Late 1970’s The Club introduced eye testing clinics in the late 1970s, prior to the introduction of the British Veterinary Association (BVA) / Kennel Club scheme.
Late 1980’s The Club began heart testing clinics
1991 The Club MVD hearts research database and certificated scheme was initiated in 1991, supported by The Kennel Club and the BVA, Assistance was given by Dr Darke (Cardiologist), Dr Cattanach (Geneticist) and Dr Luis Fuentes (Cardiologist). The Club was also advised by the KC Scientific Committee on data gathering methods. During the early years, data was collected. Analysis began in 1994. During this time general advice was circulated to members on relevant breeding guidelines for reducing the incidence of MVD. Members were encouraged to obtain heart certificates for their dogs and submit these for analysis.
October 1995 CKCSC applied to The Kennel Club for IT assistance. This request was approved and The Kennel Club agreed to provide over £5000 for the development of a specialised database for the hearts research programme. The new software was devised to work in conjunction with the KC registration database. The KC provided an extract from its registration database, regularly updated thereafter.
1996 CKCSC first published it’s annual list of dogs over 5 years old and free from MVD.
6 June 1998 The first detailed analysis of the hearts research database was provided by the Epidemiology Unit at Animal Health Trust.
1999 A CKCSC member, Mrs Bridgett Evans, offered an annual prize for the oldest dog/bitch with a clear heart certificate.
1996 and 2000 The CKCSC held two major seminars on cardio vascular problems in the cavalier, sponsored by Intervet, a pharmaceutical company.
  CKCSC has actively supported research into ‘curly coat/dry eye’ syndrome. This was financially supported by The Kennel Club Charitable Trust. This research was carried out at AHT.
August 2003 Syringomyelia was causing concern amongst members and Cavalier owners. In response to this concern, the Club agreed to actively support research conducted by Clare Rusbridge.
2003 CKCSC set up the LUB-DUB fund to raise funds for heart research.
January 2004 Research jointly funded by CKCSC and the Kennel Club Charitable Trust. A 3 year research project on mitral valve disease at the University of Edinburgh. Total funds raised by all breed clubs was £24,000, and the Kennel Club provided a further £23,950. This research is now currently funded by the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Charitable Trust.
2004 Healthy Heart Partnership formed with the pharmaceutical company, Boehringer Ingelheim. With this financial support, the Club established a research project to collect and store blood samples. It also enabled the Club to hold many additional health-check clinics and seminars.
August 2005 Research into ‘Dry Eye/Curly Coat’ Syndrome. Dr Keith Barnett obtained grant aid from the Kennel Club Charitable Trust towards his research. CKCSC gave practical assistance in identifying affected cases of the syndrome within our breed.
2005 Three low cost MRI scanning centres were established to encourage breeders to scan their dogs.
2006 CKCSC sponsored research into episodic falling down syndrome.
2006 Club sponsored 24 free MRI scans, to aid research into the positing of MRI scanning equipment.
November 2006 Syringomyelia International Conference held at The Royal Veterinary College. Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim and CKCSC Research Fund. Speakers were eminent specialist veterinary scientists and researchers from America, Netherlands, France and the UK. Each had a particular expertise relating to the SM condition. Seven academics were selected and invited by Dr Cappello of the RVC. Dr Jeff Sampson of the KC also attended as an observer.
September 2007 Three Syringomyelia research projects funded by The Kennel Club Charitable Trust and CKCSC Research carried out by Cambridge University, Stone Lion Veterinary Centre and The Royal Veterinary College.
October 2007 CKCSC transferred its hearts research database to Liverpool University Veterinary Hospital, for continuing research development.
2007 A scheme was initiated to collect cell tissue from 10 deceased cavalier dogs, to assist research into MVD and SM.
March 2008 Scheme to subsidize the cost of MRI scanning to members.
June 2008 The LUPA project: An EU funded project aimed at unravelling the genetic background of specific canine disease using a genetic method. One of the projects in this application is mitral valve disease in Cavaliers. The CKCSC database will be used and the Club is involved in blood sampling.
October 2008 Dr Sarah Blott, AHT, announces the Genetic Health Breeding Programme and calls for data to populate the Estimated Breeding Values (EBV) database which is aimed at reducing the prevalence of syringomyelia and mitral valve disease in the breed. (Funded by the KC Charitable Trust)
October 2008 Dr Jeff Sampson announces two possible new BVA/KC screening programmes, which will involve the Cavalier King Charles Breed, a proposed new Heart Screening Scheme and the second a ‘BVA/KC-like’ scheme is for MRI scanning in the breed.
July 2009 CKCS Club announce a further subsidised MRI scanning scheme for up to 36 dogs
September 2009 CKCS Club donates £5,000 to Dr Imelda McGonnel of the RVC towards the Research into CLM and SM in stillborn CKCS foetuses.
May 2010 CKCS Club donates £2,000 to AHT for MRI testing to aid development of EBV Scheme.
May 2010 CKCS Club donates £2,000 towartds DNA testing for the Genome Research Programme.
November 2010 KC/BVA SM Health Scheme Seminar – Details are released on the proposed new KC/BVA Scheme for SM and Dr C Rusbridge advises members on the latest status of research into SM.
November 2010 Seminar held at the RVC and sponsored by Boehringer Ingleheim. Covered all aspects of major Cavalier health problems with updates on latest research. Speakers included Prof B Corcoran (Heart Research), S Swift (Heart Testing), Dr T Lewis (EBV), C Driver (MRI Imaging), Dr H Volk (Neuropathic pain) and Dr I McGonnell (CKCS foetuses research).
2011 CKCS Club purchases mobile doppler unit to assist Cardiologists for use in MVD studies at Club Health testing Sessions.
2011 CKCS Club allocates £15,000 over three years to part fund a Royal (Dick) School of Vet Studies PhD Student, Mr Lu, who has been awarded the Charles Darwin Scholarship in support of Mitral Disease in Cavaliers.
April 2013 Kennel Club agrees to the request from the Cavalier Clubs to record the results of DNA testing for Curly Coat / Dry Eye and Episodic Falling on the KC Health Test Finder.

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