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The Cavalier Club runs a register of puppies available from Club Members who can put details of puppies and older dogs they have for sale on the Cavalier Club Puppy Register.

The Club has recently introduced a slightly more formal system for placing a dog on its Register. A form now needs to be completed which can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. The form includes details of all health certificates that have been obtained for the parents, so that prospective puppy buyers can have more information before visiting a possible puppy.

If you wish to add your dogs to the Club's Register, download the Puppy Register Form and send to The Co-ordinator.

Puppy Register Application Form (Word format)    Puppy Register Application Form (PDF format)

We would be grateful if member’s who have puppies on the Club’s list, would advise the Co-ordinator when all the puppies have been sold. This will stop us directing prospective owners to members who no longer have puppies.

Anyone looking to purchase a puppy is recommended to contact one of the Club Puppy Register Co-ordinators for details of puppies available.

The Cavalier Club Co-ordinator is Veronnica Hull, telephone 01268 727248.

Each Regional Club also has its own Puppy Register and Co-ordinator.
Click here for a list of the Regional Co-ordinators

The CKCS Club Puppy Pack
If you have just bought a new puppy or are thinking of buying a Cavalier, then you may be interested in reading the CKCS Club's Puppy Pack, which contains information to supplement that given to you by the Breeder.

If you are a Breeder then why not give a copy to you new puppy's owner?

Cavalier Clubs Health Leaflet
If your puppy has come from a breed club member or an Accredited Breeder it is likely that it comes from health screened stock. While this cannot guarantee that your dog is free from a hereditary condition, health screening is one way that responsible breeders are reducing the risk of passing on pre-existing conditions. There are three main health issues currently screened for in Cavaliers:

Mitral Valve Disease (MVD)
Syringomyelia (SM)
Eye conditions

While conscientious breeders and Kennel Club Assured Breeders are working continuously with animal health experts to diminish these health problems, it is important that every owner is aware of these conditions and health screening available.

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