Cavaliers, aged 5 years and over, with Clear Heart Certificates as at 1st April 2007
The following is a list of Cavaliers, aged 5 years and over, examined since 1st March 1994. The dates indicated are when the last clear heart certificate was issued and submitted to the Cavalier Club Heart Research Scheme.
NOTE: Where the affix is shown as **, The Cavalier Club do not have the permission of the owner of the affix to publish this information.
Each year, Mrs Dorothy Heaver very generously offers an award for the Breeder who has the most dogs over five, tested by a cardiologist and found to be clear of MVD.
The award this year goes to Mrs Di Fry, "Amantra".
In accordance with the Guide Lines introduced in 2007 only those dogs examined by a Cardiologist are displayed. Details of previously examined dogs can be found in the lists for 2006. Click to visit
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Dog's Name Sire Dam Sex DoB Exam Date Owner
Tanmerack Cecilia Beaux Nevhill's Nashville Tanmerack Bellini B 15/09/84 20/08/95 * J Cornelius
Tanmerack Chardin Homerbrent Pentilly Tanmerack I'm No Angel D 01/01/91 27/03/00 *  Nyby
Tanmerack Ida Sitwell Lymrey Royal Scandal At Ricksbury Tanmerack Vanessa Bell B 20/05/98 25/09/04 * J Ward
Tanmerack Ljubov Popova Linjato Ace Of Base Tanmerack Kokoschka B 25/10/98 25/09/04 * J A Ward
Timsar Able Edward Whitecroft Orlando Timsar Wild Thyme D 25/09/91 16/11/97 * A Jones
Timsar Legacy Homerbrent Charletan Peatland Dear Abbi At Timsar B 24/05/92 06/09/03 * A Jones
Timsar Miss Jocasta Toraylac Joshua Timsar Miss Tamsin B 16/12/96 13/03/04 * A Jones
Tomnil Cream  Of The Glen Caralean The Laird Tomnil Creme Fresh D 27/09/99 03/03/07 * J Tarlton
Tomnil Creme D'anna Mareve Indiana Tomnil Creme Fresh B 09/09/98 03/03/07 * J Tarlton
Toraylac Incarvillea Toraylac Rooney Rivers Toraylac Eleanor B 27/01/99 25/04/04 * K Li
Toraylac Jonas Toraylac Joshua Toraylac Crystabelle D 13/05/98 13/05/04 * E Forsberg Johansson
Tumill Wood Wind Salador Celtic Eagle Tumill Rhapsody B 16/01/92 01/08/98 * L Curry
Tumill Xanthe Salador Celtic Eagle Tumill Rhapsody B 07/12/92 01/08/98 * L Curry
Tuppenlil Happy-go-lucky Keirlian Limited Edition Fontelania Dancing Flame Of Tuppenlil B 04/11/94 03/04/01 * M A Ford
Turretbank Arabelle Maibee Lorphil Lagonda Turretbank Maybelle B 13/08/01 15/12/06 * D Sloan
Turretbank Tartan Teddy At Rucazan Salador Celtino Turretbank Rose Gold D 15/04/97 07/12/02 * A Royce
Turretbank Toot Sweet Lymrey Royal Scandal At Ricksbury Turretbank Rainbow Dust B 21/02/99 10/01/05 * K Sloan
Tusculana Roco Craigowl Dixon Tusculana Casares D 17/08/99 27/07/05 * K Robinson
Twyforde Gemini Twyforde Rupert Bear Treagarron Indescribably Blue B 28/01/01 030307 * Mrs S Coles
Twoacres Creole Raver Sanickro Rave On Twoacres Cabochon Ruby B 15/10/98 28/01/07 * S Loynd
Upperton Royal Jasper Carolus Royal Commission Tillington Imagination D 07/07/98 03/03/07 * K Bacon
Vanitonia Seasons Greetings To Swaish Vanitonia Festive Season Vanitonia Justify My Love B 19/09/94 22/07/01 * D & L Carter-hunt
Vanmarlen Cherry Blossom Charterwood Mascot Lemar Lucky Star B 07/12/96 03/03/07 * S Underwood
Vizair The Uptown Girl At Cheamley Lochbuie Man About Town Such A Pretty Pawsy Of Vizair B 20/05/89 26/09/99 * A Oliver
Wandris Bobby Sox To Airlie Telvara Karbon Kopy Wandris Cotton Bud D 27/07/98 08/10/05 * J Boyd
Wandris Dream Boat Amantra Rock The Boat Cinola Crystal B 04/12/92 28/02/99 * A Bubb
Whitecroft Orlando Alberto Of Kindrum Peatland Romance D 07/01/89 04/03/95 * D.J Moulden
Whyteplace Andromeda Jia Remus Whyteplace Titania B 15/02/85 25/09/94 * J Wiggins
Wildgrove Easter Lily Bramhen I'm In Charge Wildgrove Lalla B 04/04/99 05/03/05 * P Shaw
Wildgrove Tansy Of Cappellen (neut) Wildgrove Black Tulip Wildgrove Twopence B 27/12/85 15/03/97 * P J Shaw
Wykebank A Touch Of Ginger Pamedna Fan-tc Lillico Peggilee B 01/04/97 15/05/02 * Mrs Lucas
Wynkandy Busy Lizzie Of Willowtump Crisdig Cracker Candytuft Poppyfields B 18/09/88 04/03/95 * A Holman

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