC Lewis’ Carleeto Midnight Dream JW ShCM
Mid Limit (11, 3)  
1st Vella’s Cinderaic Taboo
Well broken markings on this lovely blen & what a cheeky exhibit! Melting dark eyes, good mouth & good neck & shoulder. Enough body on her small frame. Good topline & tail carriage. Nice short hocks. What a little character, moved around the ring with plenty of drive keeping a good topline. I could have brought her home with me. Will watch her career with interest, she has confidence in abundance.
2nd Edwards’ Magic Charm’s Witchy Woman to Delhaze
Aanother lovely blen bitch of nearly 2 years. I’m sure these two will chance places at various times. Prettiest of heads, lovely large dark eyes, lovely long ear leathers & feathering. Good bone, well balanced body with good ribcage & good hindquarters. Moved around the ring with plenty of animation, a lot to like about her in this tough class with good exhibitions.
3rd Ward’s Charalier Buttonesque
Res Bayliss Castlewytch Touch Of Class JW
VHC Turnbull’s Peakdowns Mystic
HC Hobbs’ Carolus Felicitation at Beaconsfylde JW
Limit (10, 3)  
1st Claydon’s Ellemich Infusion JW
Very pleasing blen of well broken markings. A pleasing size with the most pretty of heads & lovely dark eyes. Good mouth & well laid shoulders. Good bone & ribcage, good topline & tailset. Presented in tip-top condition. Moved with plenty of drive from the rear.
2nd Taylor’s Taybar Stella ShCM
Blen of 6 years, very much belying her age. Was full of energy, nice size & an attractive head. Good dark eyes, neck & shoulders. Nice short hocks. A sound exhibit who moved very well. Presented in lovely condition & plenty of confidence.
3rd Barrett’s Sorata Miss Emily Salsara JW
Res Turnbull’s Middleshott Queen of Light at Peakdowns
VHC Ward’s Charalier Fancy Frock
HC Owens’ Hansowens Ebony Star
Special Open Bred By Exhibitor (5, 0)  
1st Inglis Ch Craigowl Touché JW
Blen of pleasing size with well broken markings. The most stunning head with huge, dark, bewitching eyes, giving a super soft expression. Good muzzle, good lay of shoulder. Pleasing body proportions & good tailset. Coat of very soft texture. Presented in tip-top condition. Moved accurately around the ring with those beautiful eyes I’m sure she could steer herself out of any kind of mischief at home. Very well schooled.
2nd Moonen’s Dut/Int/Bel Ch Royal Kiss Of An Excellent Choice
Another lovely entry from this exhibitor. Blen of good quality, pleasing markings, head & eye. Good mouth & muzzle. Good neck, pleasing confirmation throughout. Moved really well, thoroughly enjoying her day out keeping a good topline.
3rd Koster’s Ch Harana Kiki Dee
Res Kilcoyne’s Granasil Freya
VHC Lewis’ Daraste Now Or Never
Open (9, 4)  
1st Conlon & Kotani’s Ch/Ir Ch Rathbrist Whispering Hope
Lovely blen of correct size for me & what a great showgirl. This one is full of mischief & confidence giving her handler a hard time. Lovely head with such a sweet expression due to her large dark eyes. Full muzzle, good teeth, neck & shoulders. Compact body with plenty of ribcage & good tailset. Moved with plenty of drive, has a great attitude. In lovely coat & condition. My RCC winner.
2nd Sansom’s Ch Byermoor Princess
I’ve always like her. Well broken markings with a pretty head & eye giving the most gentle of expressions. Good full muzzle, good bone & tailset. A well constructed body. Moved really well. Not the length of coat today but what she had was presented in a beautiful condition.
3rd Stahl’s Int Ch U For Me Vom Kaninchengarten
Res Thompson’s Can Ch Alderglen Siren Song
VHC Owen’s Narayden Diva Fever at Hansowens
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