The following scheme is an independant initiative organised by Mrs M Carter. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club are unable to respond to any queries relating to this scheme, any questions should be sent direct to Mrs Carter.
A Dying Dog can give Hope for the Future

However sad the thought makes us, all our dogs will die at some time.

There are some owners who would like to know that something positive could come out of their loss, and that their sick cavalier could help unravel some of the mysteries of the health problems that beset this lovely breed.

It is possible to donate cell tissue, the basic material needed in the study of cavalier health problems, when your cavalier dies.

The cavalier can be any age and death can be from any cause.

Tissue is collected to aid research in various important health studies including:-
Syringomyelia Genetic Studies at Montreal University in Canada (Dr Zoha Kibar & Dr Clare Rusbridge)
Mitral Valve Disease in Edinburgh (Dr Brendan Corcoran)
and Chronic Pancreatitis and Diabetes Mellitus in dogs at Cambridge Veterinary School (pathologist Penny Watson).

On dying, one little dog can give such a gift for life.

The Collection Scheme will help owners donate cavalier bodies by paying for:-
  • Collection & delivery to the nearest suitable veterinary centre with a pathology department
  • The post-mortem
  • The fee for individual cremation
  • Return of the ashes to the owner
  • Cost of sending the donated tissue to the Universities.

All Cavalier owners are different, some will find themselves uncomfortable at the thought of donating their pet’s body for post-mortem, preferring to bury them in a favourite spot in the garden. There are other owners, however, who would feel positive about volunteering their dog for post-mortem examination, as long as they know they will have their pets’ ashes back and they can decide on their last resting place.

The death of a much loved cavalier is a very emotional occasion and decisions made on the spur of the moment may later be regretted.

Participation in this scheme is something that is best thought through carefully before the loss of the pet occurs.

Any cavalier owner wanting more details are invited to contact:-

Margaret Carter, Tel: 01707 262035, Email:
Tania Ledger, Mobile: 07887 637383, Email:

8 February 2011
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